How to flirt on a dating site? Our seduction tips for easy dating

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To get good results on a dating site, it is important to know what behavior to adopt towards other users. 

Once your serious site has been selected, it’s your turn (do not hesitate and read our article on the best serious dating sites ). 

First capital point: Demanding singles do not have the same selection criteria as more fickle singles… you must therefore learn to flirt with them.

We offer you our tips and techniques for flirting in order to obtain maximum results, as well as a list of mistakes not to make

If you follow our recommendations, it will not be long before you make great people on this site

Flirting on a dating site: the right techniques for maximum results

To make quality meetings on a dating site, the platform must be as serious as it is efficient, and it is essential that you get involved in this love quest.

There are some dating sites that are best suited for seniors.

These sites have a large community of users motivated to meet new people, original and effective features and it is perfectly suited to the needs of those over 50.

flirt on a dating site

The second point asks you to make some efforts, to stand out and put the odds in your favor. 

With appropriate behavior and the seduction advice we give you above, you will quickly become one of the most coveted singles on the site.

It’s your turn !

5 flirting tips to become an outstanding seducer

For some members, dating online takes a bit of practice. 

These are serious sites where members have specific expectations and they don’t want to waste their time. 

Suddenly, they will be intransigent. Here are some techniques of seduction that will be decisive for obtaining good results.

The importance of your profile photos

Even if the physique is not necessarily the most important element in the eyes of serious singles, it is nevertheless not negligible. 

It will be necessary to take care to choose the photos which put you the most in value, without cheating (with old photos for example!)

And to show elegance on these.

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Serious members like members who take care of themselves and it would be fashionable to choose photos in which you are smiling, smartly dressed and well-groomed.

This is part of the Sine Qua Non conditions for a quality profile.

A striking pseudonym

Male or female, the pseudonym you choose when registering on the site will follow you throughout your adventure on the site. Do not decide in a hurry!

It must be striking, so that your interlocutors remember it, but it must above all talk about you  ! Be original (no jean-luc23, no beausenior44), and bet on a nickname combining your passions and / or your character.

Ericamourdouxbelleâmesolovoyage & love … Be evocative and mysterious, to seduce as soon as you read your nickname!

A well-written description

The profile announcement is an essential element, since it allows you to expose your desires, your expectations and your main character traits. To put it simply, this is where you will sell yourself!

It is therefore very important to write it carefully: here are our tips for a successful profile description.

After taking a look at a member’s photos and nickname, it’s good to read their profile description that you decide to start the conversation or not!

An effective first message to hook

To seduce online, you need to be able to initiate conversations with the members that interest you. 

If the site gives you all the options you need to do so, it’s up to you to break the ice with a bachelor who appeals to you, with a first post that arouses curiosity.

We receive many requests on the sites and there comes a time when we have to make choices. 

Very often, members who have taken the trouble to write a personalized and detailed message will get responses.

Find out which catchphrases work the most on dating sites!

Rigor and fun

Online seduction requires rigor and you will have to be careful to write pretty messages, to respond quickly to the messages you receive and to follow up on likes as soon as possible if they interest you.

Serious sites are successful and casually, the competition is indeed present. Discussions should not be delayed because this could be considered as a lack of motivation and involvement.

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Do you want to meet beautiful people? Be responsive  ! It will also be necessary to learn to lead a discussion with rhythm, fun, varied subjects and all the respect that one expects from a discussion between adults!

Put these tips into practice now by registering on the site that suits you best!

Now, let’s see the mistakes that could cost you dearly on dating sites!

Flirting Online: 5 Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make

As we have said, demanding singles often have experience in love behind them and will therefore be quite harsh, compared to those they still tolerate and to what they no longer support. 

Here are 5 things that could ruin your previous seduction efforts.

Inappropriate speech

The members seek to build a serious relationship. 

If you casually show up saying that you don’t quite know what you’re doing here, that you are sailing on sight or worse, that you are not against a purely carnal relationship, you risk having an extremely low response rate!


Above all, don’t be rude. Whether in your speech, or in case of refusal/disagreement / or when a late response to come, you should never be aggressive

On the one hand, you will ruin all your chances with the insulted person, on the other hand you could be flagged for moderation and maybe banned…

It would be a shame!

Talk about sex

As important as it is, this subject should not come to the fore before many discussions, or even never be brought up before the actual meetings. 

A woman will say to herself that her interlocutor thinks only of That when receiving a message about sexual practices.

Make mistakes in your messages

If elegance is the order of the day for your profile photos, so are your messages. 

We do not ask you to write poetry in each exchange but simply to take care of your writing (by banning the SMS language!)

And to check that your text does not contain spelling errors.

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It is attention that discerning singles value.

Rush the discussion

Everyone wants to meet quickly, but that does not mean that they should rush the other, by harassing them with questions or by talking to them about plans and marriage. 

Leave the feeling, and you will see that the discussion will follow its rhythm.

By putting pressure on the other, you could appear to be a con artist, as heavy insistence could arouse suspicion! 

Even on very secure sites, members will believe it is a scam and will not act on it. 

As a result, vigilance remains present among some members who will cut short the conversation at the slightest doubt!

Dating and Seduction on the sites, for what results?

If you know how to flirt on a dating site, you can be sure that you will come into contact with a lot of singles. 

The response rate is very high if you know how to do it and if you choose your site well. 

You can easily meet people everywhere in the United States.

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