How to get out of the friendzone: Awaken the feelings of the person you like

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You like this person, and you cannot forget him, yet you have the impression that he only takes you for a friend? How to get out of the friendzone? 

Obviously, it all depends on the relationships, and while it can seem complicated at times, it can take just a little effort for other people to see you in a different way. 

We will walk you through the steps to trigger romantic feelings in the person you like.

How to get out of the friendzone: what might make you think you are only seen as a friend

Love at first sight is not always immediate in romantic relationships. You might have fallen in love with someone, who hasn’t yet realized what you could bring them! 

If that person only sees you as a friend, some signs may be obvious. However, that doesn’t mean that his feelings won’t change.

Anyone can move on and change their mind, and by taking the time to get to know you, that person might just think that at the end of the day, they like you more than they might at first think.

In the meantime, here’s in her behavior what might make you think she only sees you as a friend:

This person tells you about their love stories

When someone confides in you, and tells you about their love affairs, then it’s pretty normal to think that that person isn’t interested in you. 

You find out that they have someone other than you on their mind, and that person tells you about it and might even ask you for advice about it if you’re close enough. It won’t be fun if you have romantic feelings for her!

However, you shouldn’t try to prevent her from dating that person she likes. It will be important for her to be able to live her story as she sees fit. 

And if all doesn’t go as planned, you’ll be there to console her. On the contrary, if you see that these two people are embarking on a strong romantic relationship, all you have to do is go your way.

How to get out of the friendzone

She does not wish to see you face to face

This person might not know you well, and you might even bump into at your workplace, and they might not actually know you. 

It could also be someone who is part of your group of friends, and when you pass each other, you never find yourself on a one-to-one basis. The fact of always being surrounded in this way does not allow you to develop romantic feelings.

So, if you haven’t hit him, and if you don’t come forward to please him, that person may not even be aware of your presence. 

She, therefore, does not express the wish to see you face to face, she does not need it, she certainly only sees you as a friend.

You don’t always talk to each other by message

When you are close to someone, you can spend your days exchanging by message. And even if that does not necessarily mean that we are in love with this person, these exchanges can still help us to get closer. 

We can get into the habit of exchanging on a daily basis, and time seems long to us when we do not receive a response from this correspondent.

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On the contrary, if you are in frienzone, your messages could be kept to the strict minimum. This person could respond to your messages, but without making the effort to hear from you in turn, or to restart the conversation. 

That way, you’ll know that your relationship is one-sided, and that at the moment, that person doesn’t feel anything special for you.

When you are in a group, she does not take care of you

Do you go out regularly with friends, and the person you like is part of that group of people? How does she behave with you when you are in a group? 

If you are interested, she might try to get closer to you, she will stand by your side and try to initiate a discussion to find out if everything is going well on your end.

If, on the contrary, they only see you as a friend, that person might not make an effort to come and talk to you. 

She will stay with the other members of the group she is close to, and it is with them that she will spend the rest of her evening. You might get a few smiles from him, but nothing more.

You never had a deep discussion

If you have followed the above points, you may never have had a real discussion with that person you like. 

You may never have had the opportunity to talk to yourself seriously, about subjects that touch you and that allow you to discover yourself. It might make the onset of feelings slower if you don’t have a crush on you.

Most of the time, in order to move from friendship to love, it is important to get to know the person with whom you are exchanging. 

And to discover it, deep discussions are essential. So, if when you speak you only exchange small talk, chances are your relationship may not turn out the way you would like it to.

How to get our of friendzone

She does not show herself physically close to you

Among friends, we don’t necessarily show ourselves physically close. The contact between you might be minimal, and if this person hugs you, you automatically feel that they are doing it in a friendly way, and that there is nothing sensual about it.

If you’re not physically close, she probably doesn’t have any deep feelings for you. Indeed, if she was in love, it might be difficult for her to refrain from touching you. 

Sometimes we don’t even realize it! The distance between you is not always a good sign.

