Choosing your photo on a dating site: 10 Tips to achieve it

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Are you just starting out in the world of dating, and you would like to find a photo that best represents you, and that puts you to your advantage to seduce? 

Choosing your photo on a serious dating site isn’t always easy, and if you have any doubts about it, we’re here to help! 

We will explain to you what are the 10 points to take into account when choosing your photo, to attract the attention of singles on the site!

If the topic interests you, read on with us!

10 rules for choosing your photo on a dating site

Choosing your photo on a dating site is not always easy, on the contrary. 

You want to be the best version of yourself, and singles can see you in the best light. However, it can be difficult to remain objective with photos of yourself! 

None might be right for you if you lack self-confidence, while we’re sure these photos would likely be highly appreciated by singles on the site!

Sometimes you can even spend hours looking for the right photo, to no avail! 

If this happens to you, our advice can certainly help you. 

You will see that choosing a good photo for a dating site is not that complicated, remembering the following points.

Remember, you have potential, and you need to be confident in yourself! 

There is more than one person who will find you attractive, and you shouldn’t have to worry about that. 

Even if you don’t fit the “beauty standards” you see in magazines or on the internet, that doesn’t mean you can’t please yourself.

Take your camera or cell phone, or look on your computer to see if any of your photos might not meet these criteria!

Choosing your photo on a dating site

1. Be Yourself and Be Honest

The first point is also certainly the most important on this list. To choose the ideal profile picture for a dating site, you’ll need to remember the importance of being honest, and being yourself. 

Many people hide under false profiles to seduce, because they do not have confidence in themselves, and they doubt their possibilities to seduce. 

However, everyone can find the perfect fit, even if you don’t have a model’s physique!

The important thing to remember is that you shouldn’t hide under a photo that doesn’t belong to you. Of course, it is possible to find many examples on the internet. 

If you would like to find love, you will need to be sincere! By choosing to present a fake profile, what will you do if that person offers to meet you for real? 

It could be a great shame if you like this person, and they could be particularly disappointed.

In addition, you will also need to provide a photo that represents you as you are now. 

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It might be tempting to market yourself younger on the internet, when you were 20, and found yourself looking better than you are now. Once again, the surprise could be great during the meeting!

For this reason, you should show yourself as you are. 

Trust yourself, and trust us! 

There are bound to be singles who will find you to their liking, and who will want to get to know you more. 

Don’t underestimate your strengths!

2. Make sure you can be seen clearly

Your photo should allow other singles to see you clearly. Thus, it is better to avoid choosing a photo where you are seen from too far away for your ad on a dating site. 

Prefer a clear photo, in which your face will be the protagonist. 

Likewise, a back photo will not help! It’s your face that singles will want to see.

For this, you could choose a photo where you are seen from the front, from the bust. You can also use a full-length photo if you wish! 

The light will also have to work in your favor so that you can be seen clearly. 

Avoid photos where you are hidden in the shadows, this will not highlight your face, and your features will be hidden under this bad light!

In order for singles to want to know you more, and to start a conversation with you, it will be important that they can see your face clearly. 

The clearest photos are often the ones that attract singles the most on dating sites, keep that in mind!

3. A smile is always welcome!

Did you know that your smile could be your weapon of seduction? 

There is a good chance that it will illuminate your face, that it brings out your eyes, and that it highlights you in an overall way. 

Your smile relaxes your features, and it makes you look jovial, easygoing, pleasant and tender. 

Isn’t that the exact image you want to give?

If you are not confident in your physique, your smile could be what lets you reveal yourself differently. 

People who want to find a true story on dating sites will appreciate someone who exudes exhilaration. 

We can imagine ourselves more easily alongside a person who smiles, than with a person who seems to be too serious on his profile picture!

So a small smile from you won’t hurt, and it might even allow you to reveal your full potential to singles. Keep this in mind when choosing your photo!

Choosing your photo on a dating site-2

4. Choose a photo where you are alone

On this dating site, it’s you who interest singles! Not your best friend, your children, or even your pet… So we should only see you in this photo. 

Sure, it might be reassuring to hide behind a gang photo, or behind your pet. 

However, this is not what singles are looking for!

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Make sure to find a photo where we can only see you, you are the one looking for love! 

This way, singles will be able to clearly see if you might be of interest to them, and this will allow you to receive more positive responses from them.

5. A quality photo on a dating site

As we said earlier, it will be very important that you can be seen clearly in the selected photo. And this naturally depends on the quality of the image. 

If the latter is too small, too pixelated, it is better to leave it aside. 

Likewise, if you don’t have a photo of yourself, and you decide to zoom in on a group photo, the quality might not be there!

If you take your photo with your cell phone, also pay attention to the light. In a place that is too dark, the rendering may not be of the best quality. 

All these little points will allow you to obtain the ideal photo to seduce on a dating site!

If you do not have a quality photo, the best will be to take a snapshot taking this point into account! You will be able to present the best of yourself.

6. Do not abuse filters and effects of any kind on your photo on a dating site

Before posting your photo on the dating site of your choice, it can be very tempting to rework it, and add filters of all kinds. 

Certainly, certain filters could allow you to improve the light of the photo, to give a different atmosphere, or to highlight the color of your eyes or your skin for example. 

However, you should not overdo it!

Avoid filters that are too present, which modify your face or which add animal ears to your photos for example. 

Once again, naturalness prevails! If you wish, choose a light filter to enhance the photo, but nothing more! 

This is how you can attract the greatest number of singles.

Choosing your photo on a dating site-3

7. Avoid overly professional photos

To put yourself to your advantage in your photo, you might want to organize a professional shoot, take trendy photos, with outfits, makeup and hairstyle done by professionals…

You are not about to appear in a magazine! More authenticity will be appreciated by the singles present!

Sometimes, it is better to choose a natural selfie, than a photo that looks too professional, and which ultimately does not give an authentic image of yourself. 

We might not recognize you there, and this too perfect and worked photo could even scare the singles present on the site. 

You will therefore have to find the right balance to seduce!

8. Ask your friends for advice if you can’t decide!

Despite all these tips, you still can’t decide which photo looks best to you? 

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Don’t panic, among your small selection, you could ask your friends for advice. 

They will see you in a different way, so they can help you target what your strengths are, and what your photo should allow you to highlight.

Together, you will certainly get the ideal photo! And if none of the photos are right for you, this friend can help you take a new one too! 

You will eventually find the photo you need this way.

9. Choose quality over quantity for your photo on a dating site

On some dating sites, it is possible to highlight different photos. A so-called profile photo, which will be seen first when viewing your profile on the dating site. 

But also other secondary photos, which could allow singles to get to know you in more detail. 

Indeed, it is often difficult to form an opinion on a person with only one photo!

However, it is better to choose quality over quantity! 

You should therefore focus on your best photos, rather than wanting to show all your pictures at all costs. 

Again, help from your friends might be welcome to make a choice!

Choosing your photo on a dating site-4

10. Make this photo show what you like

Your photo could also allow you to introduce yourself, and highlight what you like. First of all, you can choose the frame of the latter. A green landscape, the sea or the mountain…

That will say a little more about your preferences!

You could also choose photos when you are on vacation, or when you are doing different activities. If you like to paint, go horseback riding… whatever represents you! 

Again, as long as your face remains clear, and this photo adds something to your profile! This will help you know how to flirt on a dating site.

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