How do you become arrogant and rude?

Posted by John Anumba

You become arrogant and rude when you have fully convinced yourself that the world rotates around you and you are the only important person in the room.

This exaggerated sense of importance drives you to become disrespectful and look down on others. 

It deprives you of growing into a healthier person rather you begin to act in a disgusting manner that drives people away from you.

The sense of being the most important person in the room makes you come to meetings late and show no empathy to people’s feelings and time.

As a team leader, you insist only on your ideas and refuse to accept inputs from your subordinates. You feel insulted when your ideas are challenged and when you are asked to take responsibility for your mistakes.

You become arrogant and rude when you always look for whom to blame for your mistakes and take credit for achievements that are supposed to be termed as a team effort.

Arrogant people can only become friends with people of like characters and despise those that are not like them. They talk badly about their friends and family members behind your back and beneath their hypocritical niceness, there is always cruelty.

Arrogant people have the constant need to be right at all costs and can’t handle the fact of being wrong. which is why their ego is hurt when you try to make them take responsibility for their mistakes.

 Arrogant leaders have a way of backing opposition into silence or submission depending on how mentally strong the person they are going after is.

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They see the need to always look good, even at the expense of others.

It’s all about going to the top and remaining there – not minding how many people they hurt or treat badly in order to achieve this purpose

Arrogant people loved being talked about and being praised. As long as it feeds their ego, it is okay by them.

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