This person doesn’t look at you like a person in love

When we have feelings for someone, our gaze changes. If you do not realize it, it is certainly your friends who could help you perceive it, by pointing it out to you. 

This person does not take his eyes off you, in the slightest of your movements or movements, he follows you attentively with his gaze.

If this is not the case, it is because you are indeed in the friendzone. She doesn’t give you special looks unless she’s trying to talk to you. Again, this is a clear sign of his feelings for you.

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How to get out of the friendzone: it’s up to you to seduce him

Do you think that this person only sees you as a friend, after the points we have just discussed with you? If you want to turn the tide, you’ll have to do your best to get her to notice you! As they discover you, their feelings about you may change.

However, you will have to be patient, it does not always happen overnight. To achieve this, you could take the following steps.

How to get out of the friendzone: enter a game of seduction

If she or he doesn’t have romantic feelings for you, it may just be because your relationship has always been friendly. Neither of you has ever entered into a game of dating. This may just be what you need to trigger romantic feelings in that person!

To make sure you don’t miss out on a great story, you should change your attitude with the person you like. Trust yourself, you have nothing to lose and everything to try. 

Engage in a game of seduction, pay her compliments, get closer physically … She must see that you are not behaving as usual. In some cases, you might be surprised to see that this person responds positively to your advances!

Get out of friendzone - 2

How to get out of the friendzone: spend moments together

If you only spend time in a group, with your friends, you might find it difficult to share, and take the time to discover yourself. 

So that feelings can be born, it will be essential to propose to this person to see you face to face. If you don’t dare ask him, you can start by exchanging text messages on different subjects throughout the day.

Afterwards, you could offer her an unpretentious date, like going for a coffee for example, or a walk. This will not involve romantic feelings, and for all that, you can get to know each other by talking about many points. A bond could form from these exchanges, find activities to do as a couple !

Make him or her notice you

If you’ve never actually spoken to each other, and you rarely see each other, this person might just not notice you! To change this, you will need to make sure you get closer to her, and start the discussion whenever you have the chance. Exchange your phone numbers to keep in touch.

You should also make sure you wear clothes that show off your strengths when you see yourself. This person may perceive that you are making an effort, and your physique may push them towards you if they find you attractive.

On the contrary, walk away for no reason

To provoke this person, playing the distance can also be a very good trick. The latter is known to many people, who have used it for centuries to seduce the person they like! If you exchange by message, it will be even easier to highlight this distance.

As you talk to each other on a daily basis, suddenly stop responding to this person’s messages, without giving any explanation. She will probably wonder what you are doing, and why you are walking away like this. 

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By force, she may well realize the lack she feels, and even the feelings she feels for you. She wants to hear from you, and she misses your conversations. You will see that she will certainly come back to you, and that she will show herself closer than before!

How to get out of the friendzone: get closer to other people

Another technique for triggering romantic feelings in that person you like is to get closer to other people in their presence. Maybe he or she doesn’t realize how much he or she feels for you. You get along well, but it doesn’t go beyond that. However, seeing you with someone else, these feelings could change very quickly.

This person might find that they don’t want to see you with someone else. She wants to keep you to herself, and she feels the need to do what she can to get you back. You will definitely notice a change in his attitude towards you, the behavior of a jealous man will be noticed very quickly.

How to get out of the friendzone: provoke fate

Sometimes, in order to reverse the friendship in love, it is necessary to provoke fate. If you’re not afraid of being turned down, you should give it a go. Approach that person you like, hug or hold them, look at them, and come closer to kiss them. What is his reaction?

You might be surprised that she doesn’t push you away. On the contrary, she returns your kiss to you, she lets herself go. Could this be the start of a new story?

How to get out of the friendzone: take advantage of a stay abroad to get closer

Stays abroad, or even within your own country, are a great way to trigger someone’s feelings. You will find yourself in a new space, an environment where the only point you know is that other person.

This will undoubtedly bring you closer together, and you can create memories together. These unique moments shared together could be the start of your romantic relationship, and if you don’t know how to confess your feelings, now could be a perfect time.

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