The Character traits of a Strong Personality

Posted by John Anumba

Some people can adapt and overcome adversities easily. Are you one of them? Find out what are the attitudes that define a resilient person who has a strong personality.

There is usually some confusion regarding personality, character, and temperament. This is because these terms are very similar, but not quite the same. What does it mean to have a strong personality?

For this reason, it is important to define what personality is.

According to Hall & Lindzey in his book Theories of Personality (1957, p. 262), personality is ” the dynamic organization in an individual of the systems which determine his characteristic behavior and thought “.

In other words, it is the configuration of the systems responsible for behavior that are forged through the history of each individual.

What does it mean to have a strong personality?

Some people, outside of the theory of psychology, might think that having a strong personality means having character.

Although there is generally a heated debate among theorists as to what the term “character” is, in the context of personality it can be said to be a person who exhibits resilience.

Resilience is a person’s ability to positively adapt to difficult situations and overcome adversity.

For example, in Japanese culture, kintsugi is a traditional art of repairing broken pottery with strong adhesive and gold dust. At the end of the process, the restored pottery is stronger and more valuable than at the beginning.

Isn’t the Kintsugi a prime example of the beauty of resilience?

Signs of a strong personality

How do you know if you are resilient? In this article, we are going to share with you some of the main characteristics that define a strong personality.

1. Optimism

Being optimistic is the tendency to face difficulties with a good spirit, persistence, and hope. It is an approach that allows us to find solutions, advantages or possibilities in the face of difficulties.

If we are positive and optimistic, it is easier for us to accept responsibility for our actions and take the time to improve and surpass ourselves.

2. Frustration tolerance

Developing tolerance for frustration improves emotional stability. It is a sign of strong personality.

It is important to be tolerant when someone or yourself makes a mistake. Remembering that no one is perfect and that everyone makes mistakes will help us be more flexible with others and with ourselves.

In addition, there are intervention programs that emphasize the importance of proposing alternative behavioral strategies, in order to improvise new actions instead of repeating the same mistakes.

3. Emotional intelligence

It is a sign of maturity and intelligence that allows you to learn to regulate emotional responses .

This can translate into the ability to recognize and deal with one’s own feelings and those of others, which facilitates interpersonal behavior.

According to a considerable amount of research on the subject, emotional intelligence is linked to success .

This ability has been shown to provide the foundation for social and emotional skills that are important to be successful in almost any job.

Therefore, emotional intelligence can be used in our favor to improve productivity and psychological well-being.

4. Passion

Alfredo Culebro, an entrepreneur specializing in helping people and businesses succeed, comments in his book This must change! , that passion is the inexhaustible energy that drives people to keep going despite limitations or difficulties.

Passion is a great help because it allows you to feel fulfilled and to appreciate your work, even in the absence of recognition.

On the other hand, research has proven that positive (harmonious) passion has an excellent influence as it allows one to experience higher levels of positive emotions, focus and the desire to do tasks well.

This promotes the emancipation of the person and his ability to face the challenges that arise, independent of outside help.

Although it is not an innate ability of the human being, it can be developed. A sign of strong personality!

5. Commitment and motivation

Getting involved is an obligation that needs full knowledge to achieve it.

It happens when the person believes in what they are doing and that it is important to them. But also by maintaining and developing a firm behavior. Therefore, the individual does not stop until all of their goals have been met.

Motivation, on the other hand, is a feeling that stems from a high degree of involvement in achieving a goal. Not only for the satisfaction of basic needs, but also those related to self-actualization (how to achieve success in different areas of life).

For this purpose, the desire to achieve efficiency and quality are also taken into account.

Isaac Garrido Gutiérrez declares that “research in psychology confirms […] that the subject acts according to an exercise of free will, by structuring a strong feeling of personal responsibility”.

In other words, motivation can be self-determined, initiated and regulated by one’s own choice. This is at the origin of the achievement of the previously anticipated objectives.

This is how motivation becomes the internal motor that connects mind, will, and interest to achieve goals in a positive, happy, and hopeful way.

