Are Narcissists Arrogant? (Their Similarities)

Posted by John Anumba

Narcissists are known to be arrogant.

As a matter of fact, they both share similar traits. Very few narcissistic traits differ from arrogance.

The similarities between narcissism and arrogance are so obvious that you might think both are the same.

To be clear, arrogance is just one of the personality traits of narcissism. That said, if you go through the signs that prove that someone is arrogant, you will notice a great similarity with a narcissistic personality. 

Some of the Signs that Prove Narcissism is Similar to Arrogance

  1. Having an exaggerated sense of importance. Just like arrogance, a narcissist believes he is the most important person in the room. He believes he is superior to others thereby deserves special treatment. They have this fantasies of unlimited success, great brilliance, beauty, power, and love.
  2. Another similarity between arrogance and narcissism is the ultimate need to remain the center of attraction, to be admired, and to monopolize conversations. Their ego easily gets hurt when they don’t get the recognition they desire. They feel slighted and mistreated which drives them to be angry when they feel they are being ignored.
  3. Beneath their hypocritical niceness, a narcissist can be really cruel. This is why they are unable to keep a healthy and romantic relationship. Their relationships with people are based on surface attributes and not the unique qualities they possess. This is another similarity between narcissism and arrogance.
  4. Arrogant and narcissistic people are known to lack empathy. They treat people that are not like them with disdain and they lack the ability to care for other people’s emotional needs.
  5. Another similarity is the dependence on what people think about them. Which is why they go the extra mile to maintain their presumed positive image. They have difficulty with attachment and dependency rather they rely on feedback from the environment to feel good about themselves.
  6. Narcissistic and arrogant people are envious when someone within shows prospects and promise of being greater than them and believes that others are envious of them. Rather than appreciate and congratulate better achievements, they find a way to demean and diminish other people’s qualities just to ensure that the glory is not stolen from them.
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One Particular Difference Between Arrogance And Narcissism 

While there are lots of similarities between arrogance and narcissism, I find one particular trait that differentiates both of them. In the area of narcissistic personality disorder, there is a significant risk factor of suicide or suicidal attempt.

Arrogant people are not known to be suicidal. They live for the glory and wouldn’t want to miss it. Rather than give up they go the extra mile to ensure that they maintain the center stage

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