Do we really have to confess our feelings to someone we like?

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Admitting your feelings is not always an easy process. To achieve this, it is necessary to open up to the other person, and one can have doubts and fear this moment! 

Because even if you are certain of your feelings towards this person, how can you be sure that theirs are as strong as yours? 

Do you dare to reveal yourself in this way without being sure that these feelings are shared? 

To help you with this process, we’ll show you how to do it if you lack self-confidence. How do you confess your feelings to someone you like? Find out now!

Don’t know how to take the first step towards that person you are so interested in? Are you wondering how to approach her in order to make him your proposal? 

There are some tips that might help you make your statement, so that it goes as smoothly as possible!

How to confess your feelings to someone we like: what that person thinks of you

Before jumping into this statement, it is quite normal that you want to reassure yourself about how this person may feel about you. Is she also interested in you? 

Does she also want to move further in your relationship, and discover you in a different way?

To know the answer to these questions, it may be necessary to conduct your investigation, and note the signs that may show you are interested in you. In some couples, the attraction is instantaneous. 

This is called love at first sight. When it is happening on both sides, it is almost impossible not to realize it! You must have felt this energy, almost electric, which unites you. 

In these cases, it’s hard to doubt your connection, and the connection usually comes naturally.

In other cases, however, this connection may not be so obvious. You could know each other for a long time, without your relationship changing. You’ve been friends for years, and all of a sudden you have much stronger feelings for this person. 

In these cases, you will need to take the seduction step if you haven’t already, and look for signs that might show you that this person is also under your spell.

To get answers to your questions, and reassure you about this person’s feelings, these techniques will allow you to find out what that person thinks of you:

How does this person behave in your presence?

The first sign you should pay attention to is how this person behaves around you. Depending on how she feels about you, she might behave in different ways.

  • She seems cheerful and open to discussion. It means everything and nothing at the same time! If that person’s character is playful and self-confident, they might be interested in you. However, that doesn’t mean that she thinks you are more than a friend either …
  • She is more reserved than normal. On the contrary, if this person is of a strong temperament, and shows almost embarrassment in your company, it is certain that he has feelings towards you. Although she is reserved, she may still seek contact, or look at you in a different way compared to other people. Become aware of those details that are not in love.
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What does she do if you initiate a physical connection?

To test his reaction, you could set up a physical rapprochement. What is his reaction? In some cases, you might not be aware of this coming together on your part, it seems so natural. Is it the same for this person? And if you take her hand, what does she do?

Without going as far as gestures that might betray your intentions, notice the way she acts physically. If you observe her proximity, it is certainly that she very much wants to be closer to you.

Does she maintain contact with you when you are not together?

You don’t live in the same city, don’t work or study together, so you have to spend time apart. Does she hear from you when you’re not together? Does she make sure to keep in touch?

You should very easily realize this. If this person likes you, chances are they can’t do without you. She will send you many messages, and will always make sure to keep in touch, even to exchange small talk. This is certainly more than just friendship.

What do his friends think about his feelings about you?

If you want to reassure yourself about their feelings before taking action, you could also ask their friends directly. 

By doing this, however, you know that these same friends will also be able to talk about these matters to the person concerned, who can then guess the nature of your feelings about them!

However, if this person is attracted to you, their friends will certainly let you know. Maybe they will have noticed it too, or maybe that person you like will have directly confided in you. You will find out quickly!

Show her by signs that she arouses your interest

Now that you’ve found out if that person seems interested in a relationship with you as well, it’s time to send them a few signs from your side. 

These signs will allow you to reassure yourself of his feelings once again, while letting him know that you like him or her. But where to start? 

We give you our advice to show her that you like her, while remaining in the suggestion.

How to confess your feelings: give him compliments

To show this person that you like you, the first piece of advice that may seem obvious is to give them compliments. It could be the way she dresses, her physique, or her reaction to different events. 