6. Flexibility

When we go through difficulties, it is difficult to remain neutral, even when we are too critical of ourselves.

However, accepting the circumstances and being flexible will allow us to focus on what we can change and also to see the changes as new opportunities for growth.

According to Acceptance and Compromise Therapy (ACT), psychological acceptance and flexibility help people let go of snuff and move on with previous negative experiences to find a way to live fully and focus on what really matters.

7. Learning

Resilience is not a capacity but a learning process.

Usually humans learn by going through hardships and making mistakes. Therefore, we cannot do what we have not learned.

However, experiences are a great source of personal knowledge that will allow you to create strategies to face difficult life events and thus to be able to overcome them with joy.

Even though we think the opposite and believe that we are fragile and weak, our inner strengths are there. They really define us and have shaped our ways of being strong.

More Strong Personality Traits and Characteristics

Having a strong personality can sometimes be scary, yet this character trait does not necessarily refer to a need to dominate and can, even, often hide, great human wealth.

Focusing on the characteristics of a strong personality, the site “Terrafémina” (women’s magazine), identifies eight distinctive signs:

1- A strong personality cannot stand excuses:

Having a strong personality also means being uncompromising. A person with a strong personality cannot stand (bad) excuses. Whether it’s receiving those from others or expressing regret, she believes that words and other muddy explanations are a waste of time.

2- It is selective:

When you have a strong personality, you are generally sure of your choices, says the same source, adding that “Unlike others, a strong personality does not expect those close to them to tell them which path to take or what opinion. to have”.

3- It doesn’t like superficiality:

Always ready to present his ideas, a strong personality does not like superficial discussions, believing that it is an outright waste of time.

4- It hates ignorance:

Strong personalities are generally thoughtful and educated. Because they always get information before giving their opinion, they have a hard time supporting people who allow themselves to judge without knowing, notes “Terrafémina”.

5- It knows how to listen:

To better impose themselves in the eyes of others, strong personalities know how to unconsciously push them to come and confide in them, making themselves even more essential.

6- It does not demand attention:

Having a strong personality inevitably attracts others. Often it is others who come to her and place her at the center of attention and not the other way around.

7- It is not afraid:

While we’re all afraid of something, the only difference when you have a strong personality is that it’s easier to put your anxieties aside and focus on the essentials, the site notes.

8- It likes insecurity:
Strong personalities love to think outside the box. For them insecurity also rhymes with opportunity and they are ready to take risks if the game is worth the candle

13 Things people with strong personality avoid doing

Despite all the time executives and leaders spend worrying about their physical condition and health, mental toughness (strength of character) can mean much more. Especially for entrepreneurs, many articles talk about essential characteristics to have such as: mental strength / tenacity, courage, optimism, and a flawless ability “to get up (despite failures)” such as contributor David Williams at Forbes points this out.

However, one can also define mental toughness by identifying the things that individuals with strong character do not do . Over the weekend, I was impressed with this list compiled by Amy Morin, a psychotherapist, which she shared on LifeHack. It impressed me so much that I wanted to share it with you here along with my thoughts on how each of these is especially suitable for entrepreneurs.

1. Waste time feeling sorry for yourself

You don’t see mentally strong people feeling sorry for themselves or dwelling on how they’ve been abused. They have learned to take responsibility for their actions and results, and they have an inherent understanding that life is often not fair. They are able to come out of difficult circumstances while being grateful for the lessons learned. When a situation goes wrong, they simply respond, “Next!”

2. Give your power (give power to others)

People with strong character avoid empowering others to make them feel inferior or bad. They understand that they are in control of their actions and their emotions. They know their strength lies in their ability to manage the way they react.

3. Flee from change

Mentally strong people embrace change and are fond of challenges, challenges. Their greatest “fear”, if they have one, is not of the unknown, but of becoming complacent and stagnating. A context of change and even uncertainty can fuel a mentally strong person and even bring out the best in themselves.

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4. Wasting energy on things you can’t control

Strong-tempered people don’t complain (a lot) about traffic jams, lost luggage, or especially other people, as they recognize that all of these factors are usually beyond their control. In a bad situation, they recognize that the only thing they can always control is their reaction and attitude, and they make good use of those attributes.

