How to get out of a girl’s friend zone

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How to get out of a girl's friend zone

One of the most complex situations an individual can be in is being a man who has a romantic attraction or a feeling for a girl who sees him only as a good friend. Use these tips to get out of a girl’s friend zone.

A lot of men are probably aware of or are in this kind of situation where they have met a girl, become friends, and are attracted to that girl eventually.

There are even instances where some men are either put in a dreaded and frustrating friend zone. If you are one of those guys who are trapped in the same scenario, you need to not give up hope because there are possible ways out of the friend zone.

If you’ve ever struggled in vain to find a way out of the Friend Zone, these Friend Zone stories are probably familiar to you:

“We should be friends. . . I really don’t want to be in a relationship right now ”.

“I love you very much as a friend and I would like our friendship to remain intact, continuing a relationship could put it in jeopardy.” “

“I just got out of a relationship and need some time to be myself again before I go out with someone else. “

If you are asking yourself the question, “Am I in the friend zone?” You probably are.

The number one reason most women are content to stay in the friend zone with a man is because he’s taken too long to shift his interaction with her in the direction of a relationship. 

A number of men hope that one day she will magically fall in love with them and that the woman will truly take the first step. This will then allow them to escape the friend zone. However, this is not going to happen. You are not Ross and this is not the Friends series , so take the initiative. [Read: How to show your love to a girl without losing her ]

The causes for which a man is stuck in the friend zone, has now been established.

Therefore, it is clear that it can be avoided by simply doing the opposite. Make sure that you show her early on that you are interested in her. Don’t just treat her like she’s a friend and wait for her to get things done.

It’s okay to let her know you love her, you just need to be laid back about it. Become adept at mastering the genuine interest of compliments. 

The point is not to verbally kiss a woman’s feet, what is required is a sincere compliment that comes from a place of force, and which can be extremely powerful.

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The best key for men to keep in mind to avoid a friend zone is to stay in control. It is human nature to be in control, especially if you love someone. It’s probably because you want that person to be comfortable around you. 

However, it is not fair for a man to stay in the dreaded zone forever. Getting out of a girl’s friend zone is a great way to break free from your cage and boundaries and to take the courage to show your friend your sincere feelings for her.

Many men believe that getting out of the friend zone can be a perfect opportunity to set up new beginnings. However, there are men who took the wrong maneuvers, took the wrong direction, and unfortunately landed on the dreaded area.

Getting out of a girl’s friend zone can somehow be difficult knowing that friendship is at stake. But, it can be the biggest mistake of men who will be ruled by fear. 

They can lose the chance to date the girl they love or love the most and worse, they can go on living with doubts and what’s on their mind.

Here are some helpful ways to get out of a girl’s friend zone

Don’t let her treat you like a boyfriend

If you want a girl to dream about you, don’t let yourself be treated like her boyfriend. It can stink on yourself in this kind of situation, especially if you know deep down that you really love this girl. But if you want to capture her attention and let her feel the incompleteness of your absence, stop hanging out with her or call her. 

The idea of ​​being able to win this girl’s heart by staying by her side all the time doesn’t really work. The more you act like a boyfriend, the more she will treat you like an older brother. So don’t let the girl treat you like you’re her boyfriend unless you already are.

Make the girl feel and know you want her

It’s an effective way to get out of a girl’s friend zone. Some men are skeptical of this idea, but it really works. Let her know that you might just want to date other girls. Doing this will make her notice and realize that you are being courted by other girls and her competitive nature can take off. The girl might start to prove that she can have you and sometimes happen unconsciously. When your friend acts this way, there is a great chance for you to step out of the friend zone and win her heart. [Read: Signs that show she is interested in you ]

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Offer her a date

The journey out of the friendly zone begins. Offer her a date. If she becomes hesitant at first, then ask her out on another day. Maybe take a walk in the park or do things you usually do as friends. From there, you can possibly convince her to go on a romantic date with you. If you want to escape the friend zone, you have to let your romantic feelings feel and see. [Read: What girls always notice on a date! ]

However, things usually have to take an intimate turn during the first few dates or it is very likely that it never will be. You may see signs of Friend Zone because she believes that you aren’t brave enough to take things to the next level or that you really aren’t attracted to her. Usually, when a man finds a woman attractive, the attraction lasts normally. Women are different and they seem to stop – unless action is taken.

Be mysterious

Being mysterious is also a great way to get out of a girl’s friend zone. The main reason men are trapped in this dreaded area is the lack of knowledge about attraction. You are probably unable to raise its interest rates and attraction levels.

The foundation of major attraction is mysterious. It is the factor that allows the girl you love to develop a certain kind of interest or imagination towards you. Some experts have revealed that being sentenced to a girl’s friend zone prison appears to be like a life sentence. However, this is not true at all times as there are several men who have landed in this area but still manage to get out.

Have fun and enjoy the company of others

Men shouldn’t put all the eggs in one basket. You can get out of a girl’s friend zone by thinking of unique ways like meeting someone, going out, and working with different social groups or circles. You can even flirt with other girls you meet. Ironically, the more girls you meet the more effective it will be to get out of the friend zone and the more jealous your friend becomes, the better.

To make things progress

All the means mentioned in this article will remain useless if they are not put into action. If you want to get out of a girl’s friend zone, you need to gesture. It’s not just reading and analyzing a survival guide for men. The best thing you can do is make plans and put things in perspective and take action.

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Getting things done is an essential part of accomplishing your primary mission to get out of the friend zone. There is no way the girl will get things done first so that the fulfillment of your desire is in your hands and how you get the job done.

If there’s a girl you’ve made mistakes with before and she considers you a friend, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve lost all hope. If you are in the friendzone, it is obvious that you did not make an early move and she thinks you were too fearful to make the move or that you are not interested in her. Therefore, a third possibility must be planted in his mind. 

When you meet a girl who attracts you, move around and don’t hold back. All you’re going to lose is a friendship and if you’re being honest a new friendship probably wasn’t what you wanted when you first approached her anyway. If you want to date her, go for it. There is a lot to gain and very little to lose.

The next time you’re trying to get out of a girl’s friend zone, use these tips. But never forget that this is only the first step in being able to date the girl.

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