How to make a girl laugh and make her love you instantly

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How to charm a girl and flatter her to love you

A girl’s happy smile is a sign that you are doing something right. Use these tips on how to make a girl laugh to impress her in the first few minutes.

The first conversation plays a big part in impressing a girl.

You could be introduced to her, or you could walk down a hall with her.

All it takes are the first few minutes for her to make an impression on you.

Being a man is a pretty scary idea if you don’t know what it takes to impress a girl.

But if you know how to make a girl laugh, seem warm and friendly at first glance, you already have the dating game to your advantage. 

How to make a girl laugh

For a guy who doesn’t know the first thing about humor, the thought of turning into a funny Jim Carrey overnight can be intimidating.

But the truth is simple. We can all be funny guys when the situation arises.

We just need to figure out what kind of humor we’re good at and use it successfully.

To get started, here’s a piece of advice. Don’t be that guy who wants to sound funny when he’s not.

He’s the type of guy who says something * he thinks is funny * and looks at the girl, waiting for her to laugh. And if she isn’t laughing, this guy is doing the unthinkable. He says something like “oh, don’t you think that was funny?” Or “Hey, you’re supposed to be laughing now…” with a straight face. [Read: The 10 biggest date failures for girls ]

Don’t mess around by doing things awkward for the girl you’re talking to.

How to avoid being the guy who wants to look funny and be the real funny guy

A real funny guy who knows how to make a girl laugh doesn’t wait for applause. The show must continue. Say something funny, wait a second for a flash, and keep talking. If the girl finds it funny, she will laugh. If it doesn’t, you don’t lose anything. You’re still talking, and you can say something else that’s funny when the moment arises! [Read: How to approach a girl you don’t know and impress her ]

Here are six tips on how to make a girl laugh that can help you figure out what it takes to be a funny guy, before you try to make a girl laugh.

# 1 Be natural . Do not memorize jokes on the Internet. It won’t make you funny and charming. It makes you a poseur who tries to be a comic.

# 2 Learn from funny people. You don’t have to try to be funny on your own, especially if you don’t know where to start. Notice funny people, whether they are friends or comedians. Watch the funny guys in Stand Up clubs and in the funny movies, and you’ll find it’s using less the whimsical, and more calm and body language.

# 3 Don’t overdo it . Funny guy doesn’t say funny lines all the time. A funny guy is creative. He’s a regular guy who’s fun to hang out with. But each time, he uses the circumstances around him to say something that triggers a burst of laughter. Remember this. You don’t always have to be funny every second, just wait for the right moment when you remember or see something worth laughing about.

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# 4 The boring funny guy. When you try to force you will end up looking like a very boring guy. The boring funny guy who looks around the room, hoping someone finds his jokes funny and laughs along with him. Never try to force it, or you just get pathetic.

# 5 Don’t laugh while looking at others. If you find something funny, laugh out loud. Happy laughter is totally infectious. Even if the girl you’re with isn’t laughing, she’s going to warm up to you * unless you’re giving a manic laugh *.

# 6 Don’t be bored. Let your happiness consume it. Feel happy when you talk to a girl you are trying to impress. When your face lights up with enthusiasm and happiness, she will start to smile without even realizing it. If you ever watch a cool guy like Al Pacino laugh, on YouTube you’ll see his face brighten up when he’s in a humorous mood.

Why do girls love a guy with a sense of humor?

How to make a girl laugh - 10 things to remember

When you approach a girl, as a friend, or as a potential boyfriend, you are both outside your comfort zones. Each of you does not know the likes and dislikes of the other. And above all, there is nothing in common to discuss yet. [Read: What to say to a girl you like when you just don’t know what to talk about ]

So with every sentence you say the unease in the air would only increase if you cut the tension with something.

And this is where humor can help make things comfortable for both of you. Humor is universal and something everyone can relate to unless you make crass jokes about body parts.

Just as it’s easier for two people to have things in common to talk about when they’re in an art gallery, at a music concert, or even in the hospital, using something they both want to share. you will be able to identify yourself, help you break the ice and make the girl feel more comfortable in your presence.

In any situation where each of you doesn’t have too much to talk about, humor can always come to your rescue.

The humor will not only make the girl you are talking to feel comfortable around you, it will also make her laugh, feel happy and have a good time with you. 

