40 Words to Describe an Arrogant Person (Synonyms)

Posted by John Anumba
  1. Aloof: Arrogant people are known to be aloof over things that do not interest them. They are very unfriendly.
  2. Bossy: If you know an arrogant person then you know they love being at the top, not because they have more to offer, but just to be bossy over others.
  3. Cavalier: They don’t care about other people’s feelings and time. The seriousness of a situation does not concern them if it does not suit their purpose.
  4. Cocky: Overly confident about their ability and importance.
  5. Haughty: This means being proud and unfriendly and it is common with arrogant people.
  6. Imperious: They have this sense of power and believe they are the most important person in the room.
  7. Pompous:  Pride is another common trait of arrogance.
  8. Insolent: The overbearing sense of importance that drives them to disrespect people without remorse.
  9. Pretentious: When it suits them, they can pretend to be nice and in reality, they can be really cruel.
  10. Smug: A sense of superiority over something or others.
  11. Vain: When a person has an exaggerated belief in his/her attractiveness; believes he/she is special.
  12. Assuming: Pretense is another trait of arrogance.
  13. Audacious: They are brave and dare to go the extra mile to achieve their aim.
  14. Autocratic: Same as being bossy. Always wants to be the one in control just to enforce his will on others.
  15. Bragging: Always being so loud about their achievements that it can be really annoying.
  16. Cheeky: Showing no fear or courtesy for someone greater or an elder. They’ll rather demean that person.
  17. Cold-shoulder: Being unfriendly even to someone they know. 
  18. Conceited: When someone behaves in a way that makes him look attractive, skillful, better than others, and special.
  19. Contemptuous: A person that is known to be disrespectful and scornful.
  20. Disdainful: Treating other people disrespectfully without caring about their emotions or how hurt they are.
  21. Domineering: Always want to ensure that they are above and feel threatened by other people’s success.
  22. Egotistic: Easily gets hurt when they feel they are being ignored and not being the center of attraction.
  23. High and Mighty: Arrogant people have the feeling of being the most important person in the room.
  24. High-handed: A person that is being autocratic and domineering.
  25. Insolent: They are offensive, proud, and rude to other people and they don’t care if you feel bad about it.
  26. Know-it-all: It is all about their idea. Nothing matters and opposing views are silenced.
  27. Lordly: More or less a person that loves ruling over others and not being ruled over.
  28. Overbearing: Same as being lordly – a dictator with an ego so large that it can easily be offended.
  29. Peremptory: Arrogant people speak authoritatively like they expect people to obey them immediately with no questions asked.
  30. Puffed up: A feeling of self-importance. Feeling like the most important person around.
  31. Scornful: Feels threatened when someone brings suggestions better than theirs. Arrogant people usually put down these suggestions.
  32. Wiseguy: The sense of being the wisest guy in the room and seeing others and being less of a person.
  33. Proud: Arrogant people feel so proud that they think they are better than other people
  34. Conceited: An arrogant person behaves in a way that portrays him as very intelligent, skillful, or attractive. 
  35. Immodest: Arrogant people are immodest thinks they are very good or clever and likes to talk about their achievements
  36. Superior: A person who is superior behaves in a proud way as if they think they are better or more important than other people
  37. Egocentric: Behaving as if you are more important than other people, and need not care about them
  38. Patronizing: Behaving or speaking in a way that shows you think you are more intelligent or important than someone
  39. Big-headed: Behaving in a way that shows that you think you are very important or intelligent
  40. Loud: used for describing a person who talks in a loud and confident way that annoys other people

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