5. Worry about pleasing others

Do you know people who want to please everyone? Or conversely, people who voluntarily displease others as a means of reinforcing an image of strength? Neither position is correct. A mentally strong person strives to be kind and fair, and to please others when appropriate, but is not afraid to speak up and defend their positions. They are able to anticipate the possibility that someone will get angry, resist it, and come out of it gracefully (as much as possible).

6. Fear of taking calculated risks

A person of character is ready to take calculated risks. It is quite a different thing than jumping headlong into reckless risks. But with mental toughness, a person can weigh the risks against the benefits, and fully assess the potential drawbacks and even worst case scenarios before taking action.

7. Go back / dwell on the past

There is strength in recognizing the past and especially in recognizing things learned from past experiences, but a mentally strong person is able to avoid exhausting his mental energy in disappointments of the past or in fantasies of the “days”. of glory ”past. They invest the majority of their energy in creating an optimal present and future.

8. Make the same mistakes over and over again

We all know what the definition of insanity is, right? It’s when we repeat the same actions over and over again hoping for a different and better result than we got before. A person of strong character accepts full responsibility for their past behavior and is ready to learn from their mistakes. Studies show that the ability to introspect in a precise and productive way is one of the greatest strengths behind the spectacular success of some executives and entrepreneurs.

9. Envy the success of others

It takes strength of character to truly feel joy and excitement for the success of others. Mentally strong people have this ability. They don’t get jealous or envious when others are successful (although they can take notes of what the individual has done well). They are willing to work hard to achieve success on their own (and if they don’t succeed at least they will have tried: “Get Rich or Die Tryin!”), And of course they don’t rely on shortcuts.

10. Give up after failure

Every failure is a chance to improve. Even the greatest entrepreneurs are willing to admit that their early efforts were mostly unsuccessful. People with strength of character are willing to fail over and over again, if necessary, as long as the experience of learning from all the “failures” can bring them closer to their ultimate goals.

11. Fear of being alone

Mentally strong people appreciate the time they spend alone. They use this time to think, plan and be productive. Most importantly, they don’t depend on others to solidify their happiness and moods. They can be happy with others, and they can also be happy on their own.

12. Thinking that the world owes us something

Particularly in today’s economy, executives and employees at all levels increasingly realize that the world does not owe them a salary, benefits and a comfortable life, regardless of their background and education. People who are strong in character come into the world ready to work and succeed, relying only on themselves.

13. Expect immediate results

Whether it’s a workout plan, a nutritional diet, or starting a business, people with strong character have a vision (and plans) for the long term. They know very well that they should not expect immediate results. They apply their energy and time in measured doses, and they celebrate each step towards moving closer to success. They have stamina. And they understand that real change takes time.

12 Character traits of a strong and independent woman

A strong woman is a very important person in society.

It is not just about the one who does not depend on anyone for a living.

In fact, this category of woman stands out from the crowd by everything she does on a daily basis. So much so that many would like to become one.

Long considered fragile, the fairer sex has always been seen as dependent on men in everything.

This can be proven by the fact that women have only recently had access to many rights.

All this would not have been possible without the existence of independent women.

They not only learned a lot about the character of men but also developed a strength that could surpass even the male sex.

The reason is that independent women have more capacity to develop faster.

All women dream of becoming strong. In truth, it is quite possible, because everything can be learned.

Indeed, you can reach this level by going step by step to build yourself a personality as strong as a rock.

The good news is that the character traits unique to independent women are now in the spotlight.

You can discover them in the lines that follow so that you can adopt them and become one in turn.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

1. Self-confidence

If there is one thing that defines a strong woman, it is self-confidence. She doesn’t know insecurity.

She is not afraid to reveal herself to the world as she is.

A woman of this level does not feel inferior to anyone because she knows what she is worth and what she is capable of.

Strong women don’t compare to others.

It sets other types of women apart because they don’t have to do this to feel important.

Indeed, always having after others is not a mark of self-confidence and they know it well.

