How to kiss and date a friend

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How to kiss and date a friend

Have you never been tempted to kiss a friend? While it’s good to be attracted to a friend, it’s not always the safest bet to make a move. Find out how to kiss and date a friend!

Kissing a friend is a tempting proposition.

But unless it is a mutual desire, it is best to stay away from these complications.

But if you really don’t want to be frisky with your friend, here’s how to kiss a friend, the easy fix.

This is sneaky, but hey, if sex drive is more important to you than friendship, why not go for it?

How to kiss a friend

Have you ever tried to kiss a friend? In most cases, it just doesn’t work.

Your friend may be shocked, surprised, or may want to stay away from you.

But if you are really doing this as a friend and you want to go further down the road of love, then these tips for kissing a friend may not be appropriate for you. [Read: Falling in love with a friend]

But on the other hand, if you just want to know how to kiss a friend and then worry about your mixed feelings later, this may be the easiest way to go.

There are a few times when you can kiss a friend and go out with her, and a few other times when it’s just completely inappropriate to kiss a friend.

First of all, we’re going to get to the five ways you can kiss a friend without a preamble or even a hint that you are attracted to your friend.

# 1 Kiss a friend when you’re drunk

This is pretty much the safest way to kiss a friend and date her. And let’s face it, more than half of first kissing friends use this movement. 

When you are with that friend you love or at a party, have a few drinks and wait for the alcohol to kick in. 

And once you feel the buzz, use that as a perfect accidental excuse. Try to be in the most comfortable place next to your friend, preferably in a secluded spot.

Start a conversation with your friend and eventually start whispering to your friend. Of course you are * intoxicated *, aren’t you? Whispering in each other’s ears is totally okay when you are drunk!

And at some point in the conversation between all of the close face contacts, go ahead and kiss your friend. 

The kiss may last a bit longer if you’ve built up a lot of sexual chemistry through all of the body contact, but even if your friend isn’t drunk, you’ll still be able to sneak into a quick kiss. 

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And your friend can’t really get mad or do anything about it, after all you’re drunk out of your mind! [Read: How to flirt by touching]

# 2 Truth or Dare Day

Kissing a friend doesn’t get any easier than that. So if you’re ever trying to figure out how to kiss a friend, focus on organizing a drinking game, like spinning the bottle or truth and dare.

Sometimes you can get a kiss or a lot more than that. But other times you can’t always end up with luck and another friend may end up kissing the friend you want to kiss. 

But don’t worry, if you didn’t have a chance to kiss your friend during the game, get drunk and go back to step # 1!

# 3 Kiss your friend when she consoles you

This is a sneaky move, and it’s another common ploy to be able to kiss a friend. A lot of people use this, and frankly, it works great.

Have you just lost something of value and need some solace? Everyone needs a friend when they are bad and needs to be comforted. So call the friend you love and tell her how * depressed * you are and how much you appreciate if she could come to your house to cheer you up.

When your friend comes to see you, snuggle up and kiss your friend. Just stay in this position to mumble your sorry ass story and explain how depressed you are. 

At some point, you would know that your friend is quite comfortable hugging you. Now you can linger your hands on the back or go straight to kiss it. The kiss can last a while, or a few seconds. 

But if it doesn’t last, the kiss could lead to both getting you to bed and even going much further. 

On the other hand, if your friend takes it for an offense, you might mistake it for an apology and tell your friend that you didn’t know what got on with you.

# 4 Accidentally kissing your friend

Now if you want to know the dirt on how to kiss a friend while trying this out, you won’t be able to get a big, wet kiss using this move. But on the upside, your friend may never really point their finger at you or accuse you, even from afar.

So, have you been to a club recently? You know how much you need to scream to be heard over the screaming speakers, don’t you? 

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Almost always, two people who want to have a conversation have to hold their faces together to be heard. If you create an opportunity to create a quick succession of questions and answers, you can move your face across when your friend wants to scream in your ear, and hey, guess what you just did, you kissed your friend!

How to accidentally kiss a friend during a conversation:

You: Hey, I’m going for a drink, would you like one too?

Friend: Yeah!

You what ?!

Girlfriend: Yeah, I want to have one too!

You: What do you want to have ?!

Friend: A beer!

You what ?!

Friend: A beer !!

You: Why don’t you want a Hawaiian Volcano?

Friend: A Hawaiian wha….

You: A Hawaiian flight… ummh!

Oops !! * Grin *

Now, it works well even in a movie theater, and that is sneaky, isn’t it? And an improvisation of that kiss is when you are hugging each other to say goodbye. Turn your cheek in ever so slightly when your friend is about to kiss you to say goodbye!

# 5 How to kiss a friend while flirting by text message

Now this is a safe way to kiss your friend. It involves a lot of late night texting which ultimately leads to the steamy sexual chemistry between the two of you. 

This is almost always foolproof as long as you take your time and play it cool. Do this easy step well, and you’ll definitely be doing a lot more than a kiss to your friend. 

Do this wrong, and it is still safe for you! [Read: How to text flirt and seduce a friend]

Times when you just shouldn’t kiss a friend

Now that you know the best tips for sneaky kissing and avoiding complications, maybe it’s time to know the times when you should never really kiss a friend.

# 1 When she’s affectionate

Look, friends can be affectionate or all flirtatious at the same time. But that just isn’t a good enough reason to kiss a friend. Unless the vibes are good, don’t kiss your friend just because she’s hugging you or holding your hands. It is risky and can cost you your friendship and intimacy. [Read: Are you more than friends?]

# 2 When your friend is sleeping

This is an absolute no-no. As tempting as a roommate can seem, you can’t kiss a friend when she’s asleep, even if you’re drunk. Chances are your friend could wake up and think you are an absolute pervert! And your other friends will have the same opinion too.

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# 3 When your friend is hanging on you

This kind of situation can work in a porn movie and that is very fancy too, but this is just something you should never do. You may be really desperate or may have been looking for an opportunity like this forever, but just not. 

There are much easier ways, so why bother with that. This is really kinky, and you can’t take advantage of a friend who trusts your company.

An opportunity might pop up another day, but never kiss a friend if you find yourself in such a situation. Respect yourself and your friend, because if you take advantage of a drunk friend, it doesn’t make you any different from a rapist.

# 4 When your friend is in mourning

Now, it’s natural to feel physically and emotionally connected when your friend is grieving, but don’t use that and take advantage of the situation. If your friend is taking the first step, then go for it. 

But if your friend just wants a shoulder to lean on during a tough time, be there for your friend like a friend, not a vigorous pal. [Read: How to invite a friend]

So the next time you’re wondering how to kiss a friend, look no further. This is also foolproof, especially when trying to go beyond a kiss to a friend!

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