5 Techniques to Friendzone A Guy Without Losing the Friendship

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5 Techniques to Friendzone A Guy Without Losing the Friendship

You like to spend time with him, but the more time passes the more you feel that he is wooing you. Even if he is funny, sexy, courteous and respectful, you cannot imagine yourself in a relationship with him.

Here you are confronted with this famous friendzone, where the limit between love and friendship is not yet defined. Let’s see together 5 techniques to make a guy understand that you will remain friends.

Familiar Approach Technique

A good way to make a man understand that your relationship will remain friendly, nothing better than to tell him that you consider him as a friend, even as a brother.

You can also explain to him that your heartwarming hugs will never go beyond friendly and sisterly affection. Explain to him that for you, it is as if you have the same blood.

By nurturing this fraternal closeness, he will surely understand that you do not wish to go further in your relationship.

Technique of the girl already in a relationship

Being sentimentally available, for your friend might think you are looking for a soul mate. Make him believe that your heart is already taken to make him give up all hope.

Confide in him on this new meeting and this budding romance. This technique is unstoppable to make him understand that you will remain only friends.

He will know where your limits are and will understand that he cannot cross them, because you are taken!

Technique of the ex who is always in your sights

There, it is a question of playing on the perspicacity and the vivacity of the suitor. Talking about your ex over and over will definitely hold him back.

Not wanting to have the role of dressing in this relationship, he will quickly take the tangent. It is radical, but indeed the goal sought not to let any ambiguity appear.

However, you have to take into account that this is a double-edged sword technique. It’s important to be careful that he doesn’t want to position himself as the superman ready to pick up the broken-hearted Lois you claim to be.

Sincerity technique

Nothing better than the truth. It can hurt at the moment, but there is nothing better to burst the abscess.

At least each is fixed on the will of the other and this allows to start a friendly, honest and sincere relationship.

If you don’t like yourself to the point of becoming a future boyfriend, you might as well put your cards on the table and tell him what’s in your heart.

Wedding witness technique

He wants you as a girlfriend and therefore as a potential wife. If he sees his future like this, one of the best ways to put a stop to it is to offer to be his wedding witness.

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It’s subtle, but he will know that on this subject, you do not see him as a future husband, but as a friend. Stop false hopes and silences misinterpreted by breaking the ice.

This situation is not at all pleasant: everyone has already known it, but what is certain is that we must immediately remove any misunderstanding.

The most important thing is to be clear with yourself and the person you are within this relatively uncomfortable area.

Even if you appreciate this masculine presence, because you have been single for a short time or for a while, do not take advantage of the situation to reassure yourself about your power of seduction, or use him to render services to you.

If he’s just a friend, you’ve got to set limits. Be clear and remember that it is important not to do to someone what you would not like to be done to you.

10 tips for successfully becoming friends with a man

10 tips for successfully becoming friends with a man

Do you believe in man-woman friendship? Until not too long ago, most men and women did not even consider this friendly pattern, as it was believed that the two sexes were too different to understand each other outside of a lifetime of friendship. 

And yet, today men and women live together all the time: schools are mixed, women have access to the same work opportunities as men and vice versa, and today it is inconceivable to formulate sexist opinions.

There is friendship between man and woman, and it has always been. It is also a rich friendship, which can resemble the fraternal bond. The differences between the two sexes can create a deep bond, but it is especially the similarities that will strengthen a friendship. How to befriend a boy, with a man? Here are a few tips.

Do not have a priori

You may never have been friends with a guy. You’ve always had a lot of girlfriends, you’ve had male classmates, but never got past this stage. 

It may be that you have preconceptions, that you think that men only think about seducing, or of the sexual dimension when you only want a friendly relationship without going beyond that. 

Disregard these preconceptions, not all men are like this. Some like the company of women for their different outlook on life, the richness of their conversation, their advice, and their listening skills. Know how to be receptive to it.

Don’t be seductive

You’ve obviously spoken to men in your life, but you realize that each time there was a slight sexual ambiguity. You are a seducer at heart and that is how you think of addressing men. It happens! 

Only that does not really help to build a friendship, because the man is receptive to the seduction and the desire that it can arouse, and will have difficulty seeing you as a friend afterward. 

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Don’t be tempting when you strike up a conversation with a guy, just be yourself!

Just approach

You’ve already had parties with people you don’t know but you always go naturally to girls. With boys, it’s no more complicated than that, and to start a conversation just start at the beginning by asking general questions about him. 

It’s not seduction, just a way to get to know someone, make conversation, discover why not common points and a similar humor …

Do activities with him

There’s this coworker at the office who you’ve already vaguely chatted with, who looks really cool, and who you could become friends with. 

He may offer you an activity, such as going for a drink after work, or going to a movie: accept! 

That doesn’t necessarily mean he wants to hit on you, he appreciates your company and would like to get to know you more, just like a female colleague would. 

And if he does not propose, you can also take this initiative.

To be of good advice

Men appreciate the company of women for their listening skills and advice. 

This does not mean that you should look for a man in need of recognition to designate him as a potential friend, but if you feel that a man you have met is starting to speak out about his stories and his life with you is that he would like to have the opinion of a woman and that in his eyes you are the best placed to answer.

 This is where you step in and take out your “shrink” card. This is often how great friendships are born.

Be yourself

You enjoy the company of your friends because you are yourselves with them, the same goes for boys. 

Don’t paint a picture of the perfect woman, just be yourself, even if he must see you in your pajamas with no hair on and makeup removed. 

Also, don’t play tomboy when you’re not like that at all in real life, just to make him think you’re cool and like him, he’s going to feel it eventually.

Pay attention to friendships ++

Some friends of both genders sometimes consider themselves “sexfriends”. It’s still a different notion from sex, since there is a real friendship behind it, real exchanges, but just an erotic game in addition, without any sentimental consequences. 

However, it can be a “dangerous” game, because if the sexual pleasure comes to interfere in a friendly complicit relationship, it is possible that one attends a deep sentimental confusion.

Watch out for the friendzone

Being friends with a heterosexual man sometimes means taking the risk of letting love interfere in your story. 

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There was at the beginning a real friendship, and then one fine day we realize that we like to spend time with the person, much more than with anyone, and that it is not just friendship anymore, but let the desire get involved. 

The friendzone is this terrible situation in which you want to try your luck as a couple, but that you are the only one to believe it. 

“I prefer that we remain friends, I don’t want things to change between us” then becomes the dagger phrase, which can on the contrary change everything in friendship. 

Disappointment, sadness, and frustration find it difficult to fit together in a healthy friendship.

Seize opportunities

The whole point is not to launch out towards the first male colleague / comrade that one meets and to ask him “You want to be my friend? “. 

A friendship is built and maintained, through conversations, trust, confidences, delusions, common tastes, shared memories. 

Some women do it better than others, simply because they have a mentality closer to those of men. 

This does not mean that it is reserved for them. We must therefore seize the opportunities and not embark on a desperate search.

Remember that there is no right or wrong way to do things

It’s like when you bonded with girls, sometimes it hooked up straight away, sometimes it took a while, sometimes it didn’t at all. 

For men, it’s the same. 

They don’t have a formatted personality and can be just as sensitive or barge as you are. It is by discussing, seizing opportunities, opening yourself up to others, leaving aside your prejudices that you will know.

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