How to become a better seducer using the role of a model?

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How to become a better seducer using the role of a model?

Do you dream of becoming a chick magnet who can get all the women he wants no matter where he goes? Find out how to become a better seducer using the role of a model.

Knowing how to be a better seducer can be the difference between a chick magnet and a guy who is always overlooked.

But becoming a better man, especially when it comes to wooing women, isn’t easy.

You try hard, work on your social skills, and women always seem to choose someone other than you.

Has this ever happened to you?

Poets and writers throughout the ages have tried to understand women so that people like you and me can easily seduce them, but to no avail.

And to think about it always on the day, maybe is what we love about women so much.

Add to the complicated list, with a pretty face, good assets, a cheerful voice, a sexy laugh, and a little more and you have the idea of ​​the perfect woman.

How to become a better seducer

Here is the confusion that most men face. You may think that you have a great personality and a lot of humor and pizzazz, but still, there is obviously something missing. Or why aren’t you mobbed by women all the time?

Thomas Jefferson had mentioned something along the lines of “… all men are created equal…” along with other intellectually accented, tall people and all that, but is that really the case? 

Are we all equal, at least when it comes to meeting women?

We may have come a long way since the Declaration of Independence, but these days not all men are created equal. They are simply a part of the food chain.

Men at all levels want to be first in everything they do. But how do we know where the top is? The important guy, the Alpha guy!

The alpha male of relationships

All men want to be the alpha male who gets all women, but getting there without having to experiment is difficult. So the next best thing most men do is try to fit into the mold of the idea of ​​the perfect man.

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A guy with a sense of humor, pretty decent looks for a guy who is average looking for himself, a god of sex. 

A guy who has a good job, a nice car, and the like. But, there are a lot of men in this league and the women want a little more! 

So, to position yourself directly at the top of the food chain, you need to become someone else who is even better than you. For starters, women don’t necessarily like a stereotype when it comes to men. 

Women love different types of men, who stand out from the crowd like a shining penny.

Become a better man with the role of a model

What is a model? Well, obviously put, he’s this guy who can do things you can’t dream of doing in all of your nine lifetimes! I remember a year ago I was in a movie theater watching Jerry Maguire . 

And then there was that part that I will never forget for the rest of my life. The part where Tom Cruise walks over to Renée Zellweger, and tells her with his big watery eyes that she… completes him!

Aah! In an instant the room was engulfed by a watery salty sea breeze and all I could hear around me was sniffs and muffs. 

The tissue wipes were removed from the delicate lady’s bags all around me and the colorful faces were rubbed and wiped off. And there I was in the middle of an emotional crisis. 

And that’s when I imagined myself running to the movie screen with my pants unzipped, screaming “what’s wrong with me that I haven’t had?” “

But I did not do it. Let’s face it, any guy who can bring women all over the world and who will gush all the way into creating new salt lakes to be a great guy. I wanted to be him. At that moment, I knew. Jerry Maguire was a “fucked up model”

Jerry Maguire might have had his faults, but he was a man who knew how to charm women and everyone else around him. If I could get some advice from him, I could become someone like him. 

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Select your model

Choosing a model is not easy. It’s not like looking at a pretty girl and falling for her. Your model has to lead your life, or at least something along the same lines. You can’t really be a corporate geek and have Kurt Cobain as a role model. 

Then you should only be scary.

If you want to know how to be a better man using a role model, pick someone you can watch, and make sure they live the life you aspire to have, at least one way or the other. 

Donald Trump , Richard Branson , and the late Steve Jobs are really cool guys in the corporate world.

When it comes to wooing women and looking slick at the same time, we’ve got great guys like George Clooney , Hugh Jackman , Will Smith and a lot more. 

Do you see someone you love? 

You want to know someone who will be your role model when you watch a movie or an interview and instantly, without really realizing it, you say, “I wish I was that guy!” “

The more models you have, the better you can become

Now you don’t really have to be picky. Be greedy and accumulate as many models as you want. To each his own model. I have several models too.

Every character in the world or in the movies has something that’s nice and something that maybe not-so-nice. Make that the perfect character you want to be, and try to be that person. 

Want to be a cool player like Daniel Ocean in the Ocean series, a tough ball like Edward Lewis in Pretty Woman, and a slick tough guy like Detective Mike Lowrey in Bad Boys II? 

Well, you can be all of it. It’s better to have multiple models.

Why should you have models?

Let’s face it, you can read a lot of self improvement books, but can they all really help you? The facts may be informative, but your ego may never let you admit sucking you when it comes to impressing women. 

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If you want to know how to be a better man, you have to take risks and learn from others. And what could be better than learning from someone who inspires you, be it a fictional character or a real-life hero.

It’s easier to watch and learn from an inspiration, and be a better man yourself. It is never easy to find your own faults. 

And it’s frustrating every time you hear a girl say something like, “I’m sorry, I can’t feel that spark with you!”

It might seem even worse because you would never be able to find your flaws on your own, either because you think you are already perfect or because you are too thick to see that you are not so perfect after all. So, just fine-tune yourself to be someone you know that all women would kill for having it.

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