How do I ask my crush out without getting rejected?

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No matter the technique you use there is no guarantee that you will not get rejected when you try to ask your crush out. However, you can increase the chances of getting a positive response when you go about it the right way.

There are certain factors to consider and apply in order to decrease your chances of getting rejected and having your crush go out with you.  First, you have to find a common ground between you two,  that is things you both enjoy doing together,  another factor is the timing,  asking a person out at the wrong time will definitely get you a negative response,  and thirdly, the information you have about your crush will guide you on the best way to ask him or her out on a date.

Furthermore, it’s important that you have in mind that rejection is part of the game when it comes to making advances at someone you really like.

If you are scared of rejection then it means you are not ready for the dating game because some women are always in the attitude of playing hard to get.

They like being chased.

Because she said no the first time doesn’t mean she’s not willing to hang out with someone nice and interesting.

All you have to do is position yourself in a way that increases your chance of being accepted.

Let us now take a look at some of the steps you can take to minimize the chances of being rejected by your crush.

Finding a common ground between you and your crush

It is easier to ask your crush out on a date and not get rejected if you are able to find something you would enjoy doing and use it as a  channel to get to him or her.

In my post on how to ask a girl out on a date through text,  I give an idea of sending her a message from her favorite bar or restaurant asking if you could get her something even when you know she is busy.

Since you enjoy being in December or restaurants and she does likewise if she’s not as busy as you texted her she might offer to meet you at the bar for a couple or a nice meal.

This is one example and there are many more depending on the person you’re dealing with and want to ask out.

 Another example is kindly asking your crush to teach you something he or she enjoys doing a lot.

 This provides an ample opportunity for both of you to spend time together and probably increase your chances of upgrading the relationship to a level you will want.

Going to the premiere of a new movie or a show by your crush’s favorite band is another idea of finding a middle ground.

The moment you are able to find something that tickles your crush’s fancy, you are a step closer to not being rejected when you ask him or her out.

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Gathering as much information as possible

Information they say is power and same it is with trying to get someone to go out with you.  Talking about finding a middle ground between you and your crush is not possible if you don’t have information about the lights and dislikes of this person.

If you go blind, you might find yourself on the wrong side of your crush thereby getting rejected because the method you use in asking him or her out is not one that is very much liked.

Knowing a thing or two about your crush’s childhood is also another powerful tool in crafting a method that can be used in asking him or her out.

If you’re dealing with a person that lacked quality time with her parents as a child,  it is possible that this person can appreciate quality time for someone that is trying to ask her out.

A person like this, you need not do much to impress her; all you have to do is be there for her as much as you can and you would have gotten through to her.

This is just one example as there are many more like it.

A lady with a rich background that has had almost everything she ever wanted handed over to her on a platter,  it is possible that meaningless things like simple gifts might mean a lot to her coming from you.

For a person like this, expensive gifts might really not be appreciated because she has seen it all or at least most of it.

Finding the blind spot and giving her simple things that are special and mean a lot to you will surely make an impact.

Getting to know your crush better is indeed a powerful tool in crafting the best method in asking him or her out without being rejected.

Without the right information, you might come out as being repulsive when you ask your crush out and get rejected most of the time. 

Finding the best timing

Timing is an important factor when it comes to asking the person out on a date.  One sure way of getting rejected is asking someone and love out on a date.

 If your crush already has someone who she’s dating and you know that this person is happy it makes no sense to ask this person out because your chances of being rejected are high.

But if you understand that this person is not satisfied, probably because you know you are in the best position to make your crush happy,  it is possible for this person to give you a trial.

This brings us back to the ability to find a common ground between you both, so he or she enjoys doing the same as you do.  It also has to do with getting as much information as you can about your crush.

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This provides you with ample knowledge of how to go about asking your crush out on a date and doing it at the right time.

Time is also necessary when deciding the method of asking a person out on a date. It is possible that a simple text can just do the job; it is also possible that you might need to talk to your crush in person.

Whatever the case might be, it is left for you to wait for the right opportunity so as to increase your chances of being ejected.

There are no specific techniques that come with a hundred percent proof against being rejected.

 And if your crush keep rejecting your advances

If your dating advances keep getting turned down after applying all the tricks in this post and any other books you might have read, then you need a different approach.

Understanding the game of the subconscious simply means you are not your crush’s type.

Even when you think you qualify, there are certain traits she looks out for in a man to fancy him. I am referring to a situation where a guy is asking a lady out on a date.

Men, according to how their minds work, might take advantage of a girl crushing on them.

Advances from a woman increase a man’s ego but women are more selective on the kind of guy they want to be with.

The qualities women look out for in a man can either be known or unknown to them.

The known qualities are controlled by the conscious mind while the unknown qualities are known only to their subconscious mind.

Of the two minds, the subconscious is the most powerful – powerful enough to change what you consciously desire in a person.

Some women list qualities they want in a man but what their subconscious wants is quite different.

Have ever come across a situation where a woman ends up marrying a man with less than 10% of the character traits she desired in a man.

Some even end up marrying a man that is similar to their father in traits even when they consciously don’t like these traits in their father.

How this relates to being rejected by a lady you like

The blueprint of a human subconscious mind is built based on the experience we have over time all through our lifetime.

This blueprint determines the choices we make in life and our choice of friends, dates, and ultimately, life partner depends on this blueprint.

A woman has a chance of falling in love with a man who meets up a good percentage of her blueprint in qualities.

If a lady keeps turning down your advances, and she is able to prove it times without number that she is not into you, then you probably don’t have the qualities in her blueprint.

This is where getting information about her past comes into play.

Understanding her helps you with ideas that you can use to adjust your life so as to start meeting up with these requirements.

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Sometimes these requirements can be vain, for some other ladies, it can be someone very meaningful like being honest and kind.

If you get a good knowledge of these requirements, you can either choose to tweak your methods of asking her out or stop entirely.

You might need to go work on yourself for a while and begin to adjust to her subconscious needs. 

I will recommend this if the changes are of positive influence on your life.

For instance, it is possible you talk too much or care less about your weight.

Minimizing how you talk in public or hitting the gym to have a better body will not only get you the girl but make you feel better about yourself.

I would not recommend you if the desires are to change you in ways that don’t impact your life positively.

I am talking about changing your life to a more dangerous one because she digs bad guys.

You can be an alpha male without turning into something that is unfit to coexist with regular humans in a civil society.

I am also talking about gold diggers that can only fancy you if you have enough cash to throw at their expensive lifestyle.

Change your life for good but never try to change your life for a girl that is into vain things.

You also have the option of letting her go until you find someone else you would like and have the qualities she would love to have in her guy.

Whatever the case may be, you have control over what happens to you and not the decision your crush makes in deciding to go out with you or rejecting your date offer.

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