They don’t because they know what they’re worth. No one is perfect in life.

These women who stand out are also not.

However, they don’t get stuck on this. They take the time to recognize their flaws and find solutions to remedy them.

They have this confidence of a tempered mind which surpasses any test.

2. Emotional independence

One of the characteristics of a strong woman is also to have a certain emotional independence.

This means that she doesn’t let her feelings dominate her. Of course, she can love like any human being.

However, she is careful to control herself so as not to come out disappointed just in case.

She is not afraid to stand up and defend her opinion in front of the person she loves.

Indeed, this kind of woman does not let herself be intimidated by men, even alpha males.

She knows how to keep her head even when her love life is threatened.

A woman with emotional independence does not need anyone to be happy.

She is solely responsible for her happiness and knows how to choose these centers of interest for herself.

These young women are aware of what they need to be happy and give themselves the means to have them on their own.

3. Courage

Courage is another character that allows you to recognize a strong woman. She is not afraid to speak her mind for a living and if she feels the need to ignore a coworker or boss, she will do so without blinking an eye.

She is the only woman capable of raising her children on her own with no one to help her.

She does not complain and draws her strength from the love and vision of her children who are happy and lacking for nothing in life.

On the other hand, so-called strong women are also not afraid to climb the ranks to find a place in the big leagues.

These are women who manage to accomplish the same feats as men, or even better.

It is for this reason that we always find more and more dominant women.

They also have the courage to handle difficult decisions.

These are usually things that require a certain strength of mind.

4. Determination

Women of influence are determined people who will stop at nothing to accomplish their mission.

They set goals and only stop once the expected result has been achieved.

Even the greatest failures cannot prevent them from completing their quests. Despite everything, they sometimes fall.

However, they know how to turn their failures into success by getting up after each fall.

Moreover, they take advantage of these difficult times to learn and become even better.

In fact, nothing can stop a stubborn woman from succeeding in anything.

This great determination also allows them to quickly take action.

As soon as they plan to do something, it doesn’t take long for the magic of willpower to take effect.

A choice made for them means a choice made to the end.

5. Freedom

Strong women are free to act.

They have no orders to receive from anyone and act as they see fit.

They do not allow themselves to be limited and give themselves the means to owe nothing to anyone.

In addition, they do not need any outside help to do what they want to do.

Freedom of expression is also the strength of a free woman. She is not afraid to say what they think out loud.

She expresses her opinion as she sees fit without being afraid of being judged by anyone.

This freedom that they have is also characterized by financial freedom.

Indeed, they are able to find the resources they need to live on their own.

So they don’t have to ask a man to support them and give them what they can earn for themselves.

6. Good listening and analysis

These extraordinary young women also know how to show good listening skills as well as good analysis.

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They never act impulsively and take a step back before making a decision they might not regret.

Indeed, what is a woman of influence without good rationality?

Their ability to listen and analyze each situation allows them to always be one step ahead of a situation.

Every decision must be taken well so as not to get trapped.

It is for this reason that she has to keep her head all the time.

7. Good self-control

A strong woman knows how to control herself in any situation.

It is for this reason that other people find it difficult to bring her out of her calm.

Regardless of the attacks on her, this type of woman knows how to keep her calm and her dignity.

So it will take a lot more to get it out of its safe zone.

Faced with a conflict with other individuals, she plays a lot on psychology.

She knows that whoever loses her temper first will lose and will do anything to prevent it from being her.

Contrary to that, this kind of woman prefers to chat calmly to deal with the situation in her own way.

It’s not that she lets herself go to avoid conflict.

However, it often happens that women who are qualified as strong are indulgent and hold back so as not to lower themselves to the level of those who attack them.

It is this state of mind that makes her often give herself the honors, no matter the situation.

8. Leadership

A strong woman knows how to influence others without manipulating them.

She manages to get what she expects from others in the easiest way.

To do this, she uses a particular leadership that is based on empathy.

She puts herself in the shoes of others and is not afraid to set an example.

Women of influence are people who inspire their guests.

Every action they take serves as an example to many people.

