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Characteristics Of Energetic People Personality Trait

Posted by John Anumba

Characteristics Of Energetic People Personality Trait

What are the characteristics of an energetic personality?

What are the words that best describe a high-energy person?

A personality is a combination of all factors that add up to build the intellectual traits of a person. Having an energetic personality plays a strong role in defining how a person survives even in hard situations.

Having an energetic personality is about being active and lively. There is no dull moment with you an energetic person.

They are always high-spirited and vibrant in the way they do things.  You can also liken an energetic personality to a strong trait.

This is because people like this are achievers and are always passionate about anything they lay their hands on.

Energetic personality meaning

You cannot say you have an energetic personality when you are gentle and go into things half-hearted. It is either you are in or out; there is no sitting on the fence.

This is one trait you need to live a more fulfilled life because so many choices about life, especially when it has to do with success, demands that you make a decision and go with it full-hearted and vigorously.

You must be tough mentally and emotionally to be able to succeed in this life and become the success you desire. When this is not possible, you see yourself living a mediocre life.

Let’s take a look at other similar positive personality traits like that of an energetic personality.

Qualities of an energetic person and how to have this personality

Becoming an energetic person is very possible and important. If you find yourself in a situation where you are weak and unable to build the drive to go for something you really want, then you need to learn how to go about it.

Being energetic is not just about your physical body, your mind is also as important. The reason being, if you are demotivated about something, it doesn’t matter how physically strong you are, you will still find taking action almost impossible.

When building our energy, it’s important that we focus on the inside as much as we focus on the external energy.

Here are a few tips on how to develop an energetic personality.

Focus on what’s important 

Whether it is physical or emotional, you expend energy whenever you are involved in something.

To save energy and become more productive and efficient, it’s important that you focus on what’s important.

Getting involved in diverse things in your life that are of little or no importance minimizes is your chances of investing your energy in what is important.

So for you to seem more energetic and achieve more in your life, it’s important you identify areas of your life that requires most of your time and effort and focus on them.

They get enough sleep

To be more energetic you have to learn to get enough rest.

It is wrong to say people that sleep more are unable to achieve more in their life. As a matter of fact, if you refuse to give your body and the required amount of sleep it needs, you will find yourself becoming less energetic with each day that passes by.

Build a healthy body

It is not possible to be energetic whether physically, mentally, or emotionally if you don’t take care of your body.

This is why I recommend you exercise as often as you can. 

Join a gym if possible, eat healthy foods and avoid junk. Keeping your environment clean is also very necessary to stay active and motivated.

Health is wealth so it’s important you take care of your body.

Live in the present

Do not distract your focus by investing your time and effort in things that are not under your control.

For you to be energetic, in everything you do, it is important that you live in the present.

Living in the moment helps you stay focused to achieve whatever it is you lay your mind on.

But when you’re constantly worried about the future things you cannot control, you find yourself being distracted and unable to live a meaningful life

Never stop learning

Energizing your mental and emotional health might not be possible if you don’t develop them.

Great leaders never stop reading and learning new things every day.

Which is why it’s important that you continue to expand your knowledge bank with each opportunity you get.

The moment you stop growing is the moment you stop learning

Never be afraid to try something new

Energetic people are never afraid to try something new.

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It doesn’t matter the aspect of your life you wish to grow, if you don’t get out of your comfort zone and try something new, you might never learn anything.

In order to develop yourself, taking on new challenges remains an important aspect of your growth. 

New challenges will motivate you to invest more in expanding yourself.

Whether you desire to build your physical, emotional, or mental strength, you should never be afraid to try new things.

Stay disciplined

It doesn’t matter how motivated you are in becoming a better version of yourself, if you’re not disciplined, you cannot stay focused till the end. 

Discipline is an important aspect of any success story without which you might find yourself abandoning your project when you are overwhelmed by challenges.

High energy personality psychology and traits

The main psychology of a high-energy personality is the feeling that they are able to achieve anything they set their minds on.

One common trait of a high-energy personality is being goal-oriented.

They are disciplined to the extent that they focus on improving themselves on a daily basis.  High energy people hate feeling weak and feel frustrated when they are not able to achieve something they set their hearts on.

 This inability drives them to keep working on their weaknesses until they are able to overcome them.