And at the end of the conversation, he’ll make her think of you fondly because she had a great time with you!

You can exchange flirty glances with a girl all night long, but if you can’t make a gesture and have a fun conversation with her, you won’t be able to impress her. And this is where the effectiveness of good humor can help you earn it. [Read: 8 different ways for a girl to notice you without talking to her ]

How to make a girl laugh – 10 things to remember 

How to make a girl laugh - 10 things to remember

Now that you understand the need for humor and the little nuances that count to differentiate a boring funny guy and a really funny guy, use these 10 tips that always work with girls.

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# 1 Situational humor. Use the circumstances around you to say something funny. If you notice something funny around you, talk about it. If she’s noticed too, she’ll definitely be able to relate what you have to say.

# 2 Don’t be mean. For a lot of guys, being mean to another friend can seem like the best way to make a girl laugh. But it’s not humor, it’s just that you are mean and that is not going to make the girl fall in love with you.

# 3 Ridiculous humor. Women like ridiculous humor. It puts you at ease instantly, because you let them see that you are ready to put yourself down just to give them some humor. [Read: How to invite a girl using humor ]

# 4 Tease her. Teasing a girl is a great way to make her laugh and have a cute argument with her. Once you get to know her and have been in the conversation for a few minutes, place her in something where she is very confident. She will retaliate your jokes immediately and she will know that you are only teasing her.

# 5 The dumb guy. Pretend to be silent and at the slightest idea what she is saying * as long as it’s trivial *, let her know you already knew that. She can take the offense, but if you immediately laugh as you put your arm around her, she will laugh with you. [Read: How to make a girl hot and humid by just sitting next to her ]

# 6 Flirt discreetly. Flirting is always a great way to make a girl laugh, and even better, make her blush. If there are people nearby, be discreet about your flirtation. If there is no one nearby, do it thoroughly. Delirious is your flirt, the more she’ll laugh and smile at it. 

# 7 Laugh with a light heart. Don’t take yourself too seriously when trying to be funny with a girl. If the girl says something bad about you, try using humor to respond instead of letting her know you were shocked.

# 8 Great stories. Funny story, it’s always a conversation maker. It gives you several minutes to endorse, and make you look ridiculously funny, silly or even awesome! Do you have any life experiences that are funny? Keep those * fake or real * memories in mind and when the time is right in the conversation, say “ah, that reminds me of when I …”

# 9 Current events. If you don’t know what to talk about and have no life experience worth laughing at, just talk about the news. And take a jibe to either a TV show or a movie star. Use anything, as long as she finds it funny.

# 10 Sex. It’s a scary place, because you don’t know if the girl you’re talking to will be comfortable discussing sex. Use double meanings, seemingly innocent lines that also have a sexual innuendo hidden in it.

If you smile nastily while saying something with hidden meaning, she will know your true intentions. And even if she takes it for an offense or tells you that you are rude, you can just laugh it off and say you didn’t say it that way. And in turn, you can call her dirty pervert because her mind is twisted and she only sees the dirty side of things! 

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5 Traits of a happy and funny man that girls love

If you’re still wondering how to make a girl laugh, well, you already know what it takes. All you need now is confidence and a little practice.

But just to give you the edge in your attitude, here are five traits you need to attract girls every time you talk to them.

# 1 Be cheerful. Laugh and have fun. Look at the bright side of everything. When you laugh, the world laughs with you. And the world will definitely love you too!

# 2 Have a positive attitude. Be optimistic. You can’t be a funny guy and make girls laugh unless you can see the fun and happy side of every story.

# 3 Make excuses. If you ever cross the line or go through it like a rude guy, have the presence of mind to correct your joke or apologize if it insults the girl.

# 4 Don’t force it. If funny situations don’t crop up while talking to a young girl, don’t try to force her to say something funny in the hopes of making her laugh. She may laugh, but in her head she may be in a rush to be away from you.

# 5 Be yourself. Be funny without losing who you are. Be the funny guy you can be. We all have our own ways of being funny, whether it’s like a clown or a satirist. 

Being a funny guy and making a girl laugh is easy once you understand how to use situations around you. Initially, it may seem quite complicated. But over time you would have gotten really good and you would be able to chatter any girl you want in a sentence or two!

Be patient, do not be discouraged and above all, do not lose your cool in front of the girl.

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