They show that you can achieve everything on your own provided you know how to use the hidden potential that lies dormant in everyone.

They know how to lead others, whether in their private life or in their professional life.

It is for this reason that people always expect a lot from them.

It is therefore no wonder that we still see more and more women occupying senior positions in big companies and even in politics.

9. Franchise

A courageous woman is straightforward. She does not take tweezers for fear of hurting a person.

It is an extraordinary ability that allows these exceptional women to say out loud what others dare not say.

When something doesn’t please her, she isn’t afraid to express it.

It’s not that she’s doing this to offend others.

Rather, it is a sign that she is showing her true nature so that her guests can learn about her personality.

10. Education

A so-called strong woman invests a lot in her education.

We are talking here about his personal development in order to become better every day.

The world is changing all the time.

It is for this reason that she must keep up to date so as not to be withdrawn from others.

Education is important for a woman of influence.

Indeed, knowledge is for her a tool that allows her to inspire other women.

She plays a very specific role in society which is to serve as a model for others.

To achieve this, it has the ability to gather the information it needs.

11. A good presentation

A woman considered strong takes care of her presentation.

Even though she ignores what other people think, she knows she needs to be careful about her own well-being.

To inspire other women to become strong, she must constantly give the best of herself.

To do this, it is important that she takes care of herself.

Good presentation is not only manifested in the exterior appearance.

Indeed, it is also important for an exceptional woman to have a certain inner balance.

This is obtained by practicing activities that allow you to recharge your batteries such as sport or yoga.

In addition, a good presentation is also essential for her, because it allows her to have self-confidence.

Indeed, to be strong, she needs to be able to assert herself, to love herself, but above all to feel at ease to release so much power.

12. Respect for others

Although one might believe that a strong woman is apart, respect for others is a culture that she conveys a lot.

Indeed, it is not a question of putting oneself on a pedestal and looking down on others.

On the contrary, it must also lead by example in terms of mutual respect.

A free woman can assert herself without destroying her guests.

She knows the limit of what she can do and knows when she should not exceed the freedom of others.

She is therefore fully aware that her freedom ends where that of others begins.


In short, you can adopt these traits to become a strong woman.

Self-confidence is one of those you need to master first. It is the basis of all other qualities.

It is a force that will already allow you to assert yourself in society, but above all to restore your self-esteem.

Then, courage must also be present in you, because you will need it to face many situations.

Independence requires learning to manage everything without outside help.

To achieve this, you must learn to take it upon yourself and find solutions on your own.

Being strong also requires having good self-control. We live in a world where conflict is very present.

It is for this reason that you must learn to control your nerves so as not to give in to anger and lower yourself to the level of those who attack you.

5 signs that you have a strong personality , but are also very sensitive

The strong personality does not have the exact scientific definition of the subject which interests us here; indeed, these terminologies are rather used to express the capacity of an individual to contain himself, to keep his cool and to assert himself, just as they reflect the behavior and the habits of a person who , when faced with pressures or difficulties, manages to remain wise, not to get carried away and not to make a big deal of insignificant things.

An individual with a strong personality mastering the art of good relations with people has nothing to do with someone who shows his muscles to intimidate others, in fact too much and overreacts when it is not at all necessary. , for example, raising your voice during a debate is not necessarily the sign that the words of the winner are correct. In fact a strong personality who knows how to do it in his relations with his fellows is characterized by a calm attitude, an indifference to stupid discussions and the fact of not imposing at all costs his vision of things on others; thus, self-confidence and clubbing do not need coercion, anger or uplifting.

We want to recall that the English philosopher Hobbes considered that the concept of strength includes all the commendable human virtues including sensitivity, so he thinks for example that patience is an expression of strength, because according to him the impatient shows weakness, he is incapable of strengthening himself by being patient and enduring trials. Note that it has been shown recently that patience and resilience in the face of deprivation increases the body’s ability to secrete endorphin which is a natural drug that relieves it in the event of pain and generates in the subject a great feeling of good. -be.

