How do you ask a girl for a kiss indirectly?

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How do you ask a girl for a kiss indirectly?
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Indirectly finding a way to ask a girl to kiss you is only possible if the girl really likes you would not mind you kissing her. whether you are hinting it or asking for the kiss or just do it, if she has no intention of getting romantically entangled with you, your advances might be turned down.

A good way to get a girl to kiss you by indirectly requesting for it is by setting up a game with the wager being that she allows you to kiss her if you win and if you lose she will be the one to kiss you.

I am very sure that if your crush really likes you and admires the fact that you are into her, she will agree to the game or at least let herself lose so that you get to kiss her.

It’s important you know that a woman knows what she wants from a guy and long before you start finding ways to kiss her, she has already decided if she wants to be with you or not

I am not talking about the fast pickup lines you see on youtube videos because the ladies involved understand it is just a game and there is no entanglement involved.

If your request to kiss her comes out as a surprise or awkward, I am very sure she would turn you down because she never expected it from you.

It becomes more difficult if you’ve been locked in the friendzone for a very long time 

A lady that likes you will give you multiple green lights to get down to her and you might need not put much effort into trying to kiss her.

She might actually be waiting for you to man up and take the bold step.

There are some other techniques that can be used to indirectly ask a lady for a kiss, but the one I mentioned above happens to be the one that works well for me.

First Find Out If She Wants You To Kiss Her

Like I made mention earlier,  if a girl wants you to kiss her, you might not need much effort on tricks in trying to get her to kiss you.  if she really likes you and thinks of you as you guys you can possibly get down with you, directly or indirectly asking her for a kiss,  might not come out as a surprise to her since she is already into you.

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But if she’s really hot for you she will provide you multiple signs to take the bold step and kiss her.

Here are some of the signs you will see to know that a girl likes you and wants you to kiss her

Always closer to your face

The girl that wants you to kiss her will always be at your face and find every opportunity to bridge the gap between both of you.   When she is chatting or laughing with you,  she will make sure that her face is closer to yours so as to increase the chance of locking lips with you.

 If you’ve been thinking of a way to kiss her, this is a sign that she wants you to take the bold step.  You don’t need any indirect request or trick to kiss her.

Always looking at your lips

Another sign that a girl wants you to kiss her is when you observe that she is always looking at your lips especially when she’s close to you.  This is an obvious sign that she really likes you and will appreciate you getting down with her.

 Observing this simple sign needs no interpretation.

 In fact, if you chicken out on these opportunities, you might end up annoying her because she might see you as not being confident enough to do what needs to be done or you are not good at understanding what she really wants.

She wants you to notice her lips

Her desire to kiss you might drive her to always wear her favorite makeup and lipstick color.  The aim here is to get you to notice how sexy her lip is so as to increase your desire to want to kiss her.

If you notice that a girl you’ve been hanging out with for a while is suddenly looking sexier, with her lips becoming obvious, this is not just a sign to kiss her, but she wants something more serious for me.

Always flirting with you

You don’t need any indirect request to kiss a girl when she’s always flirting with you. Flirting with the opposite sex is an emotional response to the fact that you like this person.

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 It also means that the kiss is not just what she wants from you but something more.

Observing that a girl is always flirting with you means she’s into you.  It is now left for you to take the bold step and do what needs to be done. 

Lingering before she leaves you

Let’s take for instance you are coming back from a date with this girl you really like,  you walked her home in front of her house rather than just ending the conversation with “I had a nice time and goodnight” and she will be lingering around and looking for an opportunity to stay longer.

It is possible she is probably looking for something to think about through the night and I believe a kiss would be just fine.

You need not directly or indirectly ask her for a kiss – it is what she wants.

She likes you enough to go out on a date with you, I believe she wouldn’t mind ending the nice time she had with a kiss from you.

Lots of eye contact

Lots of eye contact, whenever you’re close to her, is also another sign that she wouldn’t mind kissing me. 

Eye contact is a strong signal for something more especially if you’ve been having a nice time with her and she enjoys your company.

Not reading signals into this eye contact might make her believe that you’re not confident enough or in fact, you are shy around ladies.

Depending on the kind of girl she is, it can either be a turnoff or something she really digs.

Getting sexy around you

Getting sexy around you is something similar to flirting with you but this time she goes a little bit above board. She might be in the habit of exposing some stuff for you that can get you interested in her body if you know what I mean.

She might opt for a little revealing shirt or shorter skirts – whatever works for her so as to get your attention.

 At this stage, kissing you is the least of her problems,  she wants something more.

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 She takes the bold step

 A lady that really likes you and wants to kiss you may get frustrated with your inability to take the bold step and do it herself.

 You might be surprised that as a point in your discussion, she might be the one to take the step to lock lips with you.

 I don’t think any guy would complain especially when they are into the girl also. 

Others Means Of Indirectly Asking For A Kiss

Apart  from the technique mentioned at the beginning of this post, you can try some other funny lines like:

“I am sick right now and the doctor said a kiss from you will do me lots of good.”

“I think a kiss from me can magically make all your dreams come true.”

“Are you aware that a kiss from me gives you happily ever after life?”

You can get creative with it depending on how funny you can be. That said, it boils down to the lady being into you in the first place.

When this is not the case, an attempt to kiss her directly or indirectly might not work.

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