How do you respond to arrogant people?

Posted by John Anumba

If you don’t understand what it means to be arrogant and why people behave this way, it might be difficult for you to know how to handle them and respond to their rude statements.

This is why it is necessary to first understand the underlying reasons and causes why someone can be arrogant.

If you have a deep understanding of how the mind of an arrogant person works, it becomes easy for you to know and identify their insecurities.

Arrogant people are not that difficult to handle if you get to know them.

They might seem mean and rude and make you feel like you are nothing but you have to understand that though they appear powerful and important, deep down inside they have this constant fear of not being recognized and not being the center of attraction.

A person like this has so many subconscious desires that he might or might not be aware of.

If you understand these desires, it becomes easy to know how to respond to them, call them to order, and even control them.

Best Ways To Respond To Arrogant People

Get to know yourself better 

One sure way of dealing with an arrogant person is by first getting to know yourself better.

It’s important to work on your self-esteem, grow your confidence and know your ability. The moment you are aware of how powerful you are as a person and your ability to achieve greater things, it becomes easy to resist an arrogant person.

It doesn’t matter how they treat the people around you or the trick they pull to make you do what they want, so far you know what you want for yourself, you can always stand your ground

Show empathy 

To be able to respond properly to an arrogant person, it’s important you get to know why they behave this way.

Arrogant people are living in an unending fear of being taken away from the center stage. The fact that you understand this fear and know why they behave this way. it will enable you to show empathy rather than feel angry about how they behave.

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I feel they deserve to be pitied because people like this are always scared of losing their shine.

Try to know their secrets 

Another method of disarming an arrogant person is to help yourself with their secrets. The moment you know something he or she doesn’t want to make public, you have armed yourself against them and if they realize you have their secrets, they will give you your space and accord you the respect you deserve.

Learn to be patient and tolerant 

If you have an arrogant person as a boss, the only way you can work with this person is to be patient and tolerant.

Learning more about arrogant people can help you know how to avoid them and deal with conflicts before they arise. 

Arrogant people can be very annoying and repulsive in character, which is why it is necessary to find safer ways to work with them most especially if they’re your team leader, supervisor, or boss.

You need your job to pay your bills.

Patience is the only way you can retain that job, at least until you get something better or get promoted to an office where he or she has little or no power over you.

Until then, remember the first rule of power:

“Do not outshine the master”

They live for the shine and would do anything to remain there.

Find smart ways to change subjects 

Arrogant people are known to brag about their abilities before their friends and colleagues.

It is always about them and no one else. If you find yourself in a situation where you can’t leave or walk out of a discussion, you should find smarter ways to change the subject, or else you will have to deal with an arrogant person talking about himself or herself all day long.

Keep your distance where necessary 

To avoid confrontation it is important to keep your distance where necessary. Arrogant people will always find a way to get on your nerves.

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They are repulsive and do not respect other people’s space and emotions. If you find yourself in a situation where confrontation is imminent, keeping your distance is the wisest choice to make.

Continue to show confidence 

Though it might be annoying to an arrogant person when you continue to show confidence and prove they can’t control you. Because they love taking the center stage doesn’t mean you should become a lesser version of yourself.

If you find yourself in a work setting or community where you have to constantly deal with an arrogant person, it’s important you continue to show confidence. 

This way he or she is unable to put you down or make you feel less of yourself. The ability to show confidence means that they might constantly feel threatened by you. That shouldn’t deter you and make you become a lesser version of yourself because you need your confidence to be able to withstand arrogant people.

Win with action rather than argument

If you have been singled out by an arrogant person due to your confidence and your ability to stand up to them, they will always look for a way to have confrontations with you. 

The aim is to silence you or get you to fall in line. When you’re faced with a situation where confrontation is obvious or imminent, you should learn to win with actions rather than with arguments.

It is important that you are able to prove yourself. You should never let an arrogant person make you feel less effective.

Call attention to their arrogance 

Sometimes arrogant people are not aware of how repulsive they are and how bad they make people around them feel. 

It’s important that you call them to order when this happens or else they might not stop because they don’t know when to. 

Sometimes, all an arrogant person needs is a little reminder that they are going overboard with their attitudes. Calling them to order helps draw boundaries because most times it is necessary to put your foot down about your standards and boundaries or else they will keep pushing you.

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Arrogant people don’t know how to stop until everyone around them has been subdued.

Know when to shut them up

Sometimes, with  an arrogant person, the only solution to dealing with them is to shut them up if and when you can. Find safer ways to cut them off 

when they try to cross boundaries.

In extreme cases, cut them off entirely especially when they don’t know how to stop and if they keep interrupting other people.

This is necessary for meeting scenarios when an arrogant person is trying to enforce his way and idea and not giving a chance for other people to have their say on the matter. Shutting an arrogant person up in this scenario becomes very necessary.

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