How does a man show his feelings: the way he declares his love to you

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We all show our feelings in different ways. While this is the beauty of romantic relationships, when you don’t know someone, it can be hard to decipher their feelings without a manual! 

Especially in people of the opposite sex, who often don’t function as we might be used to. 

So that you don’t leave you looking for answers, we’ve made a top 10 sign of how a man shows his feelings. 

If he uses some of these signs in your presence, it is certainly because he has some interest in you! 

Her love might be more important than you might imagine.

How does a man show his feelings towards a woman?

Sometimes men can use surprising techniques to declare their love for you. 

Without them realizing it, they can also send you signs that do not deceive. 

A physical rapprochement, endless exchanges …

All this could denote the interest that a man has in you.

Do you want to know what he thinks of you before taking the first step? 

You don’t want to risk yet another disappointment by going too fast? 

We show you that it is not that complicated to understand men!

How does a man show his feelings
  1. He is very considerate and takes care of you.
  2. He is interested in your life, in your feelings.
  3. This man wants to see you as often as possible.
  4. He tells his friends and family about you.
  5. It evokes future projects, which include you.
  6. This man is trying to make physical connections.
  7. He seems to look at you a lot.
  8. You two chat for long hours.
  9. He says with humor what he dares not ask you.
  10. He seeks to know your availability.

How a man shows his feelings: he is interested in your life, your feelings

A man who is interested in you will be very considerate of you. He’ll pay attention to what you may be feeling, and if you’re sad, he’ll do anything to cheer you up. 

Her ultimate goal will be for you to stay happy at all times. 

In addition to paying attention to your emotions, it could also protect you in a more practical way, against being teased in your group of friends, or even to protect you from the rain if you are not wearing the right clothes. 

This servant knight will have all kinds of attention for you, which he does not have for the other women around him. 

He will want to protect you, to put you to safety.

In addition to that, he will listen to you, and you can use his listening ear to confide in you. 

You can tell him anything that crosses your mind, and he will be able to reassure you or help you make the right decisions. 

If you tell him about yourself, he will preciously remember the information you give him. 

These little details will help him understand you better. 

You will quickly realize that he cares about you, that you interest him, and that he gets to know you better than anyone. 

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It’s a safe bet that he feels more than friendship towards you!

He is very considerate and he takes care of you

In addition to being interested in your life and your feelings, he will also be particularly considerate of you. 

For example, he will make sure to let you go into the stores first, to hold the door for you when you need to. 

He might even be very considerate and offer you flowers, or have other delicate attention towards you. 

You will be a person for him that he will have to protect. He will hear from you, and help you if you have the slightest need. 

While this doesn’t apply to all men, it’s usually a good way to find out that she likes you.

If you want to speed up his feelings, why not find out how to miss a man? It is sometimes very simple!

How does a man show his feelings: the way he declares his love to you-2

He wants to see you as often as possible

Someone who likes you will want to see you as soon as possible. Even if it is a quick meeting, for no particular reason, any occasion will be good to meet you. 

This will allow him to benefit from your presence, and what you give off. If he has strong feelings, he could very quickly not do without you! 

Although everyone must maintain their independence, they may invite you to the movies or to dinner more often than usual.

In addition to that, he will certainly organize dates where you will be the only invited guest. He might even suggest that you come to his place, the perfect place to confide in you.

How a man shows his feelings: he tells his friends and family about you

When you’re genuinely interested in someone, they’ll undoubtedly bring up the topic with a loved one. It could be a friend, or even a family member. 

He will need to confide, to express what he feels about you, and to have the opinion of his relatives about you. 

This man might even invite you to a dinner party with his friends, so they can take the time to get to know you! 

When you want to introduce a friend to your loved ones, it’s because the story goes deeper than you think.

If you want to know more, why not bring it up with your friends? Some might tell you the bottom of his thoughts. 

Perhaps this is your opportunity to investigate too! 

And if his family or friends seem to know you already, then this man couldn’t help but praise you up, which is a very good sign regarding his feelings!

It evokes future projects that include you

When the two of you talk, he can talk about his future, where he sees himself in a few years. 

The city where he will be, his job, his activities. He could slip in remarks about you like “we will have a drink here”, or “we could go on vacation there” or “you will have finished your studies”. 

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These allusions to you should make it clear to you that this person includes you in their future. 

Without directly saying that he imagines you at his side, he lets all the less imply that he imagines you still being part of his life.

It definitely means that he cares about you, and that he doesn’t want to lose you. In his mind, he may already see you living together in the future! 

Show him that you also include him in this future, and he might be able to open up more about this subject.

How does a man show his feelings: the way he declares his love to you-3

He tries to make physical connections with you

Since you see each other, you have the impression that you do not react like “real” friends. 

Instead of running away from physical connections, on the contrary, he seems to try to provoke them. 

He shows up closer than a friend, and your goodbyes may last longer than you’re used to. 

It is certainly a way to show you how he feels for you, by trying a physical approach.

Between some people, it can even be chemical, and the meeting is very difficult to avoid! Anything can be used to get in touch with you. 

Your hands crossing, helping you pick up an object, or directing you in a specific direction. 

He can be close to you when you are waiting, or when you need to sit next to him. Maybe the next step will be to try to kiss each other!

How a man shows his feelings: he looks at you more often than usual

Her gaze shouldn’t fool you as well. A man who is attracted to a woman often finds it difficult to look away from the latter. 

He is as if hypnotized in her presence, he accompanies her every move, and seems to know her by heart. 

To prove this to you, he will certainly remember your outfit on past dates, or your hairstyle. This is one of the physical signs of a man in love. 

If you can’t figure it out, your friends might do it for you. It will be much easier for them to notice that a person is not taking their eyes off you!

In addition, it will be possible to read what he thinks of you in his eyes. If he loves you, that’s for sure, he doesn’t look at you like other women! 

Pay attention to this, you might see the sparkle shining in his gaze when he talks to you.

You two chat for long hours

When you are close to a person, it is common to wish to share everything with them. 

While you can’t be together all the time, you can definitely send messages to keep in touch. A man who has feelings for you will be the first to text you. 

He’ll get back to you quickly, and he might even jumpstart conversations. He will talk to you about everything and nothing, the smallest detail can be discussed, just to talk to you. 

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These exchanges will help you keep a bond, they might even help you get closer.

It is often through interposed conversations that great stories begin, why not yours?

How does a man show his feelings: the way he declares his love to you-4

He says with humor what he dares not ask you

Some men can use their humor to seduce you. They could also use this technique to throw questions or empty messages, and thus test your reaction. It might let them know what your thoughts are, without asking you the question clearly. 

If he uses humor many times, or if he seems uncomfortable about certain subjects that he is making fun of, it is probably because he is afraid to tell you his feelings to you. respect. 

Help him by expressing what you are feeling in turn, he will no longer be able to shy away!

How a man shows his feelings: he seeks to know your availability

If his feelings for you are real, then he will want to make sure that you are single and available. 

He will try to find out if you are ready to start a love affair, or if you need more time for different reasons. 

This man will want to know if you imagine yourself in a relationship, and what your desires would be if so. 

He will try to find out if you are dating other men, or if you could choose a story with someone else. In a nutshell, it will make sure you know if you are available and open to a relationship. 

He will want to put all this information on his side before making his offer to you.

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