Agreeable People Personality and Character Traits

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10 personality traits that make you lovable

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If you want to learn more about the traits that make up an agreeable personality then you are in the right person. We are going to take a look at the characters that can be found in people we see as agreeable.

British recruitment firm CV-Library surveyed more than 1,200 workers to determine the 10 personality traits that make a person agreeable and lovable at work. Here they are.

Traits of an Agreeable Personality

  • Positive attitude (61.8%)

You can’t say you have an agreeable personality when you don’t have a positive personality . What could be more off-putting than a colleague who is always looking for the pet peeve and who sees only the pitfalls threatening any project or initiative?

  • Ease of access (40.8%)

People with agreeable personality are always easy to reach and accessible. To forge links with colleagues, you still have to let yourself be approached. How to be inviting? By smiling, by adopting an opening posture, by looking in the eyes of those who speak to us.

  • Sense of humor (39.8%)

To have an agreeable personality means to have a good sense of humor. There is no need to be the teaser of the department. However, knowing how to show a minimum of self-deprecation is usually well-received.

  • Open-mindedness (31%)

Agreeable people are surely open-minded. This is one behavior that you can always observe. Workplaces are increasingly diverse and showing curiosity about the culture and way of life of colleagues is a good way to establish a friendship.

  • Honesty (23.7%)

A very important trait you find in lovable and agreeable people. It is by showing honesty towards colleagues and boss, in both good and bad moves, that you can build this essential trust with your workgroup.

  • Compassion (20.6%)
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People with agreeable personality are surely compassionate and show empathy. In a world of work that has become more competitive, a person who shows compassion is a bit like a breath of fresh air in an organization.

  • Confidence (19%)

Confidence is another trait you find in agreeable people. There is nothing more tiresome than a colleague whom one is constantly obliged to reassure about his level of competence and the quality of his work.

  • Patience (8.5%)

Which is an important trait that makes people with agreeable personality easy-going also. A 2007 study by the University of California Department of Psychology found that patient people generate fewer negative emotions and show more gratitude.

  • Enthusiasm (16.5%)

Which another positive influence they have on people around them. Showing enthusiasm for a colleague’s idea, comment or project is one way of giving them recognition and contributing to their professional well-being.

  • Motivation (18.8%)

Agreeable people do have enough positivity to motivate people around them. People want to be inspired. This is why a worker who has the gift of giving meaning to a project and, therefore, of playing the spark plugs is greatly appreciated by those around him.

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