How to kiss a girl and make her adore her!

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How to kiss a girl and make her adore her!

Kissing a girl is an art that can be learned with experience. You might have gotten lucky at times, but if you want a surefire guide on how to kiss a girl, here’s the Super Fella with her guide to kissing a girl and making her love her!

So you want to know how to kiss a girl and make her look weak in the knees while you’re at it?

Kissing a girl can be so much fun, but most of the time the guy can’t really figure out how far he can push his luck or his hands.

Never been there? You kiss a girl, and you place your hand on her breasts.

And all of a sudden, everything contracts.

The girl pulls herself sharply, pulls her clothes close together, looks at you like you’ve come to rape her and tells you it’s time to go. And then, yes, there is this dead silence. Hm… weird!

How to kiss a girl

You may not know it, but there is a sexy way to kiss a girl, make her love her and make it so hard to resist, she wants you all over her body in no time. [Read: What to talk about on the first date ]

But before we talk about how to kiss a girl like a sex god, we’re going to have to ask for your ID.

Look, this isn’t kid stuff, and the Super Fella isn’t here to teach little wankers the gamer game. It is for adult men who want to know the art of seduction. If you are under 20 you still have time to learn these moves, so go read Yahoo Answers !

Kiss girl and make her worship

Let’s go directly to the point. You’ve been on a romantic date, and now you sort of have a strategy to find yourself in a quiet corner, alone with the girl. You can be in a car, your bedroom, your living room, or even in a park. And there you are, sweating and swallowing the air, wondering what to do.

We will have to talk about how to kiss a girl the sweet way. Don’t put your arms around her, it’s just lame and overly dominant. She needs to be involved and play the game too. [Read: How to charm a girl ]

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Now to really understand these steps you need to slow down and visualize these steps one at a time. Understand how it works, and you’ll be a super “jumper” in no time!

Wake her up with words

Now we are not talking about getting dirty with words. It’s your first date, so be nice. Talk about feelings. We know how much girls love it anyway. Talk about how enjoyable the date was, what a great time you have, and more butterflies and pillow confidences. [Read: What to talk with a girl ]

Breathe and relax

Let’s be creative. When talking to her, face her and sit in a fairly comfortable posture, lie down in the car seat as if you have no backbone. Be really relaxed and soon you will be on top of your nervousness. And you know what they’re saying, your feelings will soon rub off on her and she’ll be really pretty relaxed.

Tease with your hands

The first step is to make her feel comfortable, and then warm her up. As you speak to her, try to touch her. You could hold her pinky finger and slowly move your fingers up and down her fingers, or you could use your index finger and thread it up her arm or over her jeans. Don’t hang around and make this look like a big deal. And while you’re doing that, don’t stop talking. You don’t want to put all the emphasis on touch. You need to make her feel comfortable with your touch. [Read: How to flirt by touching ]

Read the signs

Always remember this, pay attention to how she reacts. If she feels threatened at any time, or if she changes her tone, she is probably uncomfortable. You have to back off for a while and push your luck again later. [Read: How to make a girl like you ]

Warming up for the kiss

If she feels completely comfortable with your touch, she will probably start speaking a little more slowly and will fall asleep a little now. Do flirtatious touches properly and she’ll purr inside like a very cute kitten getting sexual.

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Slide a little closer to her. Don’t do it quietly. Girls know how to read signs, and by doing this discreetly, he can appear a little scared or even too desperate. Make it obvious. Slide yourself a little closer or move your buttocks until you are only a few inches from her. Don’t stop talking or listening, and don’t stop touching her occasionally.

Wait a few minutes, and without any hesitation at all, go close to her and kiss her cheek gently. Linger for a second and sit down quietly. Now most experts say you should go close to her and wait for the kiss, but the Super Fella doesn’t like to leave things to chance, he goes all the way.

If things go well, she’ll probably sink into a big smile. And if things don’t go well, just look at her, apologize and say: “I’m really sorry, it was stronger than me …”

You just kissed his cheek. No girl is going to get angry about it. But if you’ve played it right, trust me, she’ll love your sweet kiss on the cheek.

If you want to know how to kiss a girl and be lucky, you need to play it safe and not take too much risk unless she is leading the way.

Really close move in

Now that you’ve kissed her cheek and she feels all warm and fuzzy, you can take the next big step. Place your palm near her ear and gently move your fingers from her ears to her chin. Be very delicate, slow, and calm, and move your fingers across hers cheek a few times. Look in the eyes and stop talking.

Now we are building the tension. All attention should now be focused on your fingers. As you stroke her face, slowly move closer and kiss her cheek. Kiss her cheek again, and this time kiss very close to her lips. And then, kiss the other cheek, almost close to missing her lips. Linger for a few seconds with each kiss, then come really close to her lips and let your two noses touch on the sides.

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It’s time to kiss!

If you’ve done these movements, both of you are probably deep breathing and almost throbbing in arousal.

Go closer and brush her lips with yours a few times, but don’t kiss her. Come as close as you can without touching her lips and staying there for a second. That’s enough time for anyone to back down. But obviously, she’s not going to want to back down! Not after the way you warmed it up!

And then, move to kiss her. Be gentle and flexible, and don’t be pushy, even if you are excited and can’t help yourself. You want to know how to kiss a girl, not how to kiss a girl and gnaw her face!

You’re at least halfway through this guide on how to kiss with a girl, and you can’t let aggression get in the way of passion.

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