What is an energetic person

When they say a person is energetic it means that this person is active and full of willpower to get something done.  Energetic people are not afraid to take on challenges.

In fact, they inspire other people around them to feel motivated to take action.

An energetic person find a reason to keep working on his goals and moves on to another one the moment the first one is achieved

Is energetic personality a character trait

An energetic personality is certainly a character trait because it has certain behaviours that people like this display. 

Earlier in this post, we talked about how people like this value their health and do what it takes to develop themselves on a daily basis.

Energetic people behave this way because they hate the feeling of being unable to achieve something they set their minds on.

When you have this kind of mindset, you will definitely develop certain character traits that will help you improve your energy level on all levels including physically, mentally, and emotionally

Characteristics of a high energy person

 I’ve talked about it earlier in this post on how to develop our energetic personality.  That said, the characteristics of a high-energy person are likewise similar to be energetic and here are some of them:

  • Disciplined:  No matter how many times a mission fails or seems difficult, they stay focused till they achieve their aim.
  • Go-getters: High-energy people set their minds on something and go for it without thinking of the difficulties and failures involved.
  • Focus on what’s important:  Being able to stay disciplined and go after the goal without being distracted is dependent on the ability to focus on what’s important.  This character trait is common with high-energy people.
  • They live in the present:  Thinking about the worries of tomorrow and how difficult the mission is going to be is not the common trait of a high-energy person; rather he lives in the present and focuses on what’s at hand
  • Constant learners: No matter their failures, high energy people learn from them and keep at it until the mission is accomplished.
  • Self-motivated:  High-energy people are able to draw inspiration from a source that seems mysterious.  Sometimes you look at them and wonder how they stay focused on the mission that seems very difficult or comes with many distractions.
  • Inspiring:  One positive aspect of associating with a high-energy person is that he can be able to draw inspiration from their actions and develop yourself in a way that enables you to accomplish your mission and goals in life. 

Highly Energetic Person

Being highly energetic can be taken to be an advanced level of just being energetic in your way of life and how you do things.  For people like this, when not properly guided, they might go to the extreme and make mistakes along the way because for highly energetic people, applying caution when putting all their strength on a mission is not one of their many positive traits.

33 Energetic and High Energy Synonyms

  1. aggressive
  2. dynamic
  3. enterprising
  4. industrious
  5. lively
  6. powerful
  7. spirited
  8. sprightly
  9. spry
  10. strong
  11. tireless
  12. vigorous
  13. animated
  14. ball of fire
  15. breezy
  16. brisk
  17. demoniac
  18. driving
  19. forcible
  20. fresh
  21. hardy
  22. high-powered
  23. indefatigable
  24. kinetic
  25. lusty
  26. peppy
  27. potent
  28. red-blooded
  29. rugged
  30. snappy
  31. stalwart
  32. strenuous
  33. sturdy
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Describe an energetic person that you know

One popular example of an energetic person I know is Usain Bolt.  It’s not just because he was once a world record holder as one of the fastest men alive, but because of his determination to achieve the greatness he did achieve.

Getting to that stage of life takes a lot of work and determination and if you’re not disciplined and focused, you will never get to the level it takes to become the master of your field.

Positive energy meaning

A positive energy person is somewhat similar to an energetic personality.  That is, we are talking about people that see the bright side of life in any mission and go forward with an optimistic mindset that there will always be a way out.

Even in the face of trouble, a positive energy person will always forge ahead and inspire his followers spiritually and mentally to find a positive way in order to achieve their common goals. 

How to be a more energetic person

You can only become more energetic if you go beyond your comfort zone and achieve more than you are used to.  It doesn’t matter the level you are in your life, if you put more effort and go past the level you’re comfortable with, you will definitely grow.

Being more energetic means that you already know what it’s like to be one but desire to achieve more.  There are no shortcuts to success.

For example, if you were used to 100 pushups, then developing more energy means you have to start learning how to go past 150.

And when you get to 150 push-ups and you are comfortable at that level, you now make it a mission to get to 200.

This is how you grow from strength to strength and get stronger.

Same it is with being more energetic, this example can be applied in all fields and spheres of life.

It’s more about putting in more effort than you are used to.

Another word for an energetic hard-working person

Another word that is perfect for the description of an energetic hard-working person is “discipline”.

