5 perfect questions to ask during a date

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Want to know the best questions to ask on a first or second date? Here are five questions you can add to your conversation to find out if you’re compatible.

First dates can be exciting, and yet a little nervous, with the whole list of questions on a date that everyone is armed with these days!

As much as on a date it is about questioning and questioning each other, it is also much more about keeping the conversation going and having a good time.

Here are five questions to ask on a date that can make the difference between a happy future and a lost date.

Why we need questions to ask on a date

Over the years we have all had dates and faced a barrage of questions ranging from the mundane to the unpleasant!

Some questions on a date are just plain silly like “what would you do if you made a million dollars?” And a few questions like “what are you looking at right now?” “Crosses privacy in the ridiculous.

Now don’t get us wrong, these aren’t bad questions. This gives the impression that your date is being judged as a job interview. And no one likes it!

Questions to ask during a meeting

If you want a long list of questions to ask on a date, well, you’re just sad. Dates don’t work like that! Dates are special, and each date is as unique as the two unique individuals at the date.

While we’ll give you a list of questions you can ask, you need to remember that dating these questions can help you assess a potential future. You can’t use a list of 25 date questions to ask and you have to go on like an old broken record.

If you really want to know what questions to ask on a date, and have a charming, jubilant conversation that can last for hours, read these two tips. It has everything a man or woman would need to keep a conversation going on a date.[Read: What to talk to on the first date ]

The five questions during a date

Once you have read these two links above, you will be a sophisticated interlocutor, who will be able to charm any date in no time, we assure you!

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If you are having a good time on a date, everything can seem happy and enjoyable. But how can you judge if your guest is long term potential? This is where these five questions to ask on a date come in.

Depending on how your guest answers these five questions, you can get a feel for them and know if they’re the person you’re looking for.

Question # 1 Do you like your job?

Ask this question while you talk about your guest’s job. How does your guest answer this question?

In life, we all face a lot of obstacles and difficulties. And we have two types of people, the whiners and the doers. Whiners complain about everything and don’t do anything about it. While the doers, obviously are doing something about it.

If your guest complains about their job, who will say they won’t complain about your relationship for the past few years? These questions can help you understand what kind of person your guest is and how they deal with difficult issues in their life.

Question # 2 What do you do when you are having a hard day?

See, these are simple questions and you are not going to embarrass your guest by asking these questions. And yet, they can reveal so much about their life and their attitude towards it.

Every now and then we all have to face shitty days, let’s face it. But how does your guest adapt to it? Does your guest rock with frustration, watch a few movies at night, go out, or do they like to shut themselves up and hang out alone, contemplating * plotting revenge * on it?

So if the two of you hook up, are you both going to face the hardships of living together or is your partner going to retreat into a shell?

Question # 3 How long was your last relationship?

In any other circumstance, this question would be personal. But the two of you meet to see if there is any chance to be together. So, in this case, it’s a good question to ask on a date.

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This dating question can help you gauge whether your guest is looking for true love or a rebound relationship. And while we’re not talking about a rebound relationship, it could say a lot about your guest’s outlook on life.

Let’s face it, many of us love drama in our lives. Some of us just can’t be happy when everything is nice and smooth. We need a roller coaster ride of frustration and intense happiness to keep the excitement alive in love. And if we don’t get it, we go our separate ways and experience it all, all over again! So how is your guest reacting here?

Question # 4 How long was your longest relationship?

It’s a question on a date that can help you understand your approach to life. Long-term relationships are no joke, to be completely honest. It takes a lot of love, determination and compromise to keep the boat of love from rocking.

And unfortunately, a lot of people just don’t have what it takes. They care too much about themselves to put up with someone else, even if it’s a lover. And they can’t really change their ways too. If your guest hasn’t had a long-term relationship for at least a year, then something is wrong.

Yes, there is also a chance that he hasn’t met anyone who is really nice and sweet. But still, a series of short relationships should have a flashing red light.

On the other hand, if your guest has been in a very long-term relationship for several years or a decade, these old thoughts may be hard to erase, and they may need time to move on or get over their ex. .

Question # 5 What do you do on the weekends?

A very simple question to ask during a date, but which is very revealing.

Weekends are the time of the week when you don’t have to work or worry about anything, and it’s all about doing what you love. This is when you engage in activities that really give you joy. So what does your guest like to do on the weekends?

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Does dating activity define them or make them more interesting? Is it compatible with your interests?

Going out in unwashed boxers and playing a game on PlayStation, or spending an entire day on facials and massages may seem like fun to many, but what about you? Getting this wrong compatibility will lead to a very frustrating love life.[Read: How to make a girl like you ]

And there we have it, the dating questions that can make or break your date. Remember that a good date is not about reciting a list of questions to ask a person, but rather having a good conversation with each other and falling in love with each other. Of course, that’s after you’ve slipped these five questions into the conversation!

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