How to manage a long distance relationship in the best conditions

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To manage a relationship from a distance, you have to get to know each other, and understand how each person can live this distance. Even if you don’t live together every day, that doesn’t mean that a love affair is impossible! You can love each other even when separated, and we’ll give you some tips for building a strong relationship even when you can’t see each other every day.

How to manage a long-distance relationship: is it possible to form a couple without seeing each other on a daily basis?


A long-distance relationship for maximum freedom

While this is not always the case, for some people, the long-distance relationship might be a choice. 

This love from a distance allows you to be each on your own, and to find each other when you want to. 

This will allow you to continue your activities, and you will not have to change your habits for someone else.

For people for whom this is not a choice, try to see the positive! Living away from each other can be difficult, but make sure you remember these positive points that a long-distance romantic relationship could give you, it could be part of the stages of a romantic relationship.

Everyone can build their life on their own

When you aren’t living with that other person all the time, you have more room to make your own choices, and build your life on your own. 

Thus, this love from a distance makes it easier for you to accept the opportunities that are offered to you, even if you have to move and that implies a drastic change in your daily life. 

You will be able to develop yourself personally, without having to think of two at all times.

If you are young, this lifestyle might allow you to get to know each other, and try different things before you develop a stable couple living in one place. 

Take this opportunity to discover the world your way!

How to manage

Separate free time, to get together better

If you rarely see each other, your reunion should be special. You will certainly be very happy to meet again, and you could both have unforgettable moments. 

In the euphoria of your reunion, the moments will pass at lightning speed.

In addition to that, you will certainly have new adventures to tell you, and all kinds of things to share! 

You will have to enjoy this reunion 100%, before being separated again for a while. These future meetings will motivate you, when everyday life can seem long.

You will not fall into a routine!

By preserving a long distance relationship, one thing and for sure, you will not be able to fall into the routine with your partner! 

These couple’s habits, your tidy schedules, the household chores to share… You will not experience it all. That way, you can save your couple from the wear and tear that this routine might create.

Often, when settling down with a person, it is this same routine that can penalize the couple. 

You won’t have to share the household chores, you will only give yourself extra time, just for the two of you! 

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Thus, the flame should remain present, and the desire to see you again too.

Your accommodation, and your habits

Some people choose to live in a long distance relationship in order to keep their own home, their habits, their way of life. 

These could be people who have children and who have recently been divorced, for example. 

To rebuild their life after a divorce, they do not want to share their daily life 100% with someone. 

They want to keep the good times of a relationship, while preserving their life as it is today.

When we each stay at home, there is no need to sort through our belongings or to make room in our closet! There is no longer any compromise to make on your decoration, as well as on your lifestyle.

What are the problems you might encounter in a long distance relationship?

While this long-distance relationship can have many benefits, it should be remembered that you could also feel a significant lack when you are not together. 

You might want to meet again, even when that isn’t possible.

There might also be some issues in your relationship, which could even hurt your story, if you don’t fix them on time. 

So, in a long-distance relationship, you should pay particular attention to the following points:

How to best manage a long distance relationship.

A lack of communication

Communication is essential in a couple, whether it is a long-distance story, or a shared life. 

If you do not communicate, you will not be able to express what you do not understand in the other, or talk about your desires, and your way of seeing things. 

So, if there is something bothering you about your partner’s behavior, you should talk to him about it as soon as possible.

In long distance relationships, this is not always easy. 

However, communication is your only means of exchanging, and of sharing moments together. You should therefore do your best to talk to each other on a regular basis.

An unequal relationship

In a long-distance relationship, we can also notice that certain inequalities can set in. It is always the same person who hears from the other, it is always she who calls, who takes his free time to discuss and share moments together…

It is this same person who seems to feel the most. big lack, which speaks of everything and nothing to preserve the link.

When the other seems more absent, less present in comparison. It can be difficult to live with. This unequal relationship can mean that the passion is not shared. 

