How to make a lion man fall in love with you

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To attract a lion man, you need to be confident and assertive. More shy women will have a much harder time seducing them, as lions need people who know their identity firmly. 

Powerful, independent and proud people.

Essentially, the Leo man will fall in love with a smart and creative woman who is a bit mysterious and even outgoing at times. 

Leo men are generally very proud, and have a good dose of ego, their other half must be able to stimulate it from time to time. 

They are constantly looking for more drama and attention. Their female counterpart must ultimately appreciate this aspect and encourage them to stay true to themselves.

You will understand, not all women can attract and keep a lion man with them. 

If you want to be her partner, you’re going to have to get down to business and act slowly, carefully. 

He must understand that he is not the king, that he can relax from time to time. And he’ll love you all the more for it.

And if you think you have what it takes to know how to make a lion man fall in love, give it a try. 

They are kind and passionate men who will love you forever. Before you start, find out about their love profile and how to catch them in your nets.

How to make a lion man fall in love with you

What is the love profile of the lion man?

When it comes to love, the lion man tends to set out in search of his soul mate. 

Either you are, or you are not, his ideal wife will be kind and affectionate. 

She will compliment him, appreciate his character and his accomplishments. 

And will desire her with all his being.

Leo men believe in intense and powerful love

Their romanticism is extremely. So you have to be too if you want a lion to fall in love with you. And understand that actions are worth more than words.

Leo men indeed need to be shown their feelings physically. 

This is how they think of true love. They want something real, something they can feel, and not just words that may have no value or be forgotten later.

Leo men also need women who inspire them. They like them wise and intuitive, and unafraid to ask for their protection. 

In addition, they should be treated as the center of the world. It will therefore have to be a priority in your life, against all odds. 

When it comes to love, the lion will take nothing less than what he thinks he deserves. And what he thinks he deserves is basically a flamboyant woman who will respect him at all times. 

If you can do it, you are one step ahead of all your rivals.

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Basically, lion men want the full package : lover, comrade, friend, partner, if you think of him as an ordinary man, he will run away. 

So he will need your affection and your desire. 

And if you are able to love him madly, he will give you back that love a hundredfold.

How to make a lion man fall in love: compliment him

To learn how to win a lion man’s heart, start by observing his response to your compliments. He will melt when he realizes that he has caught your eye and that you like what you see.

Keeping in mind that this zodiac sign is incredibly proud, you can be sure that they will never be overwhelmed by your compliments. 

Nothing like a good dose of flattery to make him feel really satisfied with himself and delighted with you. This is the first step in getting his attention.

Be amazing, without robbing him of the spotlight

The lion likes to be in the spotlight, as you surely already know. 

But he also likes having someone who is out of the ordinary by his side. Only incredibly beautiful and dazzling women will attract their attention.

So how do you get a man lion to fall in love with you under these circumstances? 

You have to use all your tools of seduction and let him see that you are as stunning as he can imagine. 

Make the most of your strengths. More than anything else, it’s a question of attitude.

How to make a lion man fall in love with you-2

Make your self-confidence stand out more than your physical appearance. Be one of those women who turn heads everywhere they go. 

Thus, you will immediately get his full attention, as he will not be able to resist such an exuberant presence.

Be careful, however, not to steal the show. And if you feel the attention is getting a little too much on you, hold back your charm because he won’t like the fact that you stand out more than him. 

Remember that your goal is to make him fall in love with you, not to eclipse him.

Put passion before tenderness

As a fire sign, the Zodiac Leo is a sexual person rather than a sentimental one, as they feel more comfortable communicating with someone on a sexual level rather than a sentimental one.

Therefore, if you are wondering how to get close to a Leo man to make him fall in love with you, consider the fact that he is turned on by games of seduction, implicit promises of sensual encounters. 

This will grab his attention and invite him to follow you blindly.

Appreciate the ostentation

There is nothing like reveling in luxury to feel more like a lion than ever. For the horoscope king, there are few things more exciting than feeling surrounded by an aura of power. 

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If you are wondering how to win a Leo man’s heart, remember that you can quench his thirst for ostentation this way.

On the other hand, if you want to meet him somewhere, if only for a drink, remember that he will feel more inclined to get carried away by passion in an environment where the decoration itself seems to be done. to strengthen its presence

If possible, choose a place that is not only pleasant, but also quite sophisticated and of a high standard. He will appreciate it very much.

Have a spirit of contradiction

To achieve it, you would have to be to your advantage. He likes independent and comfortable women who have lots of interests and hobbies. He can be a bit self-centered and crush you to achieve his own success.

That is why it would be absolutely necessary for you to set limits and respect yourself. 

You cannot let this man ruin your self-confidence and your esteem for yourself and your accomplishments.

The lion man will want a woman who can do things for herself. Someone worthy of being a queen would be the perfect girl to go with him on his adventures. 

He won’t adapt to anyone and he’s the kind of man who lives more at night.

How to make a lion man fall in love with you-3

If you want to be with him for the long haul, make sure you’re taken by something other than your will to make him your own. He will never respect someone who lives just for love

If you devote your whole life to cracking him up, he will be gone the second he realizes it.

He doesn’t mind being contradicted, because that’s not what hurts his ego. 

So go ahead and say what you have to say if that’s the case. He likes strong personalities who are not afraid to express their opinion

You will only earn his respect even more by doing this. 

Don’t take everything he has to say. Fight for your beliefs and he will appreciate you even more. It is important that you do not let him control the hunt.

Let him protect you

Like the animal that represents him, the lion man is protective by nature. 

As we have just seen above, this will manifest itself in different ways, and he is not looking for a woman who is fragile and who puts her life completely in her hands. 

Nevertheless, he will appreciate that you give him this role of shield, and that you rely on him from time to time.

Do not try to provoke his innate sense of protection by making him jealous, on the contrary, this risks breaking his ego, and will make him turn away from you. 

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But you can give him the right role in a conflict with your loved ones. 

Or quite simply show him that he is the man for the job by being more demonstrative in bed.

Like all good things, the lion man should be handled with tact

Whatever you do, it must feel natural to him or he will feel like you are playing around with him. So just express your emotions more intensely than you would any other zodiac sign, but stay genuine.

Remember: the key to seducing a Leo man is…

At this point, there is no doubt that you know how to conquer a lion man. And now you are thinking about the best way to put them into practice.

This is really what it is, because the ideal is to choose your own modus operandi. 

Either way, it’s best to have a few main ideas that can help you take them in and keep them in mind when you’re around him.

On the one hand, be the mirror of his own character, but focus exclusively on his virtues. 

On the other hand, show your best and stand out on your own, but be careful not to overshadow it and diminish it in your eyes and those of others. 

Be intense and sensual, and try to make everything that connects you to him has an aura of luxury and exclusivity that makes him worth more than he can have in his everyday life.

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