This great philosopher further considers self-mastery to be a strength, as it is a subtle blend of patience and self-confidence, plus it involves something that has to do with the ability not to pay too much attention to trivial things. even to despise them and to ignore them totally; on the other hand, Hobbes thinks that courage is also a force, because it is a feeling by which the subject refuses cowardice and humiliation, just as he considers that fairness is a force, because it reflects the capacity of man to overcome his propensity for covetousness and the commission of injustice towards others for reasons linked to his passions; finally, according to Hobbes, chastity is also a force,

As a result, we can say that having a strong personality is being able to keep within the limits of good behavior. Finally, we would like to remind you that there are other important signs of a strong personality, such as a strong sense of responsibility as well as the ability to fully assume the consequences of one’s choices and decisions.

Here are the 5 signs that you have a strong personality, but that you are also very sensitive

1. Sometimes you get overwhelmed.

Yes, sometimes the world is an overwhelming place. But don’t let it kill you. This is strength. You get your feelings, sure, but at the end of the day you’re a tough guy who doesn’t give up.

2. You call people.

But only when they deserve it. You listen to your feelings, and you know when someone deserves a call. You are sensitive when you have a keen awareness of details.

3. You select your appointments.

You don’t date just any Tinder moron. You don’t have a little chat on the first date. You want real human interactions. You have a little more trouble finding a date but it’s really worth it for you …

4. You don’t complain, it’s just that you can’t stand trivialities.

To you, to be a jerk means to resist. Being sensitive means knowing when to stand up for yourself. If you’re complaining, it’s not because you’re boring. It’s because the world is full of idiots.

5. You have good listening skills.

As a sensitive person, you know how nice it is to be listened to. So you know that it is important to have good listening skills. For you, it’s easy to shut up and listen to a friend.

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Positive 17 Character Traits Of A Woman With Strong Personality

“Women, precious ornaments of the earth, are a second soul of our being, which, under another envelope, intimately corresponds to all our thoughts, which they awaken; to all our desires, which they give birth to and share; to our weaknesses, which they can pity without being affected. “

Joseph-Alexandre de Ségur

What are the characteristics you see in a woman and you know she has a strong personality?

What are the character traits of a strong woman and what makes up thier personality?

Woman is the basis of everything and of all education. A woman is a strong woman. A strong woman is a healthy woman. She has in her  a combination of everything that adds up to build her psychic traits, that is, she has her own personality. Having a strong personality plays a key role in defining a person. 

Personality is what sets us apart from others: in this sense, “lacking personality” means that we blend in, often for fear of disturbing or for lack of self-confidence. This is not the case for a strong woman. The key to having a healthy personality is to find a balance with all of the elements that make up everyday life

Because of this, having a healthy and strong personality makes it possible both to not get stressed out easily, but also to think clearly and with reason when everyone is following pre-established ideas. People with healthy personalities have strength of character and assert themselves naturally. 

1. She is determined

A strong woman is a woman determined to accomplish whatever she dreams of. She will then do everything to achieve her final goal, and this in the best possible way. She then knows how to provoke “her luck” with all the positive thinking necessary to succeed. The personality of a strong woman knows what she wants and how to achieve it.

2. She doesn’t compare to others

The personality of a strong woman doesn’t really care what other people think of her and her lifestyle choices. She knows how to ignore all unnecessary criticism and gratuitous judgment. She is her own master and follows her own directive, since she is the one who knows herself best.

3. She is confident in her abilities

The personality of a strong woman recognizes her qualities and her faults. Above all, she knows how to trust her abilities since this is what will allow her to be so determined and not to let go. As she is aware of what she is capable of, she is also aware of what she is not capable of. She does not rush headlong, but with good reason. This does not prevent him from making sure to become better and gain in competence.

4. She’s not afraid of failure

No, she is not afraid of falling because she is aware that she will get up. A strong woman is not indestructible or even superhuman. It is just constantly evolving. Therefore, it is normal that sometimes it fails. It is also possible that she has small moments of weakness that do not deprive her of the status of Strong Women ! Yes ladies, a strong woman CAN Cry – I know it’s crazy!  The main thing is to bounce back better after her failure, and that she knows how to do it.

