How to hurt a narcissistic manipulator: Top 8 ways to get revenge on this man

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Any relationship can have its ups and downs. When one of the people in that relationship turns out to be a narcissistic manipulator, it can be even more true. 

Are you tired of putting up with the character of your companion, and you wish to be able to achieve revenge for his actions? 

We offer you a list of the 8 most effective ways to know how to injure a manipulator. 

These techniques may seem obvious to you, but they are nonetheless effective when you want to make someone understand that they are going too far.

How to hurt a manipulator: Identify the signs of their oppression

Fortunately for us, not all people are manipulators. It affects a minority of men, and most couples can do without the advice we are giving you today. 

At the very least, no one is ever safe, and you might be in a relationship with a narcissistic manipulator right now. 

If you know someone you know who is locked in this type of relationship, that might be helpful for them as well.

But how do you detect a manipulator with a narcissistic tendency? Certain points are not mistaken. 

Although everyone is different, there are certain behaviors that should resonate with you if you experience them on a daily basis. 

First of all, as a rule, a manipulator never asks for your forgiveness. Even when he hurts you, and he knows he is guilty, he won’t stoop to having to apologize. 

On the contrary, he will consider that this episode should serve as a lesson for you.

This manipulator will do anything to put himself forward, and he might even humiliate you in public, or in front of your family to shed light on him. 

He clearly shows that he is the strongest, the brains of the couple. He makes the important decisions, as well as the most insignificant. 

Everything must please him and correspond to him, so he can destroy your dreams and isolate you from your family, or friends who would not suit him. 

All for the sole purpose of having you for him. 

You are his prey, and he won’t let you down that easily as long as you have something to give him!

How to hurt a narcissistic manipulator: top 8 best tips

So, living with such a man may not always be easy. 

If you still love that person, and it is impossible for you to end the relationship, you might look for ways to hurt your partner, so that he can understand your pain, and finally change his behavior. 

To help you do that, we’ve provided this list of the 8 best ways to do it:

  1. Get into his head and find his weak points.
  2. Highlight your imperfections.
  3. Connect with your family or friends.
  4. Play his game: criticize him in public.
  5. Show her that your love is waning.
  6. Show affection for other men.
  7. Take time for yourself and for what pleases you.
  8. Say goodbye to him in time, and find someone else.
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How to hurt a manipulator: get inside his head and find his weak points

First of all, to be able to hurt a manipulator, you will have to get into his head. You will have to understand his reasoning, his way of thinking and evolving. 

This is essential if you want to know its weak points. 

If you want to hurt him in turn, you will have to play on these same weak points, which will show him that you can very easily take his place. 

You too can show strength and manipulation. When he realizes it, it could very quickly calm his ardor, and put him in his place. 

If you know it well, all the cards in the game are in your hands.

Did he have a difficult childhood? 

What are his secret fears and shames? 

You should be able to find answers to your questions quickly to put your plan into action. Why is he acting this way towards you? 

By understanding it, you can also find a way to help him become aware of his problem. 

Many manipulators feel too powerful to be understood. Show him that this is not the case at all, that he is very accessible, and that even you can read between his lines. 

In the end, he is not as complex as it seems, and that could affect his ego.

Point out its imperfections

He does not deprive himself to point the finger at you in your every move? 

When you take a wrong step, is he always there to point it out to you? 

It can be exhausting on a daily basis. These people constantly criticize you: an overcooked dish, a wrong tongue, a mismatched outfit or a lack of knowledge. 

Everything can be subject to criticism. In addition, this person can play on your imperfections, your weak points, to turn them against you. 

And why not use this technique to do the same on your own?

Do you live with him on a daily basis, and for many years? 

You certainly have some criticism to make in your turn, do not deprive yourself of them. This moment is for you. 

Let yourself go, and don’t let go of those “details” that annoy you about it. 

Tell him anything you could fault him for. Worse yet, point out its imperfections. When he realizes that you too can hurt, the balance of power could be reversed. 

