How to make a Gemini man fall madly in love with you

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The Gemini man lives his life at 100 miles an hour, traveling the world at lightning speed and with a good note to everyone he meets. It has many facets: and a face for every occasion. 

He assumes this personality perfectly, because it allows him to play the great game of life.

What you have to understand is that all of these facets correspond to who he really is: a very complex network of mental maps that, together, make the Gemini man.

If you are wondering how to make a Gemini man madly in love, and this introduction makes you fear that it is impossible: don’t panic. 

You actually don’t have to worry because there are a few very simple techniques that will win her heart. Here’s how to do it!

Make him want to seduce you by making you unpredictable

Anyone who has ever wondered how to drive a Gemini man madly in love knows how fast the minds of these men evolve. More than any other sign of the zodiac, the Gemini man thinks quickly, and speaks at the same speed.

These men have a note for every occasion, a perspective on all of life’s big questions, and a fantastic knack for puns and puzzles.

As you might expect, the dark side of this tremendous mental acuity is that the Gemini man can get bored quite easily at times. 

If you fail to capture and keep his attention, you will have missed the opportunity to win him over, or make him want to win you over.

Be careful, this does not mean that all hope is dead. The secret to getting a Gemini man’s attention is being spontaneous and unpredictable. 

The ideal opportunity to express the madness that lies dormant in you

Whether you’re suggestive, abruptly changing plans for your night out, or planning an incongruous event that the two of you will be attending, the element of surprise is your best ally in attracting a Gemini man to your net.

Gemini men love to flirt – so be on your 31st!

Gemini men love to stare at their prey, talk bluntly, and casually suggest a sexy innuendo or two. 

It might seem a little scary to think that the same charm that he displays for you could also be intended for other women.

It can also make you uncomfortable at times and this is quite natural, but make no mistake about it. Your Gemini man inherently seeks pleasure, but much more mental than physical.

Therefore, much of his flirtation is limited to just that. He likes to be in charge that way, charming and sociable to win hearts. Without necessarily going to the next step.

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He is a gentleman with extraordinary natural charisma, even though he can appear shy and confused by the simplest things. 

Geminis are double souls by nature, which means they can appear shy and then confident, all within seconds of each other. 

That said, when he’s doing his best he’s the most charismatic man in the room.

A great way to capture his attention is to give the best of yourself, making sure he only sees you. Master this art and you will win the heart of a Gemini man.

A sign that a Gemini man is already crazy about you: impossible to silence him

Gemini men, much like Gemini women, are great talkers.

Communication in all its forms is natural to them, and they thrive in professions where it is a question of conveying messages or transmitting important ideas. 

He will therefore have a keen sense of humor and always has a taste for travel through the roller coasters of life.

Due to the very fact that your Gemini man is so versatile, he will sometimes seem quiet and lonely – like everyone else, for that matter.

But more often than not, he will be able to hold a conversation almost alone. 

It will always have a topic of conversation for you, from the arts and sciences to the secrets of the universe. 

However, if he does, during the conversation, laugh shyly and apologize for being so carried away by the words, you may be hard pressed to have gained his interest.

Likewise, his lengthy monologues will show his true identity despite his efforts to control it – he can only help but say what makes him happy. 

Best of all, you’ll probably be her favorite topic of conversation.

Expect plenty of flattery, praise, and long, romantic statements!

Surprise him by adopting personality traits that are different from those you are used to

Since her split personality is an essential trait of her character, you must be prepared to seduce with her two distinct sides.

Therefore, if you want to know how to make a Gemini man madly in love, you must first discover these two different aspects of his character, and then develop two different behaviors that correspond to his.

If you want to get it right, think about her inner personality to determine how her ideal partner would behave. It may sound complex, but it is the key to a good relationship with him.

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Talk to him about everything and try to confuse him

This zodiac sign will be especially appealing to those with a lot of interests, as it means they can have endless conversations with this person. This is the perfect start to your relationship with a Gemini.

The key is to have not only a wide variety of topics but also surprising turns in your answers, because he doesn’t like predictable people.

Remember that his tortured mind needs to be stimulated, and for a great speaker nothing beats a divergence between different points of view. Who will convince whom? You should let him win, but don’t give in too quickly.

Keep his Gemini soul mate means let him breathe

Gemini is an air sign. They are therefore characterized by their love of mental and emotional freedom and their ability to move easily from one part of life to another without looking back. 

He will therefore have the greatest difficulty in putting up with a clingy life partner, who asks him to justify himself on his every move.

So that’s a good thing to keep in mind: you need to respect his unavailability and let him make the most of his freedom. He may need to spend an evening with his friends. 

To go out for a walk alone. Or to spend a whole weekend without you to catch up on projects that have fallen behind.

If you can show him that you understand his need to spend some time alone, you’ll know how to drive a Gemini man madly in love, and most importantly, keep your relationship looking good.

Win his heart with your intelligence

Nothing can make a Gemini man lose interest faster than superficial people. Or even worse: completely stupid.

When you are in the middle of the game of seduction, you will find that to get his attention, it is often enough to show your intelligence or your talents.

Gemini men really like the idea of ​​intelligence and mental skill

When looking for their perfect match, they will be primarily drawn to a woman who can show that she is not the only mastermind in the relationship.

It could be something as simple as showing how you solved the crossword puzzle problem in today’s newspapers. Or something more elaborate like the thesis you wrote or a study you did.

What matters is that your Gemini man can see that you are engaging the world with your mind, that you are reflecting – and that you are endowed with keen intuition and solid logic.

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You should also understand that he generally has difficulty dealing with his emotions. 

Showing that you have a balanced view based on a deep and sophisticated intellect will give him the confidence he needs to let his guard down with you. 

This is one of the best ways to approach a Gemini man.

Remember: the key to knowing how to make a Gemini man madly in love is…

At this point, you have already discovered all the secrets to winning the heart of a Gemini man. So you have to remember a few ideas that you can put into practice when you are with him.

Remember that the more you understand his character, the easier it will be to behave in his presence. Since your intention is to seduce him, there is nothing like a good old-fashioned game of seduction to achieve your ends. For example:

Use your eyes to convey your feelings to him, even from a distance. You don’t have to be predictable or keep your usual personality when it comes to talking to him. 

You should take a proactive approach to life and show her that you may be the perfect person to be her partner. 

When his split personality presents itself and allows you to see a different side of him, be ready to change your behavior to match his.

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