7 Habits of positive personality that will definitely transform your life

Posted by John Anumba

Whether we realize it or not, most of what we accomplish in life is the result of our habits – not that good if you’re struggling to achieve your goals.

If we want to be successful in any area of ​​our life, it is in our best interests to develop the most effective habits that are most conducive to our success.

I recommend these 7 positive personality habits that, once implemented, will transform your life:

1. Take care of yourself

Nothing else in life will matter if you are in poor health, lack energy, or project a negative or depressing attitude.
Successful people train physically and mentally, eat healthily, and take care of themselves on every level possible.
There is no substitute for feeling good and knowing that you can do your best.
Taking care of yourself is a must to be successful in anything you strive for.
During this time of health crisis, I take care of myself as much as possible.
I exercise 3 times a week, read every day and pay attention to my thoughts. I can guarantee you that it works!
Like everyone else, it happens to me to have a bit of slack and it’s ok.
And the fact of moving, sport or stroll, I feel invigorated.

2. Cultivate and maintain a productive attitude and mindset

Never underestimate the impact of your attitude or state of mind .
The way you approach each day and the challenges you face inevitably and directly affect your bottom line.
For example, if you wake up feeling that nothing is working for you, that the world is against you, that life is unfair, or that no one is supporting you – I assure you that nothing will work and it will appear that everything is indeed. against you.
On the other hand, if you start the day with a “I can do this!” Mindset. », A state of mind that says that you will enthusiastically face whatever comes your way, you will feel that nothing is impossible.
Even if everything doesn’t go as planned, you’ll know you’ve done the best you can. Yes, we can !!
What I can suggest to you: either before sleeping or in the morning when you wake up, listen to positive affirmations.
I have been doing this since 2017 and it has considerably transformed the way I perceive the events around me.

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3. Challenge yourself

There is nothing like challenging yourself mentally, physically and intellectually to eliminate these proverbial cobwebs.
When you challenge yourself, you stay alert, ready, and able to face adversity and obstacles.
Plus, you put yourself in the best position to win.
Ways to challenge yourself mentally include learning a new skill, playing chess, Sudoku, or solving crosswords.
Not only do these activities improve your mental abilities, they’re fun!
For an intellectual challenge, it pays to read or explore anything that makes you think or look at a situation in a new way.
Reading the works of scientists, philosophers and psychologists is both interesting and intellectually stimulating.
Physically, you can challenge yourself by incorporating resistance and cardiovascular exercise into your routine.
Resistance exercise builds muscle, while cardiovascular exercise such as walking, jogging, or climbing stairs stimulates your metabolism, strengthens your heart, and generally improves your overall well-being.
Getting in good shape has the benefit of improving your mental and physical health.

4. Engage with others

When we engage with others, we open up to new experiences, expand our knowledge, and deepen our human connection.
Some studies have shown that as social beings, when we interact with others, it modifies the neurotransmitter circuits in our brain activity.
This decreases stress and anxiety while increasing feelings of calm and happiness (oxytocin, often called the love hormone, is released when we bond with others).

5. Be disciplined

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Every now and then we feel tired of being disciplined.
However, after our slack period, we must remember that in order to accomplish anything or maintain a high level of performance, we must re-commit to self-discipline. Self-discipline not only allows you to achieve your goals within a reasonable time frame, but it also allows you to live a more orderly and fulfilling life. Successful people practice the habit of self-discipline.

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6. Expand your comfort zone

Expanding your comfort zone gives you the opportunity to test your limits and tap into your inner resources, sometimes unknown.
When you are ready to venture beyond what is safe and comfortable for you, you increase what is possible.
Conversely, not trying new things leads to stagnation and blocks creativity and innovation.

7. Create a journal of your positive habits

Creating a habit journal is a great way to remember your successes and motivate yourself to continue developing your talents and abilities.
Journaling also documents and articulates your dreams, ambitions and aspirations.
This habit invariably helps you stay focused and aware of your goals. Other benefits of journaling include increased awareness, promoting growth, and establishing clarity.

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It can also increase your self-confidence.
For my part, I keep a journal where I write down all the actions that I have done.
And when I connect, I realize that I have achieved a lot.
I tell myself that I am capable, in the present moment, of continuing to accomplish great things that lead me towards the life I want.


If you take the time to integrate these 7 positive habits into your daily life, you will discover the benefits that lead to continuous and lasting personal success.

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