Finding a nickname on a dating site: 10 Tips to remember

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Would you like to find a nickname to create your account on the serious dating site of your choice? This is an important step before you can start to find love, friendship or just penpals. 

Have you taken the time to think about it? 

With an original nickname, you will certainly be able to seduce a greater number of people! In addition, it will be important that we remember your nickname, for maximum chances of making an impression.

You don’t know which nickname to choose for a dating site? We present our advice to you to follow, to allow you to find a nickname that matches you, and that attracts a large number of singles to your profile!

Points to work on to please on a dating site: nickname and presentation

When registering on a dating site, different points must be taken into account. Indeed, you should do your best to get noticed, and your presentation should therefore be rich in information. 

You will not have to forget any point!

Nowadays, more and more people are turning to dating sites to find love. 

Because of this, the numbers are exploding, and among the number of singles registered on these sites, it can be difficult to stand out. 

Looking for a way to reach more singles? Your presentation could be the key. Let’s discover the three points that you will need to work on:

A photo that looks like you

The first point could be your profile picture on the dating site. 

The latter must represent you, while highlighting your strengths. You will need to find a profile picture where you can be seen clearly. 

The quality should be good, as well as the light.

In addition, it is you who interest singles, no one else! There is therefore no point in putting yourself forward with friends, or your pet…

The photo is the first thing that we look at on a dating site, so you will have to be careful at this point to seduce as many singles as possible.

Finding a nickname on a dating site: 10 Tips to remember

A funny description

Your description is also an essential point of your presentation on a dating site. After seeing your photo, if singles want to know more about you, they’ll check your description. 

You will therefore have to make sure to include as much information as possible!

Talk about yourself, about your research… Without doing too much to keep it a mystery! You can also play with humor to seduce singles.

An original nickname

Finally, the nickname is also important when you want to meet online. It is thanks to your nickname that one will get in touch with you, and that you will also be remembered. It should therefore be original, and make an impression!

When you register on a dating site, you often neglect the choice of nickname. However, you should give it the necessary time to choose the nickname that best suits you on the site. Are you running out of ideas on this? We are here to help you, by offering you the best nicknames to seduce on the internet!

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Top 10 Tips for Finding a Nickname on a Dating Site

In your choice of nickname, you will have to pay attention to certain points. It would be better to favor certain nicknames over others to meet people, which is why we have put together for you the ten tips that you should keep in mind at the time of your choice. 

This will certainly help you find a nickname that looks like you, and that will allow you to meet as much as possible on the internet!

Take a piece of paper and a pencil, and write down all your ideas before making your decision. 

This will certainly allow you to find an original nickname, to represent you in a new way. It’s up to you to create your profile on a dating site!

Finding a nickname on a dating site: 10 Tips to remember-2

1. Your first name in pseudo on a dating site, quite simply

If you don’t have any ideas about your nickname, your first name might just do the trick. However, on a dating site, if the nickname you want to take is already taken, you will certainly have to find another one. As for the first names, there is a good chance that yours is already taken!

To avoid this, you can add your first name to your first name, or even your middle name for example. 

It is also possible to add a number to your nickname, whether it is your department, or a number that you like for different reasons. Keeping it simple is often the best option!

2. Avoid hiding behind a celebrity’s name

Sometimes, in order to seduce, we can tend to hide behind people that we are not. This is the reason for the creation of a large number of fake profiles, which use a nickname derived from another person, as well as a profile photo that does not represent them. 

What’s the point, and have you thought about what might happen if you decide to actually meet a single person? The disappointment could be great if you are not honest!

So, it is better to stay authentic, and choose a nickname that looks like you. 

Even if you find it funny, it’s best to avoid using a celebrity’s name. 

Choosing “Brad Pitt” won’t help you find love, on the contrary! While this may make some people laugh, most will turn their backs on a nickname like this!

