Being Understanding: 16 Things You Should Know

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Understanding as a topic is supposed to be something simple.

Being Understanding: 16 Things You Should Know

The fact that I am speaking and you’re listening and comprehending what I’m saying means you understand.

That said, having a deep understanding of what people say and why they say it is the main point here.

This can foster better relationships and improve mutual respect. 

There are a  few questions and concepts that I would like to explain in this post which can help you understand people better and improve your relationships with them.

So here goes.

16 Questions and Answers on Understanding

  1. What does it mean to be an understanding person?

You can be seen as an understanding person when you put the feeling, circumstances, points of view, and emotions of the other person before your own.

You try to get the deep meaning of what the person is saying and why they are acting the way they do.

This way you know how to better handle them respectfully to avoid conflict and improve your relationship with them.

I understand that we have an innate need to be understood ourselves, but if you have the urge to be an understanding person, you put first the emotion of other people before your own and their needs to be understood.

This creates reciprocity in understanding and enables the other party to show restraint and listen to what you have to say.

  1. How do you show understanding?

In order to show understanding, you have to first put yourself in the other person’s shoes.

Empathy is an important aspect of being understanding. Reserving your judgment of this person and trying to understand why they act the way they do and say what they say is the best way to understand them. 

This way you are able to appreciate differences in your opinions and build better relationships between yourselves.

  1. How can I improve my understanding?

In order to improve your understanding, you must first listen to understand others rather than listen to reply.

Listening as a character is not something that is simple, which brings about unnecessary arguments and misunderstandings.

The empathy that we talked about earlier is the only key that can enable you to put effort into understanding other people. 

When you make this effort you try to listen to them more so as to help you know how to forge a healthy relationship with them.

If you do a good job of listening to understand someone, you will get a clear picture of why someone is frustrated, angry, and upset.

But when there is no understanding, you have the urge to reciprocate that anger by responding in a tone that will not further damage your relationship with this person.

  1. What is a synonym for better understanding?

There are lots of synonyms that can be used to replace the word understanding. 

But to the best of my knowledge, I believe the word comprehension is the best synonym for better understanding.

Comprehension means having a deep understanding of a person, why they say things, and do the things they do.

If you’re able to comprehend the root source of someone’s action, it means you understand this person better and you are able to have and build a healthy relationship with this person.

  1. Why is it good to be understanding?
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One of the advantages of being understanding is that you are able to show empathy and build better relationships with people.

This is very possible because you understand the root cause of people’s actions and you are better able to avoid conflicts.

Having a better understanding of someone’s actions empowers you to handle them empathetically and respectfully.

You’ll be able to better handle situations that may seem too complicated for other people to handle. 

This is why understanding is an important trait for any leader; being able to show empathy to his followers, understand them better so he can build a harmonious community and loyal following.

  1. What is deep understanding?

Having an understanding of what someone is saying or doing on a basic level is common, but having a deep understanding is the ability to know the root cause of their words and actions.

This way you are able to better understand that behavior, solve problems and create new ideas. 

A deeper understanding is the ability to put the pieces of the puzzle together.

You can be able to do this when you have a better understanding of human character and know that most of our actions are a result of our past experiences.

The moment you realize this fact it becomes easy to show empathy and work hard to have a deep understanding of a person and situation at any point in time.

  1. What is an example of understanding?

An example of being understanding is when you are having an argument with someone that has a subconscious need to be heard, recognized, listened to and love feeling powerful.

If you take a peek into this person’s childhood, it could be possible that this person had a hard time communicating with his role models. 

It could be that his parents ignored him a lot even when he wanted them to hear and understand him over matters that concern him personally.

If you’re able to understand this subconscious desire to be heard and listened to, you might have little or no brawl with this person because you have a deep comprehension of why he argues a lot and wants to be heard.

This way you can have a healthy relationship and discussion with him.

  1. How do you teach understanding?

You can teach someone to be more understanding by first teaching them how to show empathy to the people they relate with.

