How do men test women: The 10 points to please him!

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When one begins to have feelings for a person, before fully embarking on the romantic relationship, each party tries to analyze the other, to make sure that he could correspond to him. 

It is completely normal and natural. In a loving relationship, we commit our time, our person and our heart. 

It is therefore important to make sure that a person really matches us before going any further. 

Sometimes, it is difficult to recognize the signs of a test, which you will nevertheless have to pass positively to continue the adventure at his side! 

Men analyze us a lot more than you might imagine, and for them, there are some important points that need to be checked before getting into a relationship. 

Yes but, how do men test women?

To help you take this step, we’ve provided you with a list of the top 10 tests men can give women to make sure they’re in a relationship. 

This will allow you to prepare yourself, in order to pass these famous tests as well as possible. You can’t miss a great story just because of a detail right? 

We explain the way to follow to please him despite the challenges.

How do men test women: The 10 points to please him!

Why and how do men test women?

Men want to know you can suit them. That you are more than just an adventure, and that they can imagine living with you for the long haul. 

Why embark on an adventure, body and soul, if the person does not correspond to you? 

Thanks to these precise steps, they will be able to identify you and find out whether or not they really like you. 

You too will have the opportunity to observe his reaction to these tests, it is a step that is found in all couples!

However, not everyone has the same expectations, and these tests may therefore be different depending on the person. 

Some things are still common to everyone – these are the basics that will make you feel good with someone. 

Thus, we offer you a list of the 10 main steps that a man can take you through before declaring his love for you. 

If he is interested in you enough, he will soon be testing you to ensure your mutual compatibility. If you are looking for other signs, learn to discover the physical signs of a man in love with you!

The 10 points of men who test women

Are you ready to discover the essential points that you will need to fill in to please a man? 

Pass these tests with flying colors and take down his heart in less time than it takes to tell! 

Let’s find out the list of these male tests:

  1. He seeks to determine your interest in his passions.
  2. A man wants to discover your personality.
  3. This man is attentive to your way of being with those close to you.
  4. He wants to test your taste for adventure.
  5. He tests your relationship with his loved ones.
  6. A man can test your understanding of his need for independence.
  7. He is trying to find out what your plans are for the future.
  8. This man is testing your sense of derision.
  9. It tests your stability and your love.
  10. A man can test the way you answer certain questions.
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How do men test women: The 10 points to please him-2

Men who test women: he seeks to determine your interest in his passions

For a man, it is very important to know if you will be able to adapt to his passions. Men generally have strong passions, for various points. 

This man will not want to push you to fully embark on this passion, if you do not feel like it, at least he will want you to be able to understand and accept it. 

If you encourage him and show interest in his passions, it will certainly reassure him about your future together! 

You will show him that you love him whatever he does, whatever his passions, and that you can accompany and support him in his favorite activities.

Men seek at all costs to avoid a person who would prevent them from following their passions, who would imprison them in a story that does not correspond to them. 

Show enthusiasm when he tells you about his favorite sport or his latest activity. That’s all he expects from you!

He tests you to discover your personality

A man can also test you to fully discover your personality. 

This will allow him to identify you, so as to discover your reactions and thoughts on different subjects. What is your character? 

What are your reactions to certain situations? 

This test of your personality could take time, the time to address different points, and to analyze your reactions to different tests.

Are you a rather cheerful and positive person? 

Do you suffer from low self-esteem, or what are your main character traits? 

Although you are aware of this test of the test, there is not much you can do to make sure you pass it in a positive way. 

However, you will need to make sure that you are honest and sincere, that you are yourself. 

Be frank and don’t hide your reactions, show yourself as you are, that’s what this man expects. If your character doesn’t suit him, you won’t be able to change it. 

Better to make sure before you get into the relationship!

He is attentive to the way you are with your loved ones

How do you behave when you are with your loved ones? 

Are you arrogant or rather caring? 

The behavior you adopt when you are in the presence of your family or friends will allow her to get a feel for how you treat people. 

