How to Flirt with a Friend and Turn Her to a Lover

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How to Flirt with a Friend and Turn Her to a Lover

There is nothing wrong with forming a great friendship with a girl, but falling in love with her afterward is a tricky situation. Here are 5 tips on how to flirt with a friend.

Most guys who can’t switch from friendship to love are because they make a fundamental mistake right off the bat: declare your love overnight!

You are going to appear like a monster all of a sudden. (It’s like telling your sister you want to sleep with her). Well far from it because it is very different.

But what I’m trying to make you understand, is that a friend is like a sister and you have certainly noticed this already since she also considers you as her brother.

This has happened to me once before. After a long and grandiose friendship with a girl, I ended up falling in love with her. I still didn’t know anything about the secrets of seduction. I was just determined to show my love to her and I did.

What I did not know is that after so many years of friendship, I had occupied a considerable place in his friendzone . I was his best friend, his confidant. To tell the truth, they were the perfect friendship version.

I had declared my love without really preparing the ground. I just threw that at him, one night, during one of our friendly walks, barricaded on a bait for lack of rain. I still remember the shock she had. A real surprise for her.

Never another girl, to whom I had revealed my love, had had such a shock.

She took her words straight out to me with a gentle voice: “No, you are like a brother to me”; “I think it’s going to ruin our friendship, no! “; “You are my best friend, stop your nonsense!” I don’t like that kind of joke… ”

Being her best friend puts you on both ends. Even though it may not be possible for her to become your girlfriend at first, she nevertheless knows that your romantic relationship will certainly be the best of her life as long as you know each other very well.

It will have to be done gradually, very gradually. The idea is to gradually appear like the guy who wants to date her. You must first get out of the friend zone and then seduce her.

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How to flirt with a friend: 6 tips to go from friendship to love in less than 2 months

1 # Start by being a little tactile with it.

From time to time in the conversation, touch his hand, elbow, hips … as the secret approach of the seductive detective.

As good friends, you often find yourself watching movies together, sitting close to each other on the sofa. Take advantage of these moments to create a serious contact during the film. Establish an atmosphere of love.

Tip: privileged romantic films. She walks a lot to flirt with girls since they transport them to the appropriate universe for the duration of the film. It’s up to you to know how to improvise.

Another idea: we often do it with friends, and the girls love it. Invite her over for dinner, prepare a delicious meal, accompanied by a 1400 wine (I’m kidding). A simple bottle of wine will do.

Since you want to seduce her, you have to be smart. Especially place the dinner around 10 pm. During an evening with friends, we party without limit. Which means she’ll definitely drink without limiting the damage. And you as a good friend, you can’t let her go home in such a state and late at night.

Then offer to sleep at your place, in your bed. “Avoid the phrase like you will sleep on the bed and me on the sofa or on the floor on the floor.” Otherwise you will have done it all for nothing. Make her sleep with you on the bed. You are her friend and she trusts you. So you won’t find a reason to refuse it.

My friend has already invited me to spend the night at her place

Warning: Do not jump on her, she will freak out and not understand anything. Simply, get closer to her at night.

Before sleeping, you can offer her a massage! You find it silly, but massage is a powerful tool. Take the opportunity to tease her during the massage.

Don’t stray from the friendzone. You have to take it slow or she will freak out.

In addition, it will take you a first step.

2 # Talk about sex with her.

Now is the time to talk about sexual matters. She must see you coming. Tease her a bit on it.

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3 # Stop being nice to her …

Friends basically agree with each other. And I bet you are a lot with her for since girls like to be appreciated a lot and to be ok with their choice and the like.

From the moment you decide to seduce your friend, you must learn to contradict her from time to time. You have to express your true thoughts. Tell her what you really think of her. Also learn to say “no” to her.

You have to become the captain of the boat…

4 # Make yourself scarce and don’t always be available.

Of course, don’t skip it completely. You have to make sure she misses you. If you were the one who invites her on outings every time, you have to stop it.

You should no longer be seen as the clingy guy, worse the good buddy who is always there when you need him.

5 # Make her jealous

The best way to make her jealous is to tell her you’re seeing other girls. Have a good time with other girls. Go to the movies, to restaurants, anywhere …

Girls hate seeing another girl grab their good boyfriend.

The best is to find another girl (a very beautiful girl), go out with her, and make sure your friend sees her with her. She will ask you questions later, answer but stay measured. If that is the case. You just made a big blow.

And after ???

After some time and after having put all this in place, she will start to ask herself questions, it has to be. 

Your friendship will inevitably change, that’s the point because you have to turn it all around. Don’t be afraid and keep going!

The seeds have been planted and now she is unconsciously wondering what it would be like to have sex with you. She will not change her mind overnight since she has no interest in passing the course; to the extent that she gets whatever she wants from you without needing that.

Little by little, seeing you with other girlfriends, seeing you assert yourself sexually, she may think that she would be missing out on something just by keeping you as a friend.

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If she is single, and there is apparently no other man who satisfies her sexually, her hormones will work in your favor. Otherwise, I recommend this article:

At first, take your distance a little (see 4th tip) but later, once you have asserted yourself sexually and correctly with her, attack her regularly. That is to say, you must not “prepare” her for another guy!

Final tips:

Know that it is very difficult to fall in love with a girl who considers you a true friend, but it is still possible. It is done over time, it will take long weeks for her feelings and the image of friend she has of you to evolve. 

So forget about love letters and grand declarations overnight! The change of course should be done slowly, one step forward and then another.

Stay in control and analyze their behavior every time. Don’t give up, little by little you can turn the tide!

Finally, do not go back, once you get started in your sexual affirmation towards her, keep going! You don’t have to take one step forward, two steps back when you want to know how to flirt with a friend.

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