How do I ask out a girl I don’t know? (Solved)

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How to ask a girl out on a date

Asking out a girl you don’t know is absolutely normal and possible, but depends on how you go about it.  

If you approached her like a freakshow, she might get turned off and ask you to stay away from her.

However, if you are good at talking to strangers, then it is very possible to make a good first impression and get her to go out with you.

Even if you received a negative response at first,  you would have succeeded in breaking the ice and being an acquaintance to her.  

The next time you ask her out, you might get a positive response because it is absolutely normal for a lady’s guards to be up when meeting a guy for the first time.

It depends on how good you are talking to strangers and making a good first impression.

If you’re not good with this skill, it might be difficult for you to ask her out without coming off as being awkward.

The First Step Towards Asking Out a Girl You Don’t Know

First step towards asking her out

The first step to asking a girl you don’t know out is by learning to talk to strangers and bring down the defenses of the person you’re trying to get close to.

How funny you are and your ability to make the girl laugh is an effective tool in breaking down her defenses even if you’re meeting her for the first time.

Getting her to laugh triggers an emotional response that makes her feel like she can be comfortable around you.

If you are good at putting someone in suspense, then you might get her to mentally hooked to your kind of person and want to get to know you more.

At this stage, it becomes very easy for you to get a positive response then you ask her out.

To go further, let us take a look at how you can talk to a girl you just met the first time in order to get her to be your friend.

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How to Talk To A Girl You Just Met

The first step toward talking to a girl you just met starts with gathering as much information as you can about her.

Observing her from a distance,  you can take notice of her physical features, what she’s putting on and the kind of people she has around her to have an idea of the best form of The best way to approach her.

Meeting a girl for the first time

If it is someone you’ve met before and have had contact with then it becomes a little bit easier to approach her.

Obviously you had a few discussions with her but not on an intimate level.

Getting her to go out on a date with you will be determined by the first impression she had about you or what you discussed about initially.

For someone you are meeting for the first time, you can approach her gently but confidently, excuse her for a moment and apologize for interrupting whatever she is engaged in.

Introduce yourself, where you’re from, and what you’re doing at the location you met her.

Then you can proceed with complimenting her good looks or any other traits based on the information you’ve been able to gather based on your observations.

Do not get too spicy with your compliments so you don’t pass off as a casanova trying too hard to impress a girl you just met.

Remember, her defenses are still high and she’s still deciding whether to give you attention or not.

The location you met her is also another deciding factor on how much time you can spend with her.

If she is on the move, you have less than a minute to get as much information as you can from her, probably a phone number will be ok, then further discussions can take place as you text or call her.

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If she’s in the bar or a restaurant, then it is possible to spend much more time with her, enough to make her laugh, feel comfortable about you and want to spend time with you some other day.

It is at this junction that making her laugh becomes a useful tool  in getting her to be comfortable around you.

Guys that are experienced with talking to strangers occasionally score some serious points with this lady depending on how much impact they are able to make.

If you don’t know how to make a girl laugh, the couple of videos you can find online can help you with some ideas.

There are no specific ways on how to go about talking to a girl you just met. If you are so right about it then a 300-page book might not be enough.

So many factors are at play here. The conditions around her, the kind of person she is, how confident and how prepared you are at any point in time are all the common factors that will decide if you’re successful the first time or a couple of trials later.

The basic idea here is to get over her defenses probably by displaying a good sense of humor.

As both of you bond and your chemistry with her feels right, asking her out on a date becomes quite busy because she enjoyed her first encounter with you.

What Is She Says No

Then you shouldn’t be disappointed – as a matter of fact, it is to be expected.

She doesn’t know you and can’t decide if it is safe to be with you or not. You can try again at a later time if you think she needs some time to process going out with you.

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You should also find out if you are her type or not.

If a lady thinks you are not just the kind of guy she should give a chance to, then most likely trying another time might become uncomfortable for her.

But as long as you are not pissing her off with your persistence, then it is absolutely normal for you to innovate the ways you use in trying to get her to go out with you.

If she is in a serious relationship, you might want to respect that. For her to give you a chance will be determined by her insecurities of her partner and relationship.

But as long as she sees a future with her present partner, getting her to go out with you might be a challenge.

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