Empathy is the first step towards developing a more understanding personality. You have to put yourself in the person’s shoes, listen to the person more, and try to find out the underlying reasons why they are the way they are and behave the way they do.

The moment you are able to show empathy and listen more, understanding people will become easy.

  1. What is the difference between knowing and understanding?

 There is a distinct difference between knowing and understanding. Understanding is the resultant effect of knowledge.

You cannot say you understand someone or something better without knowing a thing or two about the test subject.

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It is when you have full and better knowledge about the situation can you show understanding.

Ignorance is the primary reason why there are quarrels, fights, and misunderstandings. People don’t have good knowledge of a situation or person.

  1. How can I deepen my understanding?

It becomes easier to deepen your knowledge about people when you make yourself a student of human character.

Our past experiences in life are the primary reasons why we act the way we do and think the way we do.

Becoming a student of human psychology and trying to understand the different reasons why people make certain decisions will help you understand them better and have a better relationship with them.

This is the reason why people book sessions with psychologists. These professionals have done a good job of understanding why people act the way they do. 

Investing in your knowledge of human psychology can help you deepen your knowledge about them.

  1. How can I improve my relationship understanding?

There are lots of books that can help you build a healthy relationship but first, it starts by having a better understanding of your partner and why he or she behaves the way he or she does.

Building a healthy and long-lasting relationship requires patience and empathy. 

If you’re able to put yourself in your partner’s shoes, you might understand why he or she acts this way.

You must also learn to listen more to understand better. You must also try to ask questions, learn and understand your partner’s childhood experiences.

Most certainly a subconscious desire to meet up with unmet childhood desires can drive an adult behavior. 

Improving your understanding in a relationship can only be possible when you have a better understanding of your partner and why he or she behaves the way he or she does.

  1. What are the characteristics of understanding?

Empathy: The first characteristic of being understanding is empathy – your ability to know that we are not perfect can help you become more understanding even.

When you are faced with confrontation showing empathy means you are aware that there is an underlying reason why people act the way they do 

Good Listener: Another characteristic of understanding is listening. People that understand what it means to listen get to know someone better.

They listen not because they want to reply or answer what the person is saying but to have a better understanding of how their minds work.

Seeing Good in All: Seeing the bright side of life and believing that there’s good in every one of us is another character trait of an understanding person.

Understanding people believe there is good in every one of us which is how they are able to show empathy and restraint in the face of confrontation 

Patience: Understanding people requires patience. Patience is the only key you need in order to invest your time to better get to know your friends, partners, and strangers you meet.

  1. Which comes first, knowledge or understanding?

Knowledge will always come first before understanding because without knowledge you cannot understand a person or situation better. 

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The backbone of understanding is the amount of information you are armed with. If you don’t have this information, you will go in unprepared thereby making mistakes along the way.

Improving your knowledge about someone or something helps you understand them better.

  1. Can you have knowledge without understanding?

It is not possible to have understanding without knowledge any can and you cannot have the desire to understand someone or something better if you don’t want to know them 

So one without the other is not possible trying to have knowledge without understanding or understanding without knowledge cannot work. You need one to make the other possible.

  1. What is understanding in love?

Understanding in love is the ability to invest time and effort to know your partner more. It is also an ability to show and apply patience in different scenarios especially when there’s a misunderstanding.

It’s also in your ability and desires to learn more about your partner’s past so you can discover the underlying reasons why he or she acts the way he or she does.

Understanding in love is also about empathy. Empathy is the key to building a better relationship, not just with someone you’re in a relationship with, but with people you meet on a daily basis.

  1. Can you have wisdom without understanding?

Wisdom is an internal gift from God. It answers when you call and it grows as you continue to feed it and call upon it.

It is possible for you to be wise without understanding because, with wisdom, you are able to make better decisions in situations you are not well knowledgeable about.

It helps you decide complicated situations, make them simple and guide your actions. 

It is possible for you to have wisdom without knowledge of a situation which is supposed to lead to having a better understanding of that situation. That said, wisdom can help you build a better understanding.

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