It might also give this man a glimpse of what life could be like around you.

He wants to test your taste for adventure

How would you react if he offered to leave at the last moment for an unknown destination? What are your limits and what is your sense of adventure? 

How far can you go with him? Some men need a woman who loves adventure, and who will be up for anything with them. 

It shows them that you trust them, that they can guide you without showing the slightest fear. 

In addition, it will show you that you are able to adapt to different situations. 

Move to follow him in a new job or a new experience, try something new by testing his passions …

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If you like adventure and are open to new things, he will understand that life with you will be fun and full of twists and turns! 

No time to be bored by your side, you will be able to understand his need for adventure and surprise, to fight against the monotony of the couple.

How do men test women: The 10 points to please him-3

Men who test women: he tests your relationship with those close to him

How do you react with those close to him? Are you comfortable with these? It can be difficult for you to meet new people, and to be completely comfortable with them. 

This is normal, and your companion will certainly understand it at first! 

However, if you don’t make an effort to find out more about her loved ones, it could be a problem for her in the medium term. 

How do you go out with your friends if you can’t stand them? Although he can understand your point of view, it doesn’t have to be a generality, you can’t push away all of his friends!

Likewise for his family, do you show special attention? 

Are you interested in his relatives? 

They are people who matter to him, and whom he loves. 

He should know that you can spend time together, and that things are going well between you. That you exchange freely, and that you share certain affinities. It is certainly the same on your side!

He tests your way of understanding his need for independence

Some men need more independence than others, and that is why they want to know if you are able to give them the room they need to breathe. 

They may need to be alone during the day, to follow their favorite activities, or to spend time with friends. 

These men will therefore analyze your reactions when you stop seeing each other for a few days. 

What’s going on? 

Do you make sure to harass them with messages, or do you prefer to let them live and come back to you as they please? 

These points can be very important for a man, who wants to be able to preserve his independence!

That doesn’t mean that he’s not ready to pair up, and that he wishes you would ignore him altogether. 

However, you should understand that he has his own secret garden, and that he may wish to spend time on his own, without your omnipresent presence. 

Leave him free to pass this test in a positive way!

He tries to find out what your plans are for the future

Would you like to have children? 

What is your opinion about marriage? 

What are your plans for the future? 

A man will need to know your vision for the future. Your aspirations, your desires, the future you imagine at his side. 

This will allow him to project himself in turn, while ensuring that your plans correspond to his. 

When you want to continue a story together, it is essential to have the same projects and the same desires for the future.

Investigate what he wants, and meet his expectations. Reassure him if he needs to know your feelings for him, explain to him your way of seeing things. Together, you could create a great story!

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Talking about the future is natural in a couple. You shouldn’t be afraid of this, on the contrary, you should want to bring it up with him. It’s a way of imagining together what will become of your relationship.

It tests your sense of derision

Can you laugh at everything? Do you manage not to take yourself seriously, to laugh at yourself? 

This man might come up with funny jokes or remarks to test your humor. 

If you respond in a positive way, and he sees that he can totally laugh with you, he will certainly know that the life by your side will never lose its flavor. 

Who knows how to take things lightly and laugh is often much easier to live with after all!

How do men test women: The 10 points to please him4

It tests your stability and your love

These questions about your future can therefore be a way to test your stability and your love. 

To test this love further, he might put you in certain situations, so that he can judge your reactions. 

How do you behave when he is in the presence of other women? 

When he shows you his love with a tender gesture, what is your response? 

He wants to be able to make sure that you are present in the relationship, before he fully opens up to you.

It’s natural to be afraid of being hurt, and signs of shared love are always looked for.

To prove your love, he could also seek to know more about you, your history, and your past relationships. 

Are you a fairly stable person looking for the same kind of relationship as them? 

If he’s looking to find you, it’s undoubtedly one of the most explicit signs of a man’s attraction to a woman.

Men who test women: it tests the way you answer certain targeted questions

Finally, in addition to these different steps, each man may have certain additional points that they absolutely w

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