How to have a strong-willed personality: Effective ways to build its character traits

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How I would have liked to have had this personality when I was a child!

What does it mean to have a strong-willed personality?

Before we begin, what is the definition of the word “personality”?

Take the definition of:

  • Larousse: “All  the physical and moral traits by which a person is different from others; aspect by which someone affirms a more or less marked originality . “.
  • Wikipedia: “  Personality is a combination of a person’s emotional characteristics, attitudes and behaviors. It follows a course determined by the ideas of the centuries it crosses and even today it is difficult to find a concept more united with the schools and the attitudes of the authors who make use of it. “.

The vision that one can have of a person with a strong-willed personality, depends mainly on the environment in which he will evolve (family, group, country…).

That said, we understand that a person with a strong-willed personality finds himself in one of the following situations:

  1. This is a good thing because it is found that you do not give way and that you have character. A strong-willed personality is the ideal character in the eyes of people because she is able to lead her life independently.
  2. This is a bad thing because people find that you are not easy going and that you do what you want. In society, lacking in personality means that you don’t exist and that you blend in with the crowd, often for fear of disturbing or for lack of self-confidence.

So how do you develop a strong personality?

Here are the 7 effective ways to get a strong-willed personality.

1. Find your strengths

Each has special qualities that set them apart, and you certainly have many strengths and you just don’t know it. Try to research these points to develop and develop them and deal with your weaknesses, when you do this you will be able to acquire a strong-willed personality and you will gain the love and attention of people.

2. Boost your confidence in YOU

The most important thing you should do is improve your self-confidence. Confidence is the backbone of a person’s personality. Without confidence, a person loses self-esteem and the respect of others for him or her. This trust must therefore be strengthened by obtaining more recognition.

3. Be bold

To acquire a strong personality, you have to have courage. Through daring you will be able to try the things you feared and discover things you did not know before, this daring will make you stronger in the eyes of yourself and in the eyes of people.

4. Knowledge

Knowledge and science play an important role in the construction of the human personality. If you want to acquire a strong-willed personality, you must go through the learning, studies and training phase, this will make you a person capable of facing the most difficult situations and therefore reassuring you in the decision-making process.

5. Change the way you think

Your thoughts are what make you who you are, if your negative thoughts only provide you with frustration and failure, it means that you will remain a fragile person in the eyes of yourself and others.

You have to change the way you think so that failure becomes just a useful experience that increases the outcome of your experiences.

6. Pay attention to your appearance

Outward appearance plays a big role in forming a first impression on the person, and as a person you want to gain strength.

You have to take care of your appearance because it will give you confidence and strength when you are among people.

7. Follow the latest developments

If you want to become a person with a strong personality, you need to be fully aware of what is going on around you.

Now, let’s find out the strongest personality traits.

Here are the 8 traits of a strong-willed personality.

1. A broad culture

The strong-willed personality is familiar with various topics and issues in this life. She enjoys reading books in various scientific fields, is always up to date with the latest scientific and technological developments, closely follows political developments in the local, regional and international arena and listens to the opinions of experts and analysts.

2. Confidence in SELF

The strong-willed personality derives her strength from her great confidence in HER, she is confident in her abilities and skills, and she is convinced that she can achieve excellence in her life and that she is able to perform the most important tasks. more difficult, and she is not satisfied with it, but is still looking to acquire new skills and knowledge to support her career and strengthen her position.

3. Courage

A strong-willed personality whose heart beats with courage, as she has never known fear before, because for many years she has known how to get rid of her fears, and therefore you find that she always wants to try new ones things without hesitation, and she does not hesitate for a moment to offer a helping hand to others.

She doesn’t care about her recognition of the truth, because within her is an adventurer who likes to challenge success.

4. Commitment to responsibility

A strong-willed personality feels responsible to herself, her family and members of her community because she is doing her job in the best possible way.

She is keen to work hard to accomplish the most important cultural, technological… achievements.

5. Rationality

A strong-willed personality has sensitive feelings like everyone else, but in fateful affairs she is engaged only in rational thinking. This is why she is said to be wise, as she does not allow feelings of anger and emotion to affect her, and when she feels nervous, she delays making decisions until she calms down. .

6. Optimism

The strong personality has never experienced despair, as she realizes that abandonment will cost her dearly, that life passes quickly and that she has no time to waste it on what has passed.

She clings to optimism because she is sure that tomorrow will be better and that the conditions in which she lives will soon disappear with the days so that happiness returns to her life.

7. Dreams

The strong-willed personality says to himself:

“The tragedy of life is not the lack of access to big dreams, the real tragedy is the absence of dreams in a person’s life.”

For this this character seeks to define their own dreams and to develop plans and strategies to achieve them and to determine in advance the problems they are likely to face and the appropriate solutions.

