Bubbly Personality Traits And Characteristics

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In this post we will be taking a look at bubbly personality, its traits and characteristics people with this nature exhibit.

A person that has a bubbly personality is known to have a high spirit and is always lively and exciting to be with. Little wonder why they are always enthusiastic but can be annoying at times.

A person’s personality makes up the bulk of who they are and how they behave. 

Apart from the fact that they can be annoying, they are positive which makes up a major aspect of developing a bubbly personality.

We will now take a look into details what the character traits of a bubbly personality is and how you can develop it.

Character Traits Of A Bubbly Personality

To recognize a bubbly personality, there are the signs to look out for in a person. Feel free to select the ones you can practice to improve yourself.


One common trait of a bubbly personality is positivity and people like this can be so positive in their ways and approach to life that they are often mistaken to lack intelligence.

It is always common perception that when someone is full of sunshine and rainbows they are often perceived to be less intelligent than those that always mean.

But this is not the case and you’ll be wrong to think that people with bubbly personalities are not intelligent.

The perceived lack of intelligence of a bubbly personality is a result of their high rate of positivity which makes people see them as being unable to get the clear picture of any situation.

That said, it doesn’t change the fact that their positivity mindset tends to help them achieve a lot more.

They love making new friends 

People with bubbly personality are easy going and know how to easily connect with strangers. This is how they are able to make friends because they thrive in social situations and starting a conversation even when they’re meeting you for the first time is not a problem.

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We can go back to their positivity which fuels that enthusiasm.

They don’t take a moment to think or feel that strangers might feel intimidated by being approached by someone they don’t know; they just take the bold step and start a conversation with most times being successful at connecting with the person.

Are funny people 

We talked about positivity and their ability to make new friends which I know might be difficult when you don’t know how to make people around you laugh.

Bubbly personality is about making people around them feel comfortable which is why they are social machines and are able to connect easily even with strangers.

Developing a bubbly personality is about working on your human relation skills and helping people around you stay comfortable in their own skin.

A good sense of humour would help in this direction.

They rarely feel embarrassed 

One annoying aspect of people with a bubbly personality is that embarrassing themselves is quite normal and as a matter of fact they rarely feel embarrassed by any situation.

It can be surprising to see how they combined their clumsiness to their enthusiasm.

They embarrass their friends and move on to something else as if nothing just happened.

We can associate this mentality to their positivity. Negative things don’t bother them and it can be difficult for minor embarrassment to make them feel bad.

Finding them in the negative spirit or mindsets is very rare.

They are good companies to keep 

If you’re looking for someone to make you laugh and boost your humour at any point in time, then you better get a friend with a bubbly personality.

Their sunny attitude tends to help them light up their environment and impact that positivity into the people they relate with.

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Having a friend that is bubbly, you will observe that he or she will go out of their way to spread their positivity and sunshine on you.

It is almost difficult to put up a sad emotion around a bubbly personality because people like this have a way of turning negative emotions around.

It is unfortunate that most times their efforts are poorly received even when their intentions are always good.

People with bubbly personalities are goal-getters 

There are a lot of advantages to being a positive personality and it has to do with your ability to stay upbeat in your quest to achieve any goal you set your mind on.

When you have a bubbly personality, you will have high inspiration and spend lots of positive time focusing on possibilities rather than allowing possible risks and barriers to hinder your success.

Another disadvantage of bubbly personality is that her positivity affects their ability to think through a plan.

They don’t see the downsides, they always see the positive aspect of your goal and work towards it.

They’re never-ending energy and drive is all the fuel they need to keep moving.

They bring out the best in their friends 

If you’re always around a person that has a bubbly personality, you can be certain to have a boost in confidence because their sunshine will never allow you to focus on the negative aspects of life.

Even when you feel demotivated due to setbacks, they are always there to help you learn lessons from your failure and highlight the positives of your efforts.

It is always easy for them to salvage something joyful from a negative situation making it look like a plus point for you.

Bubbly personality is all about charisma 

When you meet someone that is able to combine character traits of a bubbly personality with discipline, you would have met someone that can exert a great level of charisma.

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Is always visible when they meet someone new, they are able to compose themselves, keep the discussion lively and also connect with strangers in a social manner while retaining their self-respect.

In Summary 

From these character traits that are listed in this , it is very easy to develop a bubbly personality.

A combination of each character trait with self-discipline can help you make the most out of your life.

The positivity that comes with a bubbly personality is one of the strong qualities that can help anyone make the most out of life.

If you happen to be in the company of a friend that is bubbly, then you need to get used to being annoyed once in a while, especially in an embarrassing situation.

That said, you want people like this around you because they will never let you down or leave you in darkness.

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