Examples of Arrogance You Should Know

Posted by John Anumba

There are times that arrogance can be mistaken for confidence and high self-esteem.

It has now become plain and necessary to differentiate both so that one can tell if a person is arrogant or just being very confident of himself

In this post, we’re going to take a look at some common examples of arrogance.

These examples are clear definitions of what it means to think too highly of yourself to an extent that you’d look down on others especially when they are not like you.

Below are some of the examples of arrogance.

9 Examples of Arrogance

  1. The first example of arrogance is when a person doesn’t see punctuality as the soul of business.

They are always late for meetings and never respect other people’s times. They think too highly of themselves and think less of others.

Arrogant people feel that they are too highly placed to come early and wait for others, rather, it is important that others wait for them.

  1. Another example of arrogance can be visible in cases of pandemics and tragedies.

In these scenarios, arrogant people think first of themselves and not of others.

They feel that they are too important to be in the front line. And if there are cases of food being rationed first to children and to the wounded and injured, arrogant people think of themselves first and take the last bit of food without thinking of what others will eat. 

  1. If you observe that someone gets easily frustrated and angry when his ideas and views are questioned, then you are dealing with an arrogant person.

They are mean and think less of others. They see their ideas as being the superior.

They don’t take time to consider what others think of a situation.

It is always about them and what they think – nothing else matters.

  1. The first example of arrogance is when you observe the common practice of a person bragging about himself and ability in the presence of a lot of people.

They talk about how well-liked and well-respected they are.

They are not aware that this constant thought of themselves alone can piss people off which is why it is very difficult for them to keep romantic relationships and serious friendships.

  1. The fifth example of arrogance is in the area of selfishness and jealousy.
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When it is obvious that someone else in their circle of friends seems to be accomplishing greater things than them, they tend to demean this person’s accomplishments. 

The aim here is to ensure that another person doesn’t take their shine and centerstage.

Where necessary, they might lie against this person in order to undermine him and change people’s perception of the person trying to take their centerstage.

  1. If you’re meeting an arrogant person for the first time and if you are observant, you might notice that they are superficially and excessively nice. 

It becomes obvious when they talk badly about their friends and family members to you. The aim is to make you see that they are the nice ones and others are not to be trusted. 

This is a clear sign that the person you’re dealing with is an arrogant person.

  1. The inability to admit when they make mistakes is another clear example of arrogance.

Arrogant people don’t take responsibility for their mistakes. They refuse to talk about it or listen for constructive advice and criticism. They’ll rather shift the blame to someone else.

They only know how to look for credit when good things happen and never accept responsibility when bad things happen. 

And if someone tries to make them take responsibility, they bully that person into silence or agreeing with them

  1. When made a team leader in a workplace, an arrogant person tends to take credit for the performance of the whole team.

They refuse to admit that success is a result of a team effort. Even in a real-life scenario, they can play down other people’s accomplishments or talk about how the success story wouldn’t have been possible if they had not participated.

  1. Another example of arrogance is being hateful, being a racist and sexist.

It is very difficult for them to treat you with respect if you’re not as arrogant as they are. They treat their subordinates poorly and are not a good judge of human character.

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What are the causes of arrogance?

Some people have a wrong perception that arrogance is a personality that can be inherited. This is a wrong notion because no one is born arrogant.

There are external reasons why someone can develop a burning desire to be recognized and seen as important. There are a couple of reasons why a person can be arrogant but we are going to look at three of them.

  1. Childhood experiences

Sometimes, a person can become arrogant because his character as an adult is forged by his childhood experiences. He might not be aware of why he is acting the way he does but the subconscious desire to meet those underlying needs will cause them to develop a sense of importance just to achieve that aim.

  1. Masking low self-esteem

Arrogant people have a way of portraying themselves as having a strong personality just to subdue people around them into subordination.

What most people don’t know is that these strong outlooks are used to mask their fears. This is why one good way of dealing with an arrogant personality is to stand up to them, put your foot down about boundaries set, and never back down no matter how much they bark at you.

If you are able to look them straight to their eyes, you will see their fears unmasked before your eyes.

  1. Societal influence

This a case of a person being made fun of as a child – probably over his knowledge and physical features. A person like this can grow to overcome these down feelings.

Basking in their successes of overcoming their fears, arrogant people see others as being weak and themselves as being mentally strong.

That is why they treat people lower than them with disdain and disrespect.

If you don’t understand why they behave this way, you see yourself hating them. Arrogant people need our understanding and empathy to be able to handle them properly.

Can an arrogant person change and become humble?

Arrogance is not a sickness that can be cured rather it is a personality that is developed over a period of time by external factors affecting the person involved.

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The only way an arrogant person can change and become more humble is when he realizes that there are needs for positive adjustments – especially with how they relate to people around them.

Admittance is the first step toward any path to personal development. When an arrogant person is not admitting that he needs help but rather, sees himself as being strong mentally and also as a confident person, getting him to change his point of view will be difficult.

A person like this can neither change nor become more humble.

Any attention to call him to order will be seen as an insult and a challenge to his ego and self-esteem.

Trying to get a person like this to change will be met with great resistance so you want to tread with caution so as not to get on their bad side.

Arrogant people have a good way of getting rid of people that want to take their shine.

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