8. Charisma

The strong-willed personality possesses extraordinary energy and he is able to captivate others and own their heart, thanks to the many positive qualities that she enjoys.

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In addition to her interest in her outward appearance, as she cares about its cleanliness and elegance.

What if now we were talking about ways to have a strong-willed personality.

I believe deep inside that nothing is lost and that change is a matter of will and will. There is no inevitability but our worst enemy is abandonment or rather surrender.

To help you, here are the 8 ways to help you gain personal strength and thus develop a strong-willed personality.

1. Trust yourself fully

You must have full confidence and believe in what you have in terms of qualities, talents and abilities because the special things that you have are what builds your self-confidence and what motivates you to courageously take any new step. of your life to succeed and achieve dazzling excellence.

2. Respond to constructive criticism

We live in society among people and it is normal that you are faced with criticism from others your family, your colleagues…, so try to take advantage of their criticism if it is in your best interest, review what you have done and start correcting your mistakes, then you can run your business successfully.

3. Listen more than you talk

Silence is a symbol of strength and one of the most important signs of personality strength, as it is what gives him knowledge and helps him to form his own opinions.

It is therefore important that you listen more than you speak, which is why we have two ears and one mouth!

4. Read various books

Anyone who wants to have a strong-willed personality should be educated and the culture only comes from reading books from various scientific, literary, artistic, historical, political, religious fields … because it increases the outcome of your knowledge and that is what you are doing. makes it easier to deal with the issues in your life properly.

5. Continuous personal development

It is good to be an educated person, and it is also important to continue the learning process, develop your creative talents, learn new skills and languages, and take training and education courses. , these things will make you stronger and more confident.

6. Autonomy

Instead of shirking responsibility and relying on others to run your affairs, rely on yourself.

Take full responsibility for your actions, it will give you the necessary experience and you will learn to face your problems and find appropriate solutions for them to become a strong-willed person who can manage your life the way you want.

7. Learn from your failed experiences

Failure is an event in life, and it is natural to have failed experiences, so instead of bemoaning the luck of your failure to achieve your dreams and goals, strive to uncover the reasons for the failure and avoid repeating your mistakes.

8. Speak positively

Too much blame and self-loading is the root of all the issues that cause your frustration, so be sure to address yourself in a positive way, such as saying I’m a successful person, I’m strong-willed, I am able to achieve the impossible, I can overcome the most complex problems, all of the above will strengthen your self-confidence to grow strong in character.

“  We are not born strong, we become it. It is through repeated acts, repeated small sacrifices that one makes a great heart and great courage.  »P. de Ponlevoy

Finally, a person with a strong personality is a distinctive person capable of making a difference and finding his place among people. She has great self-confidence which makes her capable of achieving whatever she wants.

Be careful, as we are humans and as human beings, we tend to want everything in a snap. The transformation into a strong-willed person will not happen overnight or a week, but it is an ongoing work of rebuilding SELF.

8 Signals that can indicate a strong personality that stands out from the crowd

The best weapon to weather life’s storms unscathed – or almost unscathed – is to develop a strong personality. Indeed, it is not something that can be easily taken away from us or that we can lose, but it allows us to have great flexibility in relation to the many situations that can arise.

This is still an exceptional characteristic, which is not easy to have: in a world dominated by insecurity and fear, few stand out from the crowd.

Here are the 8 signs to recognize people with strong personality.

1 -They do not let anyone into their life. In other words, “Better to be alone than in bad company”. This is the basic philosophy of a true friendship, which looks at the quality, not the number of friends. People with strong personalities choose their friends carefully – few in number but good.

2 – Not to be thirsty for attention. The need to please and the need for acceptance do not belong to strong personalities who, despite themselves, are powerful catalysts for others, precisely because of the irresistible charisma they radiate and the envy they arouse.

3 – They do not need the approval of others . Strong personalities pursue their goals, because they are motivated by their own motivation, in the face of which the appreciation of others has no weight.

4. They reject ignorance, insensitivity and idiocy. Informing and reflecting on oneself, on one’s surroundings is a distinctive characteristic of strong personalities, they will therefore be criticized by ignorant people: indeed, in a world full of information, not being informed is a choice that not only makes people responsible, but also leads to thoughtless and reckless actions.

5 – They hate gossip. Useless and frivolous discussions are a waste of time: those with a strong personality prefer to engage in interesting debates which enrich them with knowledge.

6 – They are good listeners. Obviously, in an informative debate, it is necessary not only to know how to speak, but also to know how to listen – and strong personalities are particularly apt to listen: only people who have a good ear, a patient ear, know how to welcome knowledge and knowledge. wisdom.