My reason for choosing the word discipline is because without this trait you cannot stay focused to continue grinding on your mission without giving up.

It takes discipline for a man to be energetic and hardworking at the same time and being disciplined is the challenged most people are unable to stick with

Why am I always energetic?

Having so much energy for your daily activity and your goals must come with some reasons that are explainable.

The three common reasons why someone can always stay and remain energetic is first, they are born that way,  that is the energy they give off comes naturally to them without much effort.

Another reason is that they have a way of motivating themselves to keep moving ahead.

And thirdly, there is no man that is as energetic as a man that has a mission he wants to achieve.  If you have a goal you find interesting and you are determined to make it a reality, you will always stay energetic whenever you are involved with it.

 So in summary, the three main reasons why someone can always remain energetic are:

  • It’s natural
  • Self-motivation
  • You have a mission

Benefits of being energetic

Developing an energetic personality comes with lots of benefits.  Developing this personality needs you to stay focused and working towards developing your energy level physically, emotionally and mentally is where the problem lies.

It may sound easy and enticing to the ears but developing this personality is not as easy as most people think.

In order to encourage you to work towards being more energetic, here are a few motivating benefits:

  • You are an achiever
  • You learn to never give up
  • You learn to be more disciplined and focused
  • You are more confident
  • You understand the secret of success

From this list, you can see that being energetic has a lot to do with your mentality and how it is positively affected.  For instance, the fact that you are aware that you have what it takes to go after any project makes you an achiever.

The constant thought that you have what it takes to be successful drives you to never  give up.  You learn to be more disciplined and focused in your course because you know that you have what it takes.

Going further, being energetic means that you have confidence in yourself. Simply put, you understand the secret of success which is having confidence in your ability and staying disciplined and focused on the hard work that is involved.

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What makes someone energetic and why some people have more energy

There is nothing that makes someone more energetic than having a single purpose in life. When you are motivated by the desire to achieve something you really want,  you will definitely stay energetic whenever you are involved in it.

You need no one to drive or inspire you because you have set your mind on the goal.

But even when you are the strongest man in the room, you tend to be demotivated when you are not really interested or emotionally invested in the mission.

 So if you want to be more energetic, you need to give yourself a purpose in life.

Active or energetic person

Being active or energetic are closely related because one cannot do without the other.  Active people are known to be energetic in what they do and energetic people are also known to be active.

It is possible to say that both personalities have similar character traits.  It is more about getting involved wholeheartedly and not halfheartedly.

High energy vs low energy person

The difference between a high-energy and a low-energy person is always obvious because you get the direct opposite of what you get from one to the other.

Just as a high-energy person always feels motivated and active, a low-energy person always stays demotivated and less active.

High energy people get involved in activities wholeheartedly while low-energy people need a lot of push for them to get involved in the first place – even when they do, they don’t do it with all their mind and strength.

High energy people have this ability to inspire those around them while low-energy people can demoralize a team and give them very good reasons not to take action.

High energy people set their sights on the end goal and work towards it with confidence while low energy people are known to have doubts and give up even before the start.

High energy people continue even after experiencing challenges while low energy people give up at the first resistance they get.

It is always easy for a low-energy person to declare that a mission is impossible or very difficult to achieve success but for a high-energy person, there’s always confidence to take on a mission no matter the challenges that might be met on the way.

As a matter of fact, high-energy people realize that there will always be challenges and they are happy to face them because that is how they become successful and grow as a person.

How to describe someone’s energy

You can describe someone’s energy by their actions and the way they react to situations around them.  A person with positive energy will always display optimism and give off positive auras.

The opposite is what you get when someone has negative energy. You always see a person like this backbiting,  full of jealousy,  always angry,  and blaming other people for their problems.

Be careful how you relate with people like this because their energy is contagious and their minds can infect your vibes with their negativity.  Staying away from them is always the best advice. 

Whether positive or negative, a person’s energy is always visible in their outward approach to people and life in general

Nickname for someone with lots of energy

Nicknames people bear are a result of their role models or situations around them.  It is possible to nickname an energetic person “Superman” or a “Man of steel”.

Another nice nickname for someone with a lot of energy is “Powerhouse”.We can also use “The bull”,  “Turbo” and my personal favorite “Nergio”.

Updated on 10th July, 2021

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