How to forget a man and stop thinking about him

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Do you want to take your mind off things and stop thinking about him all the time? But how do you forget a man when your story is over for good? 

It can be a tough time to go through, and it will definitely take you some time to move on and stop the pain when you think about him. 

But what are our main techniques for saying goodbye to him so that he does not obsess over your thoughts? 

You will see that little by little, you can quickly forget about it, and think of someone else, or just of you!

Breakups are always a touchy subject, and everyone deals with it in their own way, depending on your story and your feelings. 

However, some methods could still apply to a large number of people in these cases. 

These are quick and easy techniques that could help you in your daily life and allow you to see the light again on the other side of the tunnel.

How to forget a man: the end of a story

You have had a great story together, you have many memories in common, memorable moments spent together. However, for x reason, this story is now over. 

But how can we forget it? 

The important thing to move on is to change the way you see this story. Hold onto the positive from your past. 

You were happy together, and you have many positive memories for you. Remember this time of your life as a happy time, which is over now. 

That doesn’t mean, however, that you will never be able to find happiness again! You will find it in different ways, with other people.

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For this transition to happen naturally, you must allow time to do its work. This process can take a long time. 

You may be going through a period of sadness, and slowly you will take back the course of your life. It is important to get back to your habits, and to try to see life on the bright side.

Don’t hurry, and don’t get upset if you can’t get over it as quickly as you’d like! Without realizing it, you will wake up one morning feeling much better than before. 

The key is to manage to forget it, to continue your life without it and without pain.

How to forget a man: 6 techniques to consider

To get you on your way quickly, these universal techniques can be implemented. You will certainly see a positive change in the way you live your celibacy, and you might even meet new people sooner than you expected! To do this, use the following techniques:

  1. Give him back what is his.
  2. Make a physical change that will help you move forward.
  3. Put aside your common memories.
  4. Go out and meet new people.
  5. Take time for yourself and to find yourself.
  6. Change what you no longer like in your life.
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1. Give him back what is his

Do not keep in your home memories that belong to him, things of his. Sometimes do the hard work of getting all of his or her things together, and anything that might remind you of that person. 

Give him back what is his, whether it’s clothes, furniture, or even letters he might have written to you. If everything is over between you, why keep what is no longer yours?

No matter how much you care about these things, getting rid of them as soon as possible will do you a lot of good. 

Not seeing these everyday things as you could see them before will help you avoid thinking about your ex-partner. 

This transition will be much easier than if you keep all of these memories at home.

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Likewise, get rid of any things that he might have offered you, or that you bought together. 

Anything you can think of about him. Sell ​​them on the internet, or give them away if they are not of great value! 

You can take the opportunity to change your decoration, and start with something new that will do you the greatest good.

In addition to physical matters, if you have any photos or messages that you keep on your phone, delete them as well. 

Once again, you don’t need to keep them! It’s simple, just keep what is yours, and what doesn’t make you think of him. It might take a while, but that way you can turn the page for good.

2. Make a physical change that will help you move forward.

It is well known, it is often said that when you change your hairstyle, you are entering a new stage in your life! 

This change could do you good, and allow you to pass a course which will allow you to embark on a new adventure.

This change can be very subtle, like a haircut as we just said, or a drastic change in look if you want to clearly draw a line on your history from before. 

Take the opportunity to try out styles you’ve always loved but never had the courage to try! These could be styles that your ex-partner didn’t like.

Change your wardrobe, go shopping with a friend to find what looks best on you. 

Change the way you do your hair or make up, anything can give you the impression of being transformed, the better to start again elsewhere.

Those around you might have a strong opinion on these changes, but don’t let that go. 

Do it because it makes you feel good, and because it is a transition with the you from before that you need to move forward. 

It is a ritual that many women go through after a breakup. And the longer the relationship, the more drastic the look changes can be!

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3. How to forget a man: put aside your memories together

This point is more related to our first point, where we advised you to get rid of things that do not belong to you. 

The same goes for memories. First, eliminate any objects, or physical representations of those memories that you might have. 

In addition to that, as we said earlier, try to eliminate photos and what you might keep on your cell phone or computer from your history.

How to forget a man and stop thinking about him-3

However, the work to be done goes even deeper than that. 

To move on, you should not delete these memories from your memory, but manage to classify them. 

Place them in a box, which you can reseal for as long as you need to forget about that person who was dear to you.

If you have any habits in common that remind you of this person, put them aside. You will have to create your own habits, your own memories. 

Did you go to the movies every Tuesday? 

Go there on Thursday, with friends! 

Did he buy you flowers every two weeks? 

Choose them yourself, to please yourself. 

If these memories only hurt you, there is no point in holding them in your mind. This will allow you to know how to overcome a breakup when you still love your partner.

4. Go out and meet new people

When trying to figure out how to forget a man, the answer you often find is to meet new people. If you are not ready for this, it is not always what you need! 

This technique will, however, surely help you move on, or it will allow you to see that there is something else out there, maybe even better if you’re lucky!

To do this, don’t focus on finding a new relationship. Go out more, with your friends, and have fun. 

Allow yourself what you couldn’t do before! 

This will let you see that you can still please, and you can even jump into stories without the hassle.

It will certainly do you good to have a change of scenery and meet new people. You will find that there are other possibilities, and that your life is just starting! 

In addition, without looking for it especially, you could by chance come across a new very beautiful relationship. 

It will definitely help you move on and forget about this man.

5. How to forget a man: take time for yourself and to find yourself

Maybe in your past relationship, you spent a lot of time thinking about the well-being of your relationship. 

You did certain activities to please him, you thought of him and his every wish to stay up to date…

Now it’s over! You can think of yourself again, and you alone!

So, if your desire is to change your hairstyle, then do it. But more than changes, you will need to take the time to find yourself. 

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Who are you without this man? 

How have you evolved over the years? You might be surprised at the new person you have become.

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The best way to find yourself is to spend time alone. You could even take the initiative to go on a solo trip abroad? This experience will teach you a lot about yourself. 

In your daily life, choose what you like, and embark on new activities. You might discover a new passion for yourself, or learn that you don’t like certain things anymore.

Stop being swayed by another person to figure out who you are now. Make your own choices, because they look like you. You will see that you will quickly take pleasure in living your daily life again.

6. Change what you no longer like in your life

This point may be related to finding yourself. As you take the time to rediscover yourself, you may also find that some things need to be changed or changed that they no longer make you happy. 

While these changes may scare you, deep down you probably know that you have nothing more to lose. Nothing is holding you back now, you can go as you wish.

It could be an opportunity to change jobs, or even move to a new city or country if you’ve always wanted to. 

You can start all over again if you wish, and start over on whatever bases you choose!

This transition can also be done on the side of your circle of friends. If someone isn’t doing you good, you don’t have to keep that relationship. 

Surround yourself with people who respect and love you for who you are. 

These changes will allow you to see your life from a new perspective, which will help you forget about your past relationship. It may take a while, but to feel good again these steps are necessary!

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