5. She is independent …

It does not depend on anything or anyone. She knows how to satisfy her financial needs and fully assumes She then knows how to sort things out and does not need to be done for her. An independent woman “is capable of” on her own.

6. … but she recognizes moments of co-dependence

This does not prevent him from living in society and accepting the help of others. She knows how to work in groups without imposing herself as a dictator and master of knowledge. A strong woman knows how to live with the Other and accepts his opinion which may be different from hers.

7. She knows how to make difficult decisions

This is generally one of the most well-known and popularized characteristics of a strong woman, in the sense that it is one of the most common. A strong woman is known for her ability to make difficult decisions without making a big deal out of it or showing that it particularly affects her. The personality of a strong woman is not a machine, but she has this quality of knowing how to make reasonable and better choices for herself and for those around her, even if the latter is not obvious. Sometimes, then, you don’t understand your decisions, but they are always made for good reasons.

8. She listens and analyzes

The personality of a strong woman is not just a “big mouth” who rushes headlong and doesn’t care about everyone around her. Absolutely not. A strong woman has this strength precisely thanks to her patience, her listening skills, her analytical and deductive spirit. She cannot afford to make decisions lightly.

9. She is respectful and dignified

She is respectful and respected, but this can only be done if she gives herself the means to do so. A strong woman in addition to having an assertive character must also have concrete principles. Regardless of these, what matters is that if they are hers, she has to stick to them. Its dignity is then its pillar since it follows a guideline based on its own rules.

10. She says what she thinks

She’s whole and true, what she thinks she says. Because if something bothers her she can’t afford to put up with it. When something doesn’t please her, she doesn’t keep it to herself, she says it too. All this with tact, of course, but without any hypocrisy.

11. She manages her problems calmly

When she encounters an obstacle or a conflict, she must manage it calmly so as not to lower herself to the level of the one who shouts in front of her. Let us not forget that a strong woman is a worthy and respectful woman. If she starts to deal with her conflict with anger, she loses her wisdom.

12. She sets limits

It is not possible to reach a strong woman as easily as you might think. She has previously set limits not to cross in order to have her circle of control and life. There are some things she accepts and others not. And everything is well determined so as not to have to suffer any disrespect.

13. She is indulgent with herself and others

A woman with a strong personality is not totally uncompromising, she is also indulgent with herself as well as with others. Indulgence is the character of that which is not severe. A strong woman is human and recognizes that anyone can make a mistake, including her. She is not stupid, however, and her limits allow her to be forgiving, but not too much!

14. She forgives

Thanks to her indulgence, the strong woman knows how to forgive. Forgiveness is freedom, especially for her. To be angry with someone or to hold a grudge against someone is not good for her or for others. She will then constantly feel negative thoughts and block in her personal progress. Forgiveness is a motor, you are the vehicle, you need it to move forward.

15. She takes care of herself and her body

His body and his mind are linked. So, taking care of herself, having fun, having irreproachable hygiene of life, comes down to purifying her mind and making it as healthy as the body she takes care of. If she is not comfortable with herself that she does not appreciate herself and does not assert herself physically, she will not be able to establish herself as a strong and healthy woman. Taking care of yourself then becomes fundamental.

16. She’s not afraid of knowing

A strong woman is not a woman devoid of spirit and culture. She thirsts for knowledge and her progress increases along with her accumulation of knowledge. Just like his open-mindedness, everything will become bigger by learning a little more every day. She does not then pretend to say that she knows everything, but she can be proud to know more every day.

17. She passes on her knowledge and unpretentious experience

A strong woman must then pass on all she has learned and all her life experience to those around her and to the women of tomorrow. She is able to do it and must do it, since she has shoulders broad enough to take on this responsibility. An obvious example, every mother is a strong woman, now you understand why.You will understand that a strong woman is the portrait of many women around you. And surely you recognized yourself in these characteristics! The goal for you now is to get better every day.

Now that you know what it takes to be a woman with strong personality, do you think these traits and characters are one that any woman can develop and master?

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