How do you deal with arrogance?

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Personality traits of arrogance are similar to every class of person you meet.

However,  how to deal with arrogant people differs from person to person. How you deal with an arrogant friend will definitely be different from how you deal with an arrogant boss or an employee.

There is also a difference in how to deal with an arrogant husband or wife or son-in-law or even neighbor.

That said, we would take a look at a few tips on how to deal with arrogant people in general so you are able to handle them.

The first step in dealing with an arrogant person is to understand why people become like this. Knowing how someone acts and the reason behind their action helps you understand them better and how to have a harmonious relationship with them.

Arrogant people know how to put others down. They have no respect for people’s emotions. Empathy is not one of their many personality traits.

This is why it is important to connect with your own security and understand yourself better. Having confidence in yourself is one way of handling an arrogant person so you don’t allow them to get to you with their words and actions.

It doesn’t matter if the arrogant person is your boss, a colleague or a sibling, getting a hold of their secrets is another way of getting them to respect you.

The fact that you have a piece of information they don’t want to make public gives you an edge over them and forces them to respect you and not treat you like trash.

If the arrogant person is your mother, father, or boss, you have to learn to be patient and tolerant, or else you might find yourself having conflicting interests with them.

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Be reminded that arrogant people don’t like having their ideas challenged. If you insist on forcing through your will and views, they have a good way of barking opposition into silence or submission – especially when they have some form of authority over you.

In most cases, dealing with an arrogant person demands wisdom and tactfulness because the situation is always dynamic. With time you get to see the pattern in their character and approach and devise better ways to deal with them and avoid them where necessary.

It might become necessary that you avoid them occasionally in order to prevent confrontation.

There are more ways to handle and deal with arrogant people but it all starts with getting to know them very well, their secrets and history.

Arming yourself with information about this person provides you with the ability to handle them especially when you have to deal with them on a daily basis.

Why Arrogant People Put Others Down To Rise?

The main reason why arrogant people are always in the attitude of putting other people down is fear.

Their sense of insecurity drives them to go the extra mile to ensure that they retain their center stage.

The primary reason is fear but depending on the situation, they can have these insecurities based on certain conditions around them.

Here are some of them:

  1. Fear of losing relevance

This is common with celebrities and leaders that want to remain the center of attraction at all times. For celebrities, some of them turn into drama queens just to cry for attention.

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It scares them whenever they feel their fans are not focusing on them anymore.

This fear drives their constant need to surgically alter their natural body so as to remain attractive and have the perfect body.

Arrogant leaders act the way they do because they want to remain in power.

This is why they feel threatened when a subordinate is showing promise of being the next big thing. They either discredit this person’s achievements or work to get their person fired.

Whatever the case may be, going the extra mile to remain relevant is no problem for them at all.

  1. Fear of not taking credit

Arrogant leaders will not listen to other people’s ideas and thoughts on any project. They force their ideas on the team because they feel they are the most important and wisest in the room.

Another reason is because they want the success stories to be about them which is why they don’t mind taking credit that belongs to a team.

However, things don’t always go as planned. Sometimes their ideas fail, but rather than take responsibility for their mistakes, they find ways to put the blame on someone else.

Arrogant people are not known to take responsibility for their errors.

  1. Fear of being treated the way they treat people

An arrogant leader will always be in fear of being demoted because they are aware they haven’t been treating people well. The fear of being treated as bad as they have treated people derives them to ensure they don’t lose their top position.

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It is a combination of all their actions and steps to ensure their fears never come to pass.

It is why they force their ideas on others, treat their subordinates with disdain, discredit better achievements, and many more.

This constant fear keeps them in bondage.

It is only obvious that arrogant people need serious intervention and classes on what the real definition of confidence is because the cycle driven by their insecurity never ends.

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