Can an arrogant person be humble?

Posted by John Anumba

It is almost impossible for an arrogant person to be humble. A person that has an exaggerated sense of importance ability will always show off.

You cannot say that such a person is humble except there is a change in mentality and an acceptance that the people around them deserve respect and have something to offer.

With this kind of mentality, you most likely will never be humble. Unlike proud people, arrogant people love to talk about themselves a lot.

They brag about their abilities their achievements and their skills and often ignore the capabilities of the people around them.

Humble people are known to minimize their abilities and hide them from public knowledge. 

But arrogant people will always seek to be the ones in the spotlight. Whether they are aware of this or not, they have a good way of making other people feel less important.

You look at these character traits and you know that humility and arrogance go in opposite directions.

The Possibility of an Arrogant People Becoming More Humble

I wouldn’t want to give up on an arrogant person just yet.

Yes, it is possible for an arrogant person to become humble but I see that happening in two scenarios one is that he realizes how much is arrogance is getting in the way of his relationship with other people and decide to work on himself and secondly life humbles him when he finally loses the sentence thing he has so much we are afraid of losing for a while.

Humility becomes a possibility for a proud person and an arrogant person is not aware of the importance of becoming humble until he is humbled 

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Serious steps are taken towards humility when you realize how much damage arrogance has done to your life and relationship. It is possible you have seen how lonely you are when there are no family and friends coming to your aid in times of need.

You look back and see how rude you have been to them and come to terms that in the past you were not confident but just being disrespectful.

Realization on this path drives you to take steps and learn better ways to treat people with respect. Empathy becomes a new path for you to follow in order to be more accommodating because we know arrogant people don’t enjoy relating with people that are not like them.

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