7 – They are not justified . Strong personalities are convinced that there isn’t a big enough obstacle to their goals, so they don’t admit excuses and they can’t stand those who complain about not having achieved something because of external factors.

8 – They are courageous . People who have a strong personality know how to manage their emotions and overcome their fears so as not to succumb to them. In fact, their fears are not traps, but incentives to be vigilant and to react quickly and effectively.

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Character traits make you a strong personality, even if you don’t suspect it

Everyone wants to have a strong personality . But maybe you already have all the necessary qualities without knowing it. However, if you don’t see them in yourself, don’t worry, they can be developed!

3 Main factors that affect personality formation

These include:

  1. Biological factors: including physique, rate of maturation, as well as genetic and hereditary characteristics.
  2. Cultural factors: an individual’s social environment, his way of thinking, his values, accumulated knowledge and experience, his goals.
  3. The family: relations with parents and their educational principles are the foundations for the formation of the child as an individual and the development of his social skills.

What are the characteristics of a strong personality and how can you develop them in yourself? 

1. Self-confidence

Confident people earn more and progress faster in their careers. They always have a certain advantage over those who constantly doubt themselves. The easiest way to develop this quality in you is to play sports! Controlling your body will give you both physical and emotional stability.

2. A sense of humor

Laughter helps us deal with stress, attract other people, and look at the world in a positive way. To develop a sense of humor, stop taking things too seriously and learn to laugh at yourself.

3. Diligence

Contrary to popular belief, the best employees are not hard workers, but they know how to properly allocate their resources and focus on tasks. To increase your productivity, try not to get distracted and immerse yourself fully in what you are doing.

4. The charm

The charism could well develop in each of us. You just have to learn to listen to others, to behave naturally, and to make eye contact with the other person during a conversation. And don’t forget the smile!

5. The ability to say “no”

Some people give more than they get in return, and this can cause stress. Don’t be afraid to offend anyone with your refusal, especially people who use you for personal gain and don’t appreciate your kindness. Remember: the inability to say “no” indicates low self-esteem.

As we mentioned above, everyone can acquire a strong personality. Do you have these qualities or are you just looking to develop them within yourself? Share your experience with us in the comments!

How to develop a strong personality

Many people think that their personality traits are something they are given at birth. While some people are born with a good sense of humor and a lot of charisma, others may lack these characteristics and find it nearly impossible to obtain them. Taking the positive personality traits we take for granted, we don’t always consider ways to develop and improve our own character. Nonetheless, it is possible and while some traits can be established quite easily, other traits require constant and hard work before they truly become a part of who you are. However, generally speaking, almost any positive personality trait can be learned and developed to help you become a more attractive and successful person.


People who are confident in themselves always have an advantage over those who constantly doubt themselves because strong people inspire others and take control of situations. According to recent research, people who are confident earn more and rise through the ranks faster.

A great way to feel more confident is to exercise! The feeling of focus and control over the body provides both physical and emotional stability. Don’t bother to perceive other people’s reactions as rules that you must follow, and don’t feel the need to seek their approval. Self-confident people are in control of their lives and take responsibility for their actions.

The ability to say “No”

The inability to say “no” speaks of low self-esteem. In addition, people who are always ready to help do not always find gratitude in others because this characteristic is seldom appreciated and any help is more often seen as normal. Additionally, any situation where a person gives more than they receive or shares something they lack is stressful.

It is possible to say “no” at any time. Don’t be afraid to offend someone by your refusal, because chances are you’re not the only person who can help. It will also help you get rid of the pests that use your cuteness. Really strong people understand that it is not always possible to help them and that there is nothing scary about being refused a request.

Sense of humor

People like those who have fun personalities and can laugh at themselves and their failures. Laughter helps you cope with stress, see positivity, and connect with others. Witty people are more popular and others want to be around them because it’s easy and fun.

To develop this trait, stop taking things too seriously. Watch how other people respond to comments with a joke that is satisfied by even more jokes. Take no offense and learn to laugh at yourself. You can improve your associative thinking skills because a lot of jokes are based on the pun.


Despite a common misconception, top performers don’t overwork, as studies show. For best results and performance, turn off messengers, put your phone on vibrate, and don’t listen to music if it distracts you. Immerse yourself in the task at hand. Just as appetite comes with eating, inspiration comes with work. When you keep changing activities, it is difficult for the brain to go back to the original task. And we consider anything that is difficult for our brain to process as unpleasant – that is why motivation disappears.

Additionally, it is important to follow a healthy daytime diet so that you don’t get distracted by not getting enough sleep or feeling hungry.

The ability to read other people

Many people are sure that reading other people’s minds is a superpower that only extrasensory people have. However, this is not the complete truth. All you need to do is listen to others.