So he could finally see you as your equal, if you know how to show him that you too can put him down easily. 

He is not perfect, far from it, and you have to make him understand it to achieve his respect. It’s very sad to come to this, but with a narcissistic manipulator, it’s often difficult to do otherwise.

Connect with your family or friends

In all this time you’ve spent together, has he tried to keep you away from your loved ones? Go against the current, and get closer to them. 

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No one should be able to take you away from someone you care about. Whether it’s a relative or a friend, get in touch, and find that relationship. 

It might do you good first of all, in addition to sending a clear message to the person handling you. You are free to act, make it clear to him.

By feeling that you are getting closer to other people, he might feel attacked, and see that his hold on you is waning. 

Be careful because in some cases these manipulators can be dangerous, and they could use force to keep you near them. 

Don’t hesitate to ask for help, and don’t stay in a relationship of such violence and oppression.

Get into his game: criticize him in public

This is his favorite tactic: criticizing yourself in front of family and friends, and even in front of strangers, when the opportunity arises. 

This is particularly demeaning, it is a way of lowering your dreaded self-esteem, which can cause serious injury. 

Why couldn’t you use this technique in turn to get revenge on a narcissistic manipulator?

If he missteps in public, don’t let him go, shout it out loud to make him feel uncomfortable too. 

Criticize their behavior or reactions when in a group, and observe their reaction. 

Little by little, you will be able to put it back in its place in this way, using its own handling techniques.

How to hurt a manipulator: show him your love is waning

When we want to hurt a person, in general, the best trick is to show that our interest in that person is diminishing. 

There are different ways to show that you no longer have feelings for someone, such as how to hurt a manipulator. 

This won’t be pleasant for that person, and if they genuinely love you, they may go to great lengths to try and find you and your love.

Showing your partner that your love is waning can go through different signs, more or less subtle. 

Be indifferent to him, do not respond to his long monologues. Stop reacting when he tries to hurt you. 

Stop physical contact, and withhold information about you from her. Spend more time away from home, with other people…

He must sometimes feel that he is about to lose you to finally react.

Show affection towards other men

Open up to other men around you. Colleagues, people met during a party, whatever! You have to show him that you can love and be attracted to someone other than him. 

He will also be able to sense that you like you other men, and that if that is your wish, you could freely join them to leave him alone.

It is certainly a sometimes dangerous and childish technique. 

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However, without realizing it, it might help you move on as well. You could have a nice meeting, which will make you totally forget this manipulative man. 

This could be what you need to turn the page, in the end.

Take time for yourself and to do what you want

Do not respect his injunctions, and take time for yourself. Escape its grip, get out there and do whatever you want. 

Take time to see your loved ones, as we advised earlier, or just for you. Take a walk, go shopping, relax. 

It will definitely help you regain your self-confidence. 

When you feel good again, you will have the strength to stand up to him, and to show him that you too have wants and needs, and that they should be respected. 

He can’t decide everything for you: do what you want. Seeing you so fulfilled might also help open her eyes to her negative hold.

Find someone who will actually love you

Finally, unfortunately, when someone manipulates you, it’s not always about love. On the contrary, this person could have various problems to solve before thinking of forming a couple. 

These problems may be exacerbated in your presence, and she may well hold you solely responsible. 

In some cases, these manipulator can come to violence. No one should stay in an abusive relationship. 

If the slightest violence enters play, automatically notify the authorities concerned, and quit the manipulator in question. Violence should never be allowed to set in.

Everyone deserves to be loved and respected at the same time. 

Everyone has their faults, but also their qualities, and it is these that should be highlighted by your partner. 

Don’t let yourself be weakened, you deserve someone who will appreciate you, and who will take you for who you are. 

There is bound to be someone who will recognize your beauty, and who cannot help loving you with sincere love. 

A man in love will have physical signs that cannot deceive you!

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