8 Personality trait of an ambitious woman

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Madeleine Albright’s expression is common knowledge: “In hell there is a special space reserved for women who do not help other women. It is not only important to achieve your own ambition, but also to help others achieve theirs. The female ambition in the 21st century is supposed to be inclusive, united, even soral. How to put this into practice? And what does it look like? How to progress and achieve oneself without harming others? Who knows, you might even be able to help.

Ambitious personality in a woman

Climb the ladder with humility

There is an old saying “Be careful how you treat people on your way to success because you might run into them again when you decline.” You never know who will be able to help us through a bad time, when we need information or support. Be kind, generous, and as open as possible on a professional level. If you decline an offer, refer someone else. Behave with people as you would like others to behave towards you. And not just for your own well-being, but because that’s the right attitude to observe.

If you don’t do it for yourself, do it for other women

Sometimes the confidence and hopes of other women can serve as a model. We all face situations where we feel intimidated and fear that we are not up to the task. It may help to think, “I’m not sure I’m going to do this, but I’ll try. And to imagine that other women attend that and that it motivates them. It’s about going for it without being afraid of the consequences, and remembering that others are looking and thinking, “If she can do it, maybe I can do it too, and I can even do better.” “

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Get started before you’re ready

All those who have accomplished anything swear by this maxim. We are rarely 100% ready for the opportunities we encounter. And then, what does “be ready” really mean? Face challenges with an open mind and do your best while being motivated to learn more.

Luck is a mixture of preparation and opportunity

An important appendix to the previous rule. To succeed three criteria are necessary: ​​preparation, a good opportunity, and a favorable wind. Getting what you want involves taking risks, having self-confidence and knowing how to spot the right moments.

Cultivate your allies, mentors, and those who support you

We all need people who do us good, remind us of our qualities, and cheer us up when needed. Knowing how to identify them and making sure you spend enough time with them is good. The reverse is also true: take someone under your wing, highlight the work of others, facilitate their visibility in a discreet way and without expecting anything in return.

Each week write a positive report

Margaret Heffernan, entrepreneur, CEO, writer and speaker for TED Talks, advocates writing a weekly essay recapping successes, whether it’s small wins, big pride, or events that go unnoticed. In professional life these correspond to the incidents that we have avoided, to the disasters that we have seen coming, to the unbearable customers that we have let down, and to the projects that we have done well to refuse. Here are so-called “invisible” successes that deserve to be notified.

Demand to be seen for your fair value

The financial aspect of ambition is still a sensitive topic for many women. There is growing pressure for structural change and relaxation of public justice within large organizations. But if you want to get a raise or a promotion in the next six weeks, it won’t help you in the short term. Part of this task will be accomplished at the individual level, and to do this it is essential to be well informed and trained. Find out about the salary scales and bonuses given by your company. Find the right words that reflect your value and your past and future contribution. Learning to be your own spokesperson and to stand up for yourself will always help.

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People will be inspired by you

This phrase comes from Jennifer Palmieri’s Dear Madam President , a brilliant study of Hillary Clinton’s election campaign, written from the perspective of her former director of communications. One of the rules of his team was to remember that it is possible to influence how people react to you. Their behavior depends on the posture you adopt when entering a room, the boundaries and expectations you set in your relationships, and the way you think and speak. It’s the improved version of the “pretend until you get there” concept. Teach people to treat you well by being confident and honest.

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