How can you forget someone you love and move on?

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Breakups are hard times for everyone. You have to know how to put aside what you have been through for a while, to live forward, and create new memories. It can take a long time, and it can be worth the time it takes you to get on with it. 

But how do you get there? 

Are there any tips to help you forget the one you love more quickly? How to overcome a breakup when you still love the person in question? 

We will help you heal your wounds, so that you are stronger to move forward.

Who has never experienced a break in life? At some point, we have all experienced this difficult stage in a story. 

Everyone reacts in their own way, and everyone needs their own time to move on to something new. 

However, there are a few general techniques that might work for most of us. That’s why we’ll list them for you today. 

With time and our advice, we hope that you will soon find your smile again. This bad phase cannot last forever! It might even lead you to even more beautiful encounters.

How do you forget someone you love?

Forget is a difficult word to consider when you love someone. It is a very strong word, which means to put aside all the memories lived with a person for a certain moment, in order to start from scratch. 

However, those memories and those past moments still belong to you. When the difficult moment is over, you can dive back into them and see them in a different way, with more distance. 

You will be able to appreciate these moments for what they are, without regretting the person present in those very memories.

As a general rule, it’s best to end a relationship quickly, if things aren’t going as well as before. The reasons can be varied! 

But when you feel that you have done everything to preserve your relationship, and that there is nothing left between you, it is better to leave.

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Staying in a relationship where love no longer exists can be difficult for both of the people involved in the story. 

To avoid even more trouble, it is better to move on quickly. But how do you forget someone you love? In a few points, we’ll give you the techniques that should help you get there.

How to get over a breakup when you still love: 10 tips to help you move on

Like we said earlier, we’ve put together a list of things you should do to get over a breakup fast. Take them in the order you want, they will definitely help you rebuild your life!

1. How to overcome a breakup when you still love: do not keep your things at home

To move on, the first important step is to put aside the things that your partner might have left with you. It can be business of any kind. 

Clothing, cosmetics, even furniture or things if you lived together. During the most difficult times, nothing should remind you of his presence.

Make sure you put these things together, take the time you need to do it. If these things belong to him, give it back, and have a friend do it for you. 

For other things that you could have bought together, sell them or get rid of them if you don’t want to keep them.

You should no longer be able to think of him at home. This is your space, where you should feel good without this person. 

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It can be difficult to move on when everything around us reminds us of the other person! This sorting, even if it is difficult, will certainly do you good. If you are afraid to do this, ask someone close to you for help.

2. Take time to make room for sadness

In our society, everything has to go fast. The same goes for breakups. You have to quickly move on, get on with your life and start a new relationship. 

However, this is not how it is done. Getting back on track after a breakup takes time. And to truly move on, without keeping deep wounds from those moments, it is imperative to face the pain of this breakup.

You have to go through these moments of pain, they are necessary for you to move on. As in bereavement, these stages gradually allow you to regain your life and your happiness. 

For these moments to be possible, all of these steps must occur, and you should not attempt to avoid them.

Take time to stay home and cry if this is what you need. Let your body and your emotions express themselves. 

You will quickly see that crying will do you good, and that over time you will be able to overcome this breakup. 

It won’t happen in a few minutes, but if you accept this suffering, this path might be faster than you imagined.

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3. Find your social life

As we said, at first, you might not feel like making contact with your family or friends. Take this time for yourself, don’t be rushed. However, when you feel ready, it might be beneficial to get back to socializing.

Again, take your time and go at your own pace. You do not need to chain dinners and outings! Simply wave to your closest friends and spend evenings with them watching movies. Go shopping, or plan an outing you like.

Go back to the movies, take a walk, and have it surrounded. These people will help you move on without doubting it. 

They will make you laugh, they will tell you about their life, and you will forget your problems during the time of their visit. You will quickly see that your friends are one of the best drugs for moving on quickly! 

If these loved ones understand your pain, they will do everything possible to help you get through this stage. Some of your relatives might even offer to come and take care of your interior for you, and prepare your meals!

4. How to overcome a breakup when you still love: make changes that will do you good

When you break up, you often think about what was wrong with the relationship. Things we could have done differently, everything we did wrong that could have been fixed. However, it is also important to take stock of your own life.

