Can arrogance be cured?

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The only cure to arrogance is the admittance that change is very necessary for the life of the person involved. Unless he admits his arrogance and takes serious steps to change, it is not possible to cure arrogance because the healing is internal and starts with him.

Just like any other negative personality and character someone possesses, if there is no conviction that change is necessary, the change cannot happen.

So it is with curing arrogance in a person.

The cure can only begin with the person involved and not with an external factor. So much is required of the person involved in terms of effort which can only be put into practice with self-discipline.

There are so many negative aspects of being arrogant and deciding to make a change in one’s life is dependent on how much effort the person is willing to put towards that change.

Taking the Path to Humility

Take, for instance, an arrogant person is far from being humble because they have a huge ego that can easily be offended. 

Arrogant people get angered when they feel like they’re being ignored. For such a person, making efforts to change mean he would have to take the humility path to be more accommodating and patient.

This means bringing down his bar on what an insult is.

Accommodating People They Think Are Weak

Arrogant people can only make friends with the likes of them. Which is why they despise weak people.

For a person that is willing to make a change and be cured of arrogance, he must first realize how unfair he has treated people in the past and also understand that we all are not the same.

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This realization will enable him to develop empathy and act much kinder to other people.

Accepting Responsibility for Mistakes

Think of a person that is not in the attitude of taking responsibility for his mistakes. If someone has gotten used to not accepting responsibility, it takes a lot of effort for this person to change and begin to see the positive of learning from his mistakes.

A person that is serious about changing his arrogant ways must first see the reasons to take responsibility for his actions and mistakes and not pass them over to someone else because they are trying to avoid being associated with failure.

This is one of the reasons why curing an arrogant person involves personal effort.

Understanding What Mutual Respect Is

Arrogant people are known not to respect other people’s time and emotions.

This is one of the reasons why they are constantly late for appointments and meetings. They have this exaggerated sense of self-importance and they believe they are the most important person in the room.

That is why they interrupt others a lot and prefer others waiting for them before a meeting starts rather than there being on time to wait for others.

Respecting Team Effort

A change in this direction the man’s humility in the sense that he begins to see himself as being part of the team and desire to contribute his share of development being on time and respecting other peoples become a step in the right direction.

One weak aspect of arrogance is the desire to be talked about always and the constant feeling of threats to other people’s achievements and progress.

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A cure of arrogance demands a change in this sense of reasoning. He must teach himself to appreciate other people’s success, congratulate them meaningfully and from the bottom of his heart, and stop feeling threatened by their successes.

Being accommodating is another sign of a cure for arrogance which demands personal effort from the person involved.

One can see that the cure to arrogance that depends a lot on personal effort and not external factors that can make this person change.

It is also possible that therapy might also help with self-realization and guidance to personality changes.

An Arrogant Person Might Never Change

It is very possible for an arrogant person never to change for two reasons; one is that they enjoy putting others down and love the feeling that comes with it, secondly they confuse arrogance for confidence.

An arrogant person with this mentality might never change.

Arrogance is most times confused with confidence and it is obvious that this is not the case.

Confidence promotes healthy competition while arrogance feels threatened by them. Confidence is about humility and a sense of self-worth while arrogant is loud and constantly watching his back

The intense feeling of being in power will make it almost difficult for an arrogant person to let go of this personality. 

Self-admittance is the most important aspect of change in any man’s life and it is the same with an arrogant person.

Unless he admits this arrogance and takes steps towards change, becoming a better person becomes almost impossible.

How can you change a man that believes he is confident the best person in the room abandon that feeling and mentality for something presumed to be less.

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You can see that there is no change in mindset and unless this happens, the arrogant might spend most of his life believing that he deserves the center stage and no one else does it.

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