Five catchphrases to easily start a conversation on a dating site

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There are many great dating sites out there for finding love, or even less serious relationships. Did you compare and find the best dating site for you? 

The work is not finished! Indeed, if you are looking for a relationship, you must be able to make a good impression from the first exchange. 

For this, a good catchphrase on a dating site is of paramount importance.

So that the first message you send leads to a nice conversation, we explain how to write it correctly, and we give you some concrete examples. 

Get ready to make beautiful romantic encounters quickly!

Why is the catchphrase essential on a serious dating site?

Whether you are looking for a quilt plan or a serious relationship, a catchphrase is very important. 

Let’s be honest though, for those of you who are only looking for short-lived relationships, the standards will probably be a little lower! 

On the other hand, for a romantic encounter on a serious dating site, this step is essential.

So, to increase your chances of getting a response and meeting love, a good catchphrase will undoubtedly make all the difference. 

It may be the start of a long romantic relationship.

But let’s start from the beginning. To be successful on dating sites, and why not, find love you must first have a quality profile

In addition to having photos that really showcase you, you will need to write a quality ad. Don’t know how to write it? 

Here are our tips for an effective description on a dating site !

Overall, your profile should serve as the first point of contact, you can think of it as a bachelor’s resume and therefore it should catch the eye and present the right information, which will decide the other person to contact you. 

This is the starting point, especially for serious dating.

But your presentation page is not everything! As with any dating site, you have to know how to flirt and seduce singles the right way. With our tips for seduction, it will be simple! 

And it all starts with a first message that makes an impact. And that doesn’t matter which online dating site you choose: affinity dating, senior dating, free dating or not.

Having the right catchphrase on a dating site is the guarantee of seeing your response rate skyrocket

You will thus put all the chances on your side to meet your soul mate or even to make a friendly meeting. Here are our tips for writing a powerful first message! 

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What will you have to do next? Meet directly the singles you have seduced!

Five catchphrases to easily start a conversation on a dating site

Tips and recommendations for writing catchphrases on a dating site

If you only have to remember one rule, it will be this: your catchphrase must be personalized

Respect that and you will have already taken a big step towards ending celibacy! 

To follow this precept, here are our tips.

Use the items in your possession

If you’ve decided to contact someone on your dating site, chances are you’ve gone through their profile and taken care of their photos. 

This is perfect, as there are many elements you can use to spice up your catchphrase. 

If it works, you will also have loads of elements to fuel the conversation and possibly the conversation during your first date!

With the name of the person (or his nickname), some details present on his photos and information taken from the description of his profile, you can write a first personalized message that will show this person that you have taken the care of writing to him. personally, and therefore, that you are ready for a serious meeting.

You demonstrate your common affinities, so singles will be more likely to initiate a conversation with you on chat. 

It is worth taking a little time to find the right words, it may be the start of great love, so be diligent! 

Show the person that you are genuinely compatible.

Try to be original

When you are looking for love, there is nothing worse than receiving a message that has already been seen, banal, boring, or even shows a flagrant lack of effort. No, say hi, are you okay? will not give you any results.

You have to rack your brains a bit to write a catchphrase that surprises or makes you smile. Each bachelor will find his own style, but know that for a little originality, you can use humor, poetry, provocation…!

This is indeed the best way to stand out and meet singles.

What brings you together?

It is possible, in an effective catchphrase, to explain in a few words the common points that led you to contact this bachelor. 

Simple and effective, this type of first message could convince your reader to send you a response. Dating by affinities is indeed the most likely to work.

Many sites even work through a personality test, as this is the best way to find serious relationships. But you don’t have to go through it. 

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Many serious dating sites with free registration do not offer this kind of service.

So it’s up to you to do the work of the marriage agency ! But by choosing people with whom you think you have things in common, you increase your chances of making real romantic encounters, or even beautiful friendships.

Do not hesitate to show your personality from the start, this will allow you to find a person who really suits you, to forge sincere links, and why not, to start a lasting relationship?

Do you sell !

Perhaps more daring, a contact message in which you talk about yourself and your qualities can seem very arrogant. However, it works with some users, who like more assertive characters. You can give it a go!

To give you a clear idea of ​​the catchphrases with high potential, here are 5 effective examples that work on the best dating sites.

5 catchphrases to seduce the first time on a dating site

  1. Hello Jean! According to your photos, you seem to love cats and nature, and I myself am an avid hiker and a certified cat cuddler…! We may have other passions in common, don’t you think? Let’s discuss it, if you don’t mind! Looking forward to reading you !
  2. Hello Will. On your profile, I seemed to recognize a Japanese temple… Are you one of those travelers who travel the world on your backs?
  3. Hello Gabriel! Having a passion for cooking and organizing dinner with friends makes you a very interesting member, from my point of view! May I know your specialty? For my part, it seems that my beef bourguignon can be eaten without displeasure…!
  4. Mohammed, your announcement touched me and I would be delighted, if your heart tells you, to talk to you a bit. I don’t have your pen, but I will make sure to answer you as nicely as possible… See you soon, I hope!
  5. Hello ! Registered on this site to meet a serious person, I rarely send a message. However, I really liked your profile, dear Oscar, and I wish I could learn more about you. If you are wondering who I am, know that I like to present myself as an adventurer always up for new discoveries!

You can take inspiration from these catchphrases for any serious dating site, revamp them or create your own, as long as you understand the principle: personalize them, make your message mysterious or fun, and don’t do not hesitate to apostrophize your interlocutor to make him want to respond to your request.

These customizable techniques actually work on most of the best serious dating sites : Edarling, Elite Dating, Adopt a Guy, Say Tomorrow, etc. 

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On all these platforms, senior meeting or not, a good catchphrase will result in a boom in the number of your meetings. 

And of course, this is the best way to meet the rare pearl !

Be careful, however, not to make the odds listed below.

Five catchphrases to easily start a conversation on a dating site

A bad catchphrase ruins your chances!

Writing a good catchphrase can take a little practice and a few tries to adjust the tone and style. 

Do not hesitate to do some tests, by sending messages to certain members who interest you less than others (this is not very nice, we agree, but you are not immune to discovering very beautiful people as well!). 

In addition, keep in mind that a catchphrase will work on one and not on the other.

Keep in mind that a bad catchphrase can ruin your chances all at once

A member who does not reply to you after this first message will probably never reply. So, we recommend that you avoid:

  • To write messages that are too long or too condensed, painful to read
  • The banalities
  • Any form of vulgarity
  • Unread messages, with spelling mistakes and syntax errors
  • Copy and paste sent to several members. You can feel it!

Found the best hookphrase for a dating site ? So, it’s up to you!

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