In your personal life, is everything going for the best? Are you happy with your job, your activities, your friends and where you live? 

Does the person you are match you? These are deep questions that you will need to take the time to answer. They can be even more important if you are leaving a long relationship.

These questions will help you get back to a life you enjoy. Who have you become since the person you were when you started your relationship? 

What are your goals now, and what things should be improved? Maybe you chose your profession to live in the same city as your partner, or maybe your favorite activities were hers. Take the time to think about what might be good for you, and make changes accordingly.

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Resume your studies, engage in new activities, move… You are free to do what you want!

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5. Remove your ex from your social networks

One of the things that could keep you from getting over a breakup the most is keeping your ex on social media. It is very tempting to do so, however, and many people cannot resist the temptation. 

However, since it’s important to clear out things that remind you of that person in your home, it’s also essential to block that person on social media.

She’s no longer a part of your life, and while you’re still thinking about her, it’s important not to give in to the temptation of social media. 

On these networks, you will be able to see what she’s up to, what she’s doing with her time, and if she’s moved on. It could also hurt you a lot to see her with another person. 

To avoid this suffering for yourself, make the decision to block this person at the end of your story.

These networks can be very addicting, and without you realizing it, they could be doing you a lot of harm. Avoid them as much as possible!

6. How to overcome a breakup when you still love: take time to find out who you have become

As we said in a previous point, this break can be an opportunity for you to make new changes. To find a life that you like, and that you have chosen for yourself. 

To do this, however, you will need to take the time to discover the new person you have become.

It’s an invitation to try lots of new things! Discover new activities, you might surprise yourself and fall in love with an activity that you did not like before. 

Explore different options, and take the time to discover yourself, without your footsteps being dictated by another person. You will see that life has plenty of other surprises in store for you!

To move on to this new person, the transition can be done through your metamorphosis. 

When it comes to a breakup, many people decide to change their hairstyle, or to create a new look. In this way, you will be able to find yourselves, and to start again on good bases. This will definitely help you move on.

To discover this new person, however, you will need to take some time on your own, so as to identify your needs. 

You will have to be the only person making these decisions, which are necessary for you.

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7. How to overcome a breakup when you still love: get help if you feel the need

Despite all our advice and the passage of time, you still cannot get over this breakup? This may mean that you need outside help, which only a professional can provide. Sometimes it is necessary to seek help to move forward. 

Especially when the breakup is difficult, and you have a hard time not thinking about your ex-partner.

This person will know how to accompany you in this process, so that you can move on and put aside your suffering to know how to forget a man. Do not have little to get help, sometimes it can save you from falling into even deeper suffering.

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8. Start your new life

That’s it, have you tried different activities, and figured out what changes you need to make to move on? What are you waiting for to start this new life? 

Thinking about and imagining these changes is often easier than actually putting them into practice. For that, you might need an extra boost!

Do not hesitate any longer, and get started. The first step is always the hardest to take, but once you start making these changes, everything will naturally follow. 

The important thing is to try, even if this novelty may scare you.

9. Go out for fun

If you’ve taken the time to cry and cope with the pain, now is the time to have some fun. This will allow you to forget about that person for a night out, and discover that there is a world and many other people just waiting for you.

This is a piece of advice that we often come across when we want to heal a breakup! Although it is not suitable for all people, if you have not followed the work we told you about earlier, it is nonetheless a proven technique.

Nothing and no one is holding you back anymore! If you want, you can seduce whoever you want and have fun for the night. Who knows, you could meet some really nice people this way too. Let yourself go, this will undoubtedly allow you to move forward.

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10. How to overcome a breakup when you still love: remember the positive of your past history

Your story is over. You cannot go back. Even if you still love this person, you have deep inside you that there is no more hope, and that you have to move on.

When the first few weeks after your breakup have passed, and you can move on again, it may be possible for you to see this story in a new light as well. 

Make sure you hold onto the positive, and think back to what those moments have brought you. Even if everything is never rosy, you can certainly bring out the positive of this story, the memories that made you evolve.

Keep them to yourself, and although this part of your life is over, realize that this passage brings a new one. This is just the start of your life, and it won’t be your only experience of love!

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