How To Attract Women Without Talking To Them: 12 Silent Moves To Impress

Posted by John Anumba
How To Attract Women Without Talking To Them 12 Silent Moves To Impress

It’s easy to impress a girl with words, but if you know how to attract women without talking to them, it’s an art form worth mastering!

So many men focus too much on the front lines which is a bad idea. Of course, having a good line is not a bad idea. 

However, this line is not going to take you far. You forgot the body language! So, I’m going to teach you how to attract women without talking to them.

You are probably thinking, “Oh good, body language. Yeah, don’t forget that since that’s where the real communication happens. If you know the importance of body language and the right way to attract women without speaking, drop the lines and focus on non-verbal communication.

How to attract women without speaking

Has a woman ever walked into a room and looked at you for a few seconds? You’ve probably felt a rush going up your spine. Well, it wasn’t because she said she wanted to sleep with you. 

But her eyes said it all. So, you already know the importance of non-verbal communication. It’s just that you don’t pay attention.

Now, it’s time for you to reconnect with yourself and see what appeals to women. And it doesn’t have much to do with the words you use. Here’s what you need to learn when it comes to knowing how to attract women without talking to them.

# 1 It’s all about the eyes. 

Eye contact is one of the greatest non-verbal communications between people. You see everything you need to see in a person just by looking at their eyes.

Her gaze tells you if she interests you or not. Your eye contact shows her whether you like her or not. Eye contact also shows your level of confidence. So if you really want her, make eye contact. 

# 2 Pay attention to your appearance. 

I don’t mean people judge, but I’m not going to lie to you either. People judge others based on their appearance. Now, you don’t have to look like a prince, but you need to make sure that your basic hygiene practices are covered. 

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Wear clean clothes, take a shower, cut your hair and your nails, you know, look presentable. 

# 3 Confident body language. 

If you walk into a room with your shoulders hunched over and your hands in your pockets, you’re not giving off the right body language. 

What do you want to show people? 

How do you want them to feel about you? 

If you want them to see you as a confident man, play the part. Shoulders back, hands by your side and head held high. Come on, man, you can do it.

# 4 Your friends. 

You don’t have to use your friends, that’s not what I’m saying. Your friends are certainly helping you with your self-image. 

Chat with them, joke with them. In other words, have a great time with your friends. If a woman is interested in you, she observes how you interact with your friends. It’s the best way to see what kind of guy you are.

# 5 Non-verbal joke. 

Tease a woman without saying a word to her. If she’s on the other side of the room, shoot her a facial expression or hand gesture. Remember, non-verbal communication is huge, so maximize it as much as you can.

It’s a great way to get the vibrations between you and her without words. Then when you approach her, you already have something to say. 

# 6 Your energy.

The energy and vibrations that you send out are extremely important. It is also linked to your confidence. If you pout around the corner, your energy isn’t something that a lot of people want to be around. Now you don’t have to be the life of the party but just show up at the bar in a crappy vibe.

# 7 Your social interactions

I know it sounds superficial, but having beautiful women around is not a bad idea if you want to attract other women. It makes you desirable which is the goal you should have. If you want a woman to want you, pretend every woman wants a piece of you.

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# 8 Show off your pearly whites. 

Smile, man! Women love a man who smiles. A smile is one of the most important characteristics that women look for in a man. A smile poses the initial guard of the women as they are approached and that is what is attractive. You look friendly, you look hot, and you look really happy. But here’s the thing, you should really smile like you mean it.

# 9 Lean into her while talking. 

Now you don’t want to show too much interest by leaning over them right away. But halfway through the conversation, lean over to her, showing her that you’re interested.

If you lean in for the whole conversation, it shows that you are not fully invested in the conversation, which is the opposite of what you want. However, don’t lean down right away, go slowly into the inclination.

# 10 Show your best you]. 

If you want to attract a woman, show yourself good because if you don’t think women are looking, you are wrong. Although they cannot look at you directly, they do look at you. So when you want to attract a woman, show your best side because, trust me, they notice.

# 11 Your body. 

It’s not about tablets, it’s about self-care. Women are always drawn to men who want to take care of and love themselves. That’s what it really shows. It’s not about the abs, but how a man values ​​himself. So, you don’t have to hit the gym for hours a day, but women are automatically drawn to men who take care of their bodies. [Read: The 12 Benefits of Exercise on Your Mind, Body & Libido]

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# 12 Your shared interests. 

You aren’t going to find out all of her interests without talking to her, but if you go to the bar where she is, you already know something that she likes. Or if it’s at a gig, then you already know she’s part of that group. Attract women to you simply by being in the same place as them. It’s always nice to see someone enjoy the same things you do.[Read: 20 moves to be super lucky with women all the time]

Now that you know how to attract women without talking, give it a try. See how you communicate with your body language. It’s probably louder than your words!

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