How to gain a girl’s trust without looking desperate about it

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How to gain a girl's trust without looking desperate about it

Are you looking to gain a girl’s trust, but don’t want to spark drama when her defensive arises? Here’s how to gain a girl’s trust.

Trust issues are rife in the dating world! That’s why gaining the trust of a girl you’ve just met can be a challenge. 

Often, girls have trust issues because of their last relationship, their childhood, the way they were treated by loved ones, and a whole host of other reasons.

The girl you start dating may be reluctant to get too close to you, because she might be afraid that you will end up hurting her once she opens her. 

She may really like you, but she may also need some sort of sign that she can trust you. You can’t really blame her for it. 

After all, like any issue worth resolving, it won’t be resolved at the last minute.

So the question remains: how do you make a girl feel comfortable enough with you to trust you?

How to gain a girl’s trust

While two women don’t have exactly the same relationship issues, you can still use these tips to try and help her finally trust you.

# 1 Don’t force her. If the girl tells you that she’s not ready to meet your friends, or take a trip with you, or even have sex with you, whatever the case, don’t pressure her. Putting pressure on her is only likely to make her more resistant to doing the things you want to do with her.

She has limits for good reason. In order to gain her confidence, you have to truly respect those boundaries, and allow her to take risks based on her own comfort level with them.

# 2 Communicate with her. Communicating effectively with the girl can help her realize that you care about her emotional well-being. It will go a long way in helping them feel safe around you.

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If she feels that she can express herself and speak with you in a healthy way whenever she needs to, it shows her that she can open up to you, and thus let her know that she is in good hands. . Of course, you also need to be understanding and responsive to her, in order to show her that you really care. 

# 3 Be patient. While you might want to rush into deeper levels of connection, you might have to wait a while before she’s ready. Sometimes all you can do is just wait, and try not to stir the emotional pot while she gets used to you.

# 4 Spend a lot of time with her. Spending time with her will help her get used to you. Confidence will build up naturally after you spend more time with her and she will realize that you are someone she can feel comfortable with. 

Open up to her, and let her see different sides of you, whether you’re excited or sad or frustrated. 

Showing her your true colors will help her decide if you are worthy of her trust.

# 5 Make her laugh. If you can make her laugh, it will help her leave her alone and make her feel comfortable. 

Laughter goes hand in hand with happiness and comfort, and these are things you want her to associate with your company.

# 6 Ask her what you can do to help her trust you. While it might seem a bit odd at first, asking if there is anything you can do to help them feel comfortable can be helpful. 

For example, some women who have been cheated may feel more comfortable if they can get a glimpse of your social media account or phone every now and then. It tells her you’re different from the jerk who hurt her before.

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# 7 Show her that you care about her. If you can give her nice gifts or make thoughtful gestures whenever you can, it can really help you trust yourself. For example, you can cook her a meal or offer to run some of her errands or just give her flowers every now and then.

Part of the reason she takes so long to trust you is because she’s probably trying to figure out if it’s safe to let her heart pour into you. So if you show her that you care about her, it will be easier for her to say that it is safe to fall in love with you.

# 8 Don’t look at other girls around her . This one is a brainer! If a beautiful woman walks by, it can be extremely difficult sometimes not to give her a look. But if you know that glancing at a pretty stranger will make the girl think you have wandering eyes, it won’t be worth it, right?

# 9 Give her compliments. Compliments go a long way when it comes to boosting a woman’s self-esteem. When you do this for her, you are showing her that you appreciate her, and a woman would be more likely to trust someone who appreciates her presence.

Just remember to keep your compliments sincere to avoid sounding like a flatterer. Genuine compliments on her abilities will be as better than superficial compliments on her looks alone.

# 10 Ask her friends for advice. Chances are, the girl’s friends understand how she works. So why not ask them for advice on how to gain her trust? 

They may have some really specific tips that can help, like how to make her feel loved, what gestures she wouldn’t appreciate, and how to avoid offending her with seemingly innocuous statements.

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Gaining a girl’s confidence without losing a limb can be a handful from time to time. You can probably thank her ex-boyfriend for that. However, if you play your cards right, you will realize that she can get closer and closer to ultimately trust you.

Even if you feel like throwing in the towel sometimes, if you really like the girl, it’s probably worth taking the emotional journey to gain her trust. It could mean facing up when it’s triggered or is defensive, but if you can get through the rough spots, there could be something big waiting on the other side.

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