Don’t be afraid to tell her that you like what she’s doing, that you enjoy spending time with her, or that you notice when she dresses differently.

Thus, you will show this person that you are attentive, and that their charms do not leave you indifferent. This can help build up a game between you, which can be very enjoyable for both parties before entering into a relationship.

Spend time with this person

In order for the two of you to feel good, it’s important to spend time together. If possible, make sure to invite her as often as possible. It is not necessary to invite him on big outings, like going to a restaurant. 

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You could just wave to her if you want to walk in her company, or just to chat, or to go shopping whatever they are.

The more time you spend together, the closer you can get. If everything goes the way you want, you should gain a bond quickly! To seduce this person, another method could be to see the effect of radio silence on men!

How to confess your feelings: talk about your future

Show that person that you imagine him or her present in your future. Make her understand that you want to keep her by your side for a long time, and that you cannot imagine your future without her. This will allow her to be reassured, and to see that you care about her.

To talk to him about the future, talk about your future, what you want to do with your life. Where you imagine yourself in a few years, as a couple, at home. 

Make her understand little by little that she is the person with whom you imagine this future. Gradually, this person will understand the meaning of your thoughts.

Show yourself closer and considerate

This person needs to see that you don’t act like they’re a friend. You should have different intentions for her, show her the difference in your feelings. To do this, be more considerate. Make sure to protect her on the street, or pay attention to her feelings. Reassure and comfort this person when they are sad.

When you’re in a group, this difference might be easier to spot. Keep yourself closer to this person, talk more with him than with others… He will not be able to miss this connection!

How to Confess Your Feelings to Someone We Love: Different Ways to Make Your Statement

Are you now reassured about this person’s feelings about you? It’s time to take the next step, and let her know what you think of her clearly! For this, again, you could choose different ways to go about it.

To help you with this statement, we’ve given you some ideas on how to tell her your feelings. This will let you cause a sensation for sure! 

Whether you are discreet or extravagant, this way of declaring your love to him must correspond to him, and also resemble you.

How to confess your feelings to someone you like: the great game

The first method you may choose to implement is to throw the big game on that person you like so much! 

Like in the movies, make it a romantic statement, where everything is imagined to make this moment unforgettable in your memories. You could invite her to a romantic restaurant, or organize a dinner at your place.

In the event that you choose to organize a dinner on your own, and at home, pay attention to the atmosphere you are going to give to the room where you will receive this person. 

You will have to put the small dishes in the big ones to please him! Add candles, flowers and rose petals, dress up the decor and make her her favorite dinner.

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For even more romance, you could also invite her to a picnic if time permits. With this type of statement, if at least it matches her, you should seduce her without any problem! 

For both of you, this declaration will represent a very beautiful memory, which you will be able to celebrate every year on this key date. How to forget such a request?

How to confess your feelings: let your body speak

In other cases, you might prefer discretion, and not feel like putting together such a formal and romantic request. If you prefer simplicity, a few words may be enough to declare your love. 

You don’t need long speeches, or very elaborate staging. Sometimes staying the way you are is the best technique.

This transition into a relationship might even happen on its own, without you having to say anything. 

You might feel that everything is going well between you, that you are getting closer and closer, and take the opportunity to kiss that person you like the most time. 

This kiss will mean that you want to move on, and get on with something else with her. She’ll certainly understand it, without you needing to add anything.

Take her hand, say goodbye languidly, and continue your conversation by message. It’s the perfect way to let her know your love!

How to confess your feelings to someone you like: a special statement

Finally, other people might prefer more original scenes, which are out of the ordinary, without falling into too romantic. There are also many options made for you!

If the two of you do a particular sport or activity, why not take advantage of these moments to ask him the question, “wouldn’t you want us to be a couple”? This may surprise and amuse her at the same time. 

Be imaginative if you both like surprises! You will be able to make a very beautiful memory of this moment!

Either way, no matter which method you choose, until you take a chance, you won’t be able to tell if your relationship has the means to evolve into something more important.

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