3. Cute adjectives won’t help you find love!

Are you a great sentimentalist at heart and would like to add a tender and cute adjective to your description? 

Or, do you think that this could be your asset to attract as many girls as possible to your profile? 

You are wrong about this, most of the latter might find it tacky on the contrary!

So, it is better to keep it simple, and avoid nicknames of this style. Even if it can be very cute for some girls, “FleurBleue” or “MaxLeTendre” could mainly serve you on the internet! 

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In addition, it can be useful to put forward a strong and enigmatic image, which will make the singles present want to know more about you. 

Save the cute adjectives for later!

4. A nickname that highlights your profession or your passions on a dating site

Your nickname can also be a way to indulge yourself, and tell a little more about yourself. It might make singles want to start a conversation with you, and get to know you! 

For that, you could for example speak about your passion, or your profession in this nickname.

If you are a fan of sailing or mountain, adding an adjective marine, or related to the mountain could allow you to personalize your nickname in an original way. 

And why not opt ​​for “Prof Océane” if you are a teacher? 


“Doctor Louis” if it is your profession?

Of course, this doesn’t always work! You should not overdo it in your profession, at this time, it would be better to choose your passion to describe yourself.

Finding a nickname on a dating site: 10 Tips to remember-3

5. Avoid incomprehensible nicknames!

Sometimes, we can quickly get carried away by choosing a nickname! Letters of all kinds, numbers and code names, which only have meaning for you…

Keep this for your friends! 

If you are looking for love, you will have to be more elegant, and reveal yourself a little more in your nickname.

Of course, you can use numbers if you wish, however, make sure to associate them with your first name for example. 

Keep it simple, singles should be able to remember your nickname to get back in touch with you!

6. A nickname that will allow you to find you on social networks

Do you already use a specific username on social networks? 

Why not just use that nickname for the dating sites you frequent? 

This way, if interested singles search using your nickname, they can easily find you on the internet. You could thus reach a greater number of people.

Plus, it’ll keep the conversation going on the social networks you use! You will be able to discover yourself in a different way, share more photos, videos…

Moreover, you will be sure to remember your nickname in this way!

7. A first name that inspires you?

Has there always been this first name that inspired you more than the others? 

Would you have liked your parents to call you that way? 

Now is the time to use it! Your nickname belongs to you, so it’s up to you to do what you want with it. Using an original first name, which you like, could therefore be a good option if you so desire.

All the same, make sure not to be too original, and to mix this first name with yours for example. 

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Again, the goal is to keep it short and clear so you will be remembered!

8. The nickname of lover: to be avoided!

To find love, lover’s phrases and rosewater nicknames should be avoided! This might make you look cheesy, which won’t appeal to many of the singles on the site. 

Thus, “JohnCasanova” or “JulesLeLover” can be put aside! We are sure you can do better!

And if you still want to put seduction in the first place to meet as many people as possible, choose a subtle adjective, without going overboard. 

You could also play on humor if you wish! 

This might appeal to some and some singles.

Finding a nickname on a dating site: 10 Tips to remember-4

9. The name of your pet?

When looking for an original nickname… Why not choose the name of your pet? Minou or Médor? It won’t always be the best effect! 

Do you really want to be called your dog? 

After all, it is better to abstain, it is not necessarily the best to flirt on a dating site.

Even if you are an animal lover, you should try to avoid this type of nickname. 

Instead, prefer something simple, which can still bring out your love for nature if you wish! It may be easier to find than you might think.

10. An original and humorous nickname on a dating site

Finally, to seduce, we all know that humor can be on our side. 

With a joke or a funny story, you can easily put at ease even a person you don’t know very well. 

This way, you can show that you have a sense of humor, and that you don’t take yourself seriously! It could attract a lot of people.

In addition, you will be able to meet singles who love to laugh, like you! 

However, do not overdo it, and choose a subtle humor rather than too heavy. Here too, you will have to use finesse to attract as many people as possible!

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