How to ask a girl out without being awkward

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There are many ways you can ask a girl out and she would not only turn you down but never wants to have anything to do with you again, especially if the way you asked her out seems awkward.

For you not to seem like an awkward guy when you ask her out, you need to have broken the barrier between you both and get her to be comfortable around you. It starts with being her friend, someone she is acquainted with, and someone she likes.

If you are able to get her to be comfortable around you and take it to the next step of getting her to enjoy your company, asking her out on a date can never seem weird or awkward.

Below are a few steps to elaborate on these ideas. Read and ponder on them because there are no specific channels to getting a girl to be interested in you. 

All you have to do is find a mix of what works for you in order to get to be interested in your kind of person.

How To Deal With Awkward Feeling With A Girl You Like

First, be her friend

Truth be told, it is not easy getting a girl you just met to go out with you unless you are a master at this game and slick with making a sexy first impression with ladies.

Unless you are that good, you have to first try to get yourself into her circle of friends but not too deep in order not to get stuck in the friendzone.

Once she is comfortable enough to call you a guy she knows, asking her out on a date becomes less awkward.

Learn to make her laugh

Have you noticed that funny guys have a way of breaking off the ice with new acquaintances, especially when it has to do with the ladies?

I bet you have.

For the girl you like, finding a way to make her laugh will surely make her really comfortable around you. In fact, she would always want to be around you because you make her brain release the “feel good” hormone anytime she is around you.

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At a point, she might even find you addictive because you might be the only person making her feel happy.

Getting her to go out on a date with you will surely be easy at this stage.

I know someone might say “I am not a funny guy.”

Well, there are ways you can go about it but it is easier if you just be yourself.  You don’t have to force yourself into the act or be a clown because you are trying to impress a lady – unless she is into that kind of sh*t.

Being as natural as you can around her and speaking from your heart can get her to start noticing your sense of humor. You can also learn from youtube videos.

There are tutorials on that topic like this one below.

Find out more about her

Information is power and the same goes for getting a woman to be interested in you.

I am not saying you should stalk a woman in order to get her to go out with you; there are subtle ways to find out about someone that doesn’t seem like you are investigating them or digging into their past.

The information you need is just the ones that can help you learn how to impress the girl and increase your chances of her digging you.

Take, for instance, if she is into paintings, you can offer to learn if she is willing to teach you. 

You get to spend time with her and thereby increase your chance of getting her to be your girl.

The aspect of information is wide but the more you know about a lady increases your chances of being able to impress her.

You can try text messaging

In my post about how to ask a girl on a date with text without being weird, I listed some tricks you can use. Text messages are easier to use if you haven’t mustered enough guts to walk up to her and ask for a date.

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It is important you learn how to use text messages the right way or you might just come out as being too awkward for her liking.

The post should help you in that aspect.

Try not to get stuck in the friend zone

When you trying all these techniques, ensure you don’t get stuck in the friendzone. If you let yourself get carried away because you want to continue spending time with her just as friends, you might have your date request turned down because it doesn’t feel right.

When a girl starts seeing you as a friend she can liken to a brother, any romantic moves are seen as awkward and turned down. Try to find a balance between spending time with her and getting her to be your girl.

Let her know of your intentions early on so as not to be the bestie; this is not a place you want to be.

Be the bad guy

Nice guys finish last and it is same with getting the girls.

If you choose to be the nice guy, she can always hang out with you because you are safe, you might be surprised to see her making out with the bad guys you think will hurt her.

Yes, you might be right, the bad guy might hurt her but I don’t think she cares at that moment and it still doesn’t matter because you lost out.

Be the bad guy that tickles her fancy but most importantly, make your intentions known early on or you might lose out completely.

Bad guys always win.

Don’t let romantic Hollywood movies deceive you. Nice guys finish last.

And if Nothing Works

I can assure you that something has to work unless you are simply not her type of guy or she thinks it’s best you both remain just friends for personal reasons.

It is also possible she is still in love with her boyfriend and would not want to cheat or give someone else a try. 

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In that case, you have to respect her feelings and position on the matter. You wouldn’t want some other guy hitting on your girl if she is in love with you.

But when that is not the case, then it is possible to get her to go out with you – all you have to do is get as much information about her as you can.

Most times, having an idea of someone’s background can give you an insight into acts that can resonate with this person. Being the kind of guy she would want to date will make it easy for her to go out with you.

There are more on that section but we will look at it in future posts.

Let me know what you think in the comment box. I would love to answer your questions.

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