Are arrogant and cocky the same thing?

Posted by John Anumba

Being arrogant and cocky is not the same thing. Both have separate definitions and meanings but similar resemblances on various fronts.

Arrogance can be defined as an exaggerated pride in oneself while cocky means being overly confident and arrogant

Looking at both personalities, we can see that being cocky has higher standing than arrogance because arrogance is just one of the character traits of cockiness.

Apart from the definition and meaning, it doesn’t change the fact that they both have similar traits and can be characterized by almost the same actions.

When someone has an exaggerated level of confidence in himself and his ability, it causes him to take unnecessary risks, miscalculated directions, get used to blindly approaching issues that require strategizing and proper planning.

Taking blind decisions without understanding the facts on ground can cause a cocky person to fail in most of his endeavors.

For an arrogant person, confidence is not the primary focus here but a sense of pride and importance.

The desire to remain the focal point in any organization drives them to take negative steps in order to ensure that they are not displaced 

Seeing themselves as being the most important person in the room causes them to treat other people badly, disrespect them and treat them with cruelty.

Judging from the way an arrogant person approaches leadership, you can tell that there is a clear difference between arrogance and cockiness.

Being cocky is all about having a heightened belief in yourself and your ability.

You focus on what you want and you don’t listen to advice. You take bold steps in dealing with them and have no time in thinking of what other people say.

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Arrogance is more about leadership and maintaining a positive status and standing not minding the cost. Even if it takes trampling on others to rise, an arrogant person will do it.

It is possible for a cocky person to take responsibility for his actions and mistakes, that is if they’re able to learn from them.

Being overly confident in their ability might drive them to repeat similar mistakes concurrently.

Arrogant people on the other hand are known to reject responsibility for their errors and mistakes. They’ll rather look for who to blame for the mistakes.

A corky might take bold steps without planning just with the purpose of achieving success. An arrogant person takes calculated risks in order to ensure that he or she is not associated with failure.

Going further, if they are achievements and successes with his plan, he takes the credit alone in order to portray himself as the most important person in the room.

Arrogant people are always on the lookout for success stories that they can share in the credit and dissociate themselves from failures.

While both arrogance and cockiness can be assumed to be the same thing, the mindset that is associated with these two personalities is not the same though they might have similarities on few grounds.

Cocky Vs Confidence: Both Are Not The Same

Cockiness is most times confused with confidence. There are lots of differences between these two. Confidence comes with lots of positive traits but cockiness comes with a few negative traits with arrogance being one of them.

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Confidence people might be knowledgeable about something but still, remain quiet about it. It’s of no use being loud about it. A cocky person on the other hand is overconfident about almost everything.

They don’t just believe they know it all but are loud about it. They are proud and want everyone to notice their ability. A cocky person always has something to say about everything.

A confident person is never jealous of another person’s achievements. Confident people understand what success is and know that it takes hard work to become successful.

A cocky person on the other demean other people’s achievements because they believe they are better. Jealousy is a major drive but mainly because they are scared of being displaced from the center stage.

Cocky people value recognition and will want to be the most important person in the room. A confident person on the other hand is satisfied with the knowledge that he has the ability already and will make use of it when necessary.

That is to say, confident people don’t show off but cocky people, on the other hand, live for the glory of public praise.

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