It could also just mean that that other person is not used to this type of relationship, and that they are uncomfortable expressing their feelings in this way. 

You will need to discuss this if the problem arises!

How to manage a long-distance relationship: our tips for a lasting love affair

For your long-distance relationship to go as well as possible, you will need to follow these tips on the matter. 

You can apply them on a daily basis, to maintain a healthy relationship, even if you do not see each other every day.

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This will allow you to share good times together, even if you are not physically together. You will be able to live a fulfilling story, until your reunion!

Learn to trust yourself

To have a long-distance relationship, it is important to learn to trust the other person. You don’t live together all the time, so you can decide to go on with your own life. This can involve going out, meeting…

The other is not there to “watch” you, and of course, it is possible to hide a lot of information from that person.

However, you will need to trust each other so that your story can move forward. 

If you decide to stay in a relationship, you should know that this other person will remain faithful, even if you are not by their side on a daily basis. 

It must be clear between you to avoid any kind of jealousy, and to keep a healthy relationship.

How to manage a story remotely?

How to deal with a long distance relationship: make the other person feel special

This long-distance relationship could be difficult to live with. You feel a certain lack for that other person, and not every day is the easiest when you are apart.

You should therefore do what you can to make the person you are in a long-distance relationship with feels special. Do you exchange long letters by post, or have flowers delivered to her door… All these attentions will aim to allow her to feel that you care for her, even if you cannot see each other on a daily basis, to keep this relation to the fixed beauty.

Create special moments for yourself

In order for your relationship to go smoothly, you will also need to reserve special moments for yourself, even if seeing each other is not always possible. Many possibilities are available to you! You could get into the habit of calling each other every night, before bed, to tell you about your day and share a unique moment together by ending with “I love you”. You could make virtual dates by webcam, and share a dinner simultaneously.

It will be important to reserve this type of time for yourself, if you do not have to see each other on a daily basis. This will allow you to maintain this special bond that binds you, to build a real relationship and to flourish as a couple.

How to manage a long distance relationship: don’t set expectations too high

In a long-distance relationship, we could also set expectations that are too high regarding the unfolding of the story, or the behavior of our partner. And if his way of acting does not correspond to what you imagine, you automatically make him understand it. To avoid repeated arguments, you should learn to lower your expectations.

This relationship is special. You shouldn’t expect the other person to answer you instantly, or stop going out and spend their evenings on the phone with you! 

Trust yourself and trust the loved one. Don’t put too much pressure on the back of this serious relationship, even if opposites attract sometimes.

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Keep smiling and look at things in a positive way!

When the days are long and the lack is present… Make sure you see things in a positive way. 

It may be easier said than done, but it is necessary so that you can maintain your zest for life, even if it is not easy every day when you are apart.

Think about how lucky you are to be in a relationship, and how happy you are when you are together. 

Imagine your next reunion, and what the two of you could do. Keep the positive in mind, this will be easier to get over.

Succeed in managing a long distance relationship.

Make sure to see you as soon as you get the chance

In a long distance relationship, it’s important to take every opportunity you have to find yourself in the same city. You should make sure that you can see each other on a regular basis, to maintain that bond and that unique connection between the two of you, while combating this estrangement.

It could be regular or scheduled meetings, or surprise weekends! Regardless, the main thing is to do your best to meet up as often as you like. You will thus better experience the distance, and you will be able to get closer as you meet. This will be necessary to build a strong couple.

How to manage a long-distance relationship: share small talk

Finally, to maintain a long distance relationship, you will also have to make an effort to share small talk. It is not necessary to share only the special moments of your daily life, you should also share the small details of your life. In this way, you will be able to establish some privacy between the two of you.

Tell yourself about your day, talk about your simplest habits. You will be able to get closer, and share parts of your life together, even if you are physically far apart. Call to talk about everything and nothing at the same time, without a specific objective, and as soon as you feel the need to preserve your bond!

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