For example, consider the following situation: You have been communicating with someone for some time when they suddenly disappear and leave you wondering, “How did this happen ?!” I thought everything was fine! “After carefully analyzing the relationship, you realize that it wasn’t really OK because they kept promising to take the time for you, but they never did. No matter what reasons you avoided seeing each other, you were convinced that they would always find time for you and that they wanted to spend time with you. You failed to see that they were just trying to let you down gently and be polite in their apologies for not meeting you.

The situations may be different. Imagine how surprised you would be if someone you knew admitted to being in love with you when you thought she barely noticed you. It can happen just because you didn’t pay attention to the fact that this person would write to you often to ask you how you were and to see if you wanted to go somewhere together.

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In order to understand the motives of others and to understand the reasons for their behavior, it is necessary to pay attention to what they say and do, where they look, and who makes them smile. If you combine all of these clues, it will be easy to see the truth. Of course, this is not something that you should be spending all your free time on.

The ability to attract people

Some people are so charming that it seems like everyone loves them and everyone wants to be around them. These people have charisma – a quality that anyone can truly develop.

When talking to someone, try to make eye contact – look at the mate in a calm and relaxed manner. Don’t forget to smile! Charismatic people can listen to others and be on the same page as them. So don’t rush to talk about yourself and remember that it’s best to ask questions. Don’t suppress your emotions – if someone said something offensive, show them that you don’t appreciate them. You can do this by stopping the conversation or suddenly changing the subject instead of giving a long talk about how much it hurts.

Conversely, if someone opens up to you, you can open up too. Sincerity should be met with sincerity.

The ability to control your body’s reactions

Self-control is the ability to control one’s own emotions and behaviors and it is what helps people achieve their goals. It is absolutely necessary to build rewarding personal relationships and a successful career. With its help, you can stay balanced, restrained, and maintain outer and inner peace. To develop this ability, you must learn to determine and understand your emotions.

A fast heartbeat, tight muscles, and too little or too much energy or appetite are all signs of anxiety. It is possible to calm down with the help of breathing exercises and meditation.

Panic attacks can also be stopped by doing special exercises. While simpler reactions like irritation, rudeness, or yelling can easily be avoided by getting together in time.

Which of these personality traits would you like to develop? How do you think they will help you? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments!

8 Signs that prove you have a strong-minded personality

Having a strong-minded personality can sometimes be scary. Some people take this for aggression or worse, smugness. However, having a strong personality does not necessarily refer to a need for domination over the other, quite the contrary.

Here are 8 distinctive signs that characterize people with strong-minded personalities.

1- They can’t stand excuses

Muddy excuses, very little for you …

Having a strong-minded personality also means being uncompromising. If this is your case, surely you don’t have to put up with the (bad) excuses. Whether it’s receiving those from others or expressing your regrets, it annoys you deeply. Far from being intolerant, you tend to focus on what can be done right now to fix the mistake. For you, words and other muddy explanations are a waste of time.

2- They are selective

When you have a strong-minded personality, you are generally quite sure of your choices. Unlike others, you don’t expect your loved ones to tell you which path to take or what opinion to have. Even when you are in doubt, you usually only trust yourself to make the final decision. The people you let into your inner circle are therefore handpicked. No question of anyone encroaching on your territory.

3- They don’t like to stay on the surface

Above all, don’t stay on the surface of things.

Always ready to present your ideas, you can’t stand trivial discussions and if someone has the misfortune to inflate you with a trivial subject, they are likely to regret it. For you, it is an outright waste of time.

4- They hate ignorance

Strong-minded personalities are generally thoughtful and educated. Because you always make sure to inform yourself before giving your opinion, you have a hard time supporting people who allow themselves to be judged without knowing. A real quality that pushes others to question themselves .

5- They know how to listen

Knowing how to listen to others is a great quality.

To impose oneself in the eyes of others is also to unconsciously push them to come and confide. You make sure that your opinion counts and your listening quality is second to none. In short, you are the ideal person to speak to in the event of a hard blow.

6- They don’t demand attention

If some people who don’t know you well think otherwise, it is because they have not understood anything. Having a strong-minded personality inevitably attracts others. Often it is not you, but others who solicit you and place you at the center of attention. You have to get used to it, without you, the atmosphere is not the same!

7- They are not afraid

You have a strong-minded enough personality to keep a cool head in the face of your fears.

This is one way of speaking of course, because let’s be honest, we are all afraid of something . The only difference when you have a strong-minded personality is that it is easier to put aside your anxieties and focus on the essentials.

8- They like insecurity

Strong-minded personalities love to think outside the box. For you, insecurity also rhymes with opportunity and you are willing to take risks if the rewards are worth the candle. A philosophy that could take you a long way in life.

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