How do you ask a friend out?

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How do you ask a friend out

If you’re thinking about how to ask a friend out, then it probably means you’ve been locked in the friend zone for a long time and you have come to realize that asking her out might seem weird and awkward.

That said, it is absolutely possible to ask your friend out depending on how you are able to express your intentions early on in your friendship with her.

It is possible that you were just friends and never had any intention of getting emotionally involved with her,  and as things went on, you discovered that she is a wonderful person and feels like she’s someone you can get emotionally involved with.

From then onwards, it gets complicated because you are now wondering how to shift from being a friend to someone you can get serious with.

Going further, it is also possible that she has been waiting a long time for you to take the bold step and ask her out.

This is possible with multiple green lights that she might have shown to you without you recognizing them.

Your relationship with her while you are friends will give you a good signal of how close you are and the possible response you get from her when you ask her out.

Asking a friend out differs from person to person because there are no specifics on how to go about asking a platonic friend to go out with you on a date.

It all depends on her personality and the status of friendship and how she might feel in migrating from being just a friend to someone she can be serious with and committed to.

I will not discourage you from asking your friend out, rather, I will help you with some tips on how to go about it.

I hope you get a positive response and she doesn’t feel awkward because she never expected both of you will take your friendship to another level. 

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Smart Ways To Ask A Friend Out

You are already acquainted with her so taking your friendship a step further is possible and probably easy depending on how close you both are.

There are many smart and creative ways to ask a friend out if you don’t want your request to directly look like you are asking her out on a date and I will help you with a few tips.

Call her from my favorite bar, diner, or restaurant

Romance at a restaurant

One creative way of getting her to go out on a date with you is by calling or texting her from her favorite bar, diner and restaurant asking her if she wants you to get her something since she’s busy.

You can also offer to pay for the drinks or food if you can meet up there.

Since it’s her favorite place of relaxation and she’s less busy, she might agree to meet you there.

I don’t think she will turn down spending a nice time with a friend at her favorite place.

Get her tickets to her favorite band’s show

Every lady has got a favorite artist or band she would love to see if they have a show in town.

If you are fortunate to have such an opportunity, then getting your hands on two tickets will definitely make her want to go out with you.

She can get to have a nice time with you while enjoying her favorite artist perform on the stage

Tickets to the cinemas for a movie premiere works just fine

Romance cinema

There are anticipated movies that are set for release at the cinemas in the coming days.

As a friend, you might have an idea of the premiere of a movie she would love to watch.

Getting your hands on tickets to the cinemas is also another way to spend quality time with her.

Asking for help for an activity she enjoys doing

The alternate plan here is to spend quality time with her.

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So if you know an activity she enjoys doing a lot, as a friend you can ask her to come help you out or teach you.

I believe she would gladly oblige to help a friend out with activities she enjoys a lot.

Offering to be of help to something she really needs

Likewise, you can offer to assist her with an activity she really means especially if you’re knowledgeable in that sector.

Once again it’s about spending quality time with her and not about the location.

You can get creative about these opportunities by asking her to go out for a few drinks with you after engaging in the activities together.

I am sure she would love to.

And What If She Refuses

If your friend refuse to date you

At this point, I would not want to blame you that it’s your fault and that your friend is refusing to take your friendship to another level.

Like I said earlier, it is possible you’ve been locked in the friend zone for a long time and requesting to go out on a date is now sounding weird to her.

If she turns down your request for a date, I recommend you respect her feelings and give her some space.

That said, you should minimize most activities you carry out with her that positions you as a regular friend.

That doesn’t mean you should be mean to her.

It’s important you clearly state what you want from her and let her know that you are not comfortable being just her friend.

She can either consider taking you seriously or get used to the fact that you cannot continue to be a regular guy around her.

That you want something more.

Give her some time to think about what you said. It is up to her to decide to give you a chance or not.

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The discipline to insist on what you want will be where the challenge remains. It is better for you to be clear about your desires and stick to them or suffer emotionally.

It can be emotionally traumatizing to see a girl that you’ve always been there for and ready to do anything for me getting romantically entangled with other guys that don’t care for her as much as you would.

If she’s not able to realize this fact and be the person you want her to be, then it’s better off you guys remain friends but not as close as you are before.

You’ll be better off getting emotionally involved with someone else.

If you play your cards right, she might end up regretting not considering your offer in the first place.

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