Cute ways to ask a girl out over text without being weird

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How to ask a girl out over text without being weird

How to ask a girl/crush out over text and not be weird or awkward about it

It is very possible to ask a girl out through text without being weird and you can be cute about it. It doesn’t matter if she is your crush or someone you have known for a while. All you have to do is find common ground between both of you, things you have in common, love doing, and things you share knowingly or unknowingly.

Finding a middle ground between both of you makes it easy to get over her defenses and you don’t come out as being weird or awkward.

As long as it is something that she can relate to and probably enjoy, she’s sure to see your text as normal and decide whether to go out with you or not.

But if you’re unable to find the common ground between both of you, then it’s probably best you tell her yourself in person but yet asking a girl out for the first time it’s best if you find something you both enjoy.

You will probably make a good first impression on her if you both engage in something you both enjoy doing.

This post is about finding a way to ask a girl out over text message and the couple of ways you can go about it and we’ll be looking at them in this post.

Different Text Format You Can Use To Ask A Girl Out 

The formats will be looking at you will see that we are able to find a middle ground that can be used as a bridge to deal with the unfamiliarity between you both.

Finding a middle ground helps deal with the awkwardness so the girl doesn’t see you as being weird.

Remember, asking a girl out over text works best for a friend or crush you have contact with on a daily basis and not someone you are admiring from a distance.

She must have given you her number and also have yours so your text doesn’t seem like one coming from a stalker.

If you get the point, then let’s proceed.

Going to her favorite bar or restaurant

There are cute ways of asking a girl out over text. One of them is by texting her from her favorite bar or restaurant asking her if she wants something since she’s busy. Let her know you wouldn’t mind bringing it to her place.

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This method works best for a crush that you have had contact with and not someone you are admiring from a distance.

I understand that the main aim is to ask her to go out with you but if she’s really interested and loves her favorite spot that much, she might decide to meet you there and you would have gotten your first date with your text message.

Offering to connect her to acquaintances she needs

If she is located at a place you know a few good people that might be of use to her, you can send her a text offering to introduce her to these people at a nearby bar or restaurant.

This is another fine idea in bridging the gap between both of you and going about it in a way that does not make you seem weird.

Remember it’s about finding a middle ground between both of you and getting her to meet you at a nice location to meet these acquaintances. This will surely break the ice between both of you.

Maybe she’ll be glad to help you

 If you know an activity your crush loves partaking in, you can invite her over to come help you out with tutorials on how to go about it.

It could be anything from choosing the right wallpaper for your home to solving school assignments. Whatever the case might be, just find something she enjoys doing a lot, and with your text message, request assistance from her.

 You might be surprised to see her rushing off to your place just to have a good time with you and partake in something she enjoys doing.

Offer to help de-stress after a long day

You can be cute about your approach by offering to be a good company to your crush.

Everyone loves should destress after having a busy day and if you understand that she’s a busy person, it is okay to offer to have a few drinks with her after her busy schedules.

However,  this technique should be used through text messages if she is someone you’ve known for a while.  Offering to take someone you just met out to have a few drinks might come out as weird.

She must have a favorite star or band 

Every girl must have a favorite star or band group she would love to see whenever they are on tour to the state she is located in.

 I am very sure that if you send her a text message that you’ve got a ticket for 2 to a show her favorite band or artist is playing in,  she will jump at the offer and you would have had your first date that I believe she will enjoy.

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The much-anticipated movie premier

If she is into movies and will love to watch a much-anticipated movie on the release date at the cinema, I am very sure that if you lay your hands on two tickets, a text message should be enough for her to call you right back.

It’s important that you find out if she is into movies or obviously you overheard her talking about how she would love to watch that movie and how she can’t wait for the premier.

Give her something to think about

 You can send her a text message of a personal experience that she might be interested in, but the trick is to make the story short enough to catch her interest.

Then you offer to give her the full gist if she would agree to meet in person at a nice location you know she would love.

This text messaging technique works well with an acquaintance but not with someone you are just getting to meet unless you were really funny enough to have broken the ice on your first few meetings.

If she doesn’t have a good sense of humor, this method might not work but I believe everyone loves to hear a good story over a few drinks.

What If She Says No

Have it in mind that the aim here is to ask her out and not come out as weird or awkward. You don’t expect every advance to be perfect and responses to be positive especially when it has to do with ladies.

It is expected most of the time to be rejected by a lady but that doesn’t mean you should feel bad or give up.

You have succeeded in getting her attention and still maintain your integrity as a wonderful guy trying to politely ask a girl on a date.

Text messages are easier if you are unable to get over the lack of confidence in asking her out in person.

Some ladies might turn you down because they are genuinely indisposed.

Some might offer to go out with you another time.

Some might just not be interested and will need a little persuasion.

Others might want you to ask them out in person -such ladies don’t appreciate text messages as a means of asking them out.

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It all depends on the girl and the condition around her. That said, persuasion is an important factor that always works if you are to get a girl to go out with you on a date.

It doesn’t mean you should keep pestering her or you might force her to go for a restraining order.

They’re funny and dynamic ways to go about it. All you have to do is learn more about her, what she likes and doesn’t like. 

You might arm yourself with a few more tips on how to go about it again.

Coming back to your text message, if she replies to your text message and turns you down, there are a few tips in replying to such messages so it feels right.

You can text her that it is okay, her beauty was irresistible and you couldn’t help but give it a try. A lady has got to appreciate a man that knows what he wants, appreciates, and goes after it.

Even if it doesn’t work out, your crush will still respect your desire. Who knows, the next time you ask she might just say yes.

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