17 Positive Personalities and Their Character Traits

Posted by John Anumba

In this blog post, we are going to be looking at 17 different types of personality traits and the characteristics that come with them.

Hope it helps you understand yourself better.

Traits of an innovative personality

  • Burning desire to succeed

When you have an innovative personality, you will definitely have the desire to succeed. Innovation is about shedding more light on existing topics or discovering something new in a field, either way not can be achieved when there is no burning desire to succeed.

  • They love being unique

Uniqueness is an important character trait of an innovative personality. Your products or services that you have to offer in any field may be different and making this difference is all about being unique.

  • They don’t go with the crowd

We just talked about being unique and if you want to think and act in a unique way then staying away from crowd mentality is one way to go about it.

People with innovative personality do not go with crowd rather they find a new way to direct the crowd.

  • They are energetic

Having a burning desire to succeed cannot be possible if you are not energetic. It is all about staying motivated and rising up no matter how many failures you meet on the way.

  • They are goal-getter

People with innovative personality are goal-getters. They set their mind on a goal and unique ideas and work towards it. It is all about being different in a good way.

  • They are constant learners

One way to stay innovative is to constantly keep yourself in the knowledge part. You cannot bring new ideas to light when you feel you know it all. You have to continue improving yourself to be able to come up with something unique and special.

  • Love interacting with like minds

Birds of same feathers flock together and this saying remains same with people with innovative personality. This way they are able to share ideas and most times team up to write their names in the sands of time.

Traits of an individualistic personality

  1. They are happy people

One character traits of an individualistic personality is that they are happy people. Most people believe that they can be truly happy when they find that one person that will complete and complement them. For an individualistic personality, the reverse is the case, they find self-love first before enjoying the company of any other person. They don’t need other people to make them feel good about themselves.

  • They are confident

You cannot say that you have an individualistic personality when you don’t have confidence as a character trait. I can assure you this is not possible. We talked about finding self-love that cannot be possible when you are not comfortable in your own skin. Furthermore, you can only be comfortable in your own skin when you have a good level of self-esteem.

  • They have a mind of steel

Another way we can look at having a mind of steel is having a strong personality and if you understand what it takes to have a strong personality then you will know that it entails a lot.

When you are not strong mentally, you cannot say you have the character traits of an individualistic personality.

  • Not afraid to take center stage

Individualistic personalities are not afraid to take the center stage. They are not afraid to speak in public, interact with strangers and lead the way to get thing done. They are not shy people and will never back down in leading the way especially when they have an idea.

  • They are always open to learn

The willingness to improve one’s knowledge is another wonderful trait of an individualistic personality. Learning new things every day is one way of improving your self-love. Your vast knowledge and experience in life helps you become a great leader.

  • They don’t compare

Individualistic people never compare themselves to others. They don’t see the urge to fit into s group of people especially when their ways of life don’t match his.

  • They hate being a burden (self-sufficiency)

The act of being individualistic means that you can be self-sufficient. When you have this personality, you will not feel comfortable depending on someone. This doesn’t mean they don’t need others in life to forge ahead because we all need someone, depending wholly on someone is not just the right way to prove your independence.

Traits of an insouciant personality

  • The know what is important and see the ultimate goal

One character trait of an insouciant personality is that they understand what is important and set their eyes on the ultimate goal. In this sense, they have no time for chitchats and small talks. They are hardly distracted and focus on what matters.

  • Think positivity

You cannot say you have an insouciant personality when you have negativity in you. Positivity is an important character trait you need to possess if you want to develop this personality. You have to learn to see the bright side of life even when you all are not going as you thought it would be.

  • Things they can’t control doesn’t bother

An insouciant personality understands that not everything in life can be controlled. The one you can control and effect change, you take necessary actions and the one you have no control over, you let it be and hope for the best. When you have an insouciant personality, you can be rest assured that things you have no control over does not bother you.

  • Easy going

Another wonderful aspect of an insouciant personality is that you have to be easy going. You have to be accessible and approachable. You have to help people feel better about themselves and comfortable around you.

  • Forgiving

Coupled with the fact that you are easy going, having a forgiving heart is another aspect of being an insouciant personality. Forgiveness is not about letting someone that hurt you go free, it is about free yourself from the burden of pain and anger.

  • Have a good sense of humor

When you have an insouciant personality you will have a good sense of humor. You laugh at life and whatever it throws at you. You also help people around you feel at ease because you are that good.

Traits of an insightful personality

  • They are constant learners

Being an insightful personality is all about being a constant student of life. You never stop learning and developing yourself. Being insightful is about acquiring as much knowledge about every area of life and not just about your area of specialization.

  • They see things uniquely

Being insightful is about being special and different. Talking about being different in a special way means being unique. And when you are unique you see things differently. Most times people thing you are weird but you know what you believe. The picture gets clear as time goes on.

  • They see the true meaning of things

There are so many puzzles in life that we go through on daily basis. Some of them we recognize some we don’t. For the ones, we recognize some we understand and the rest we don’t. When you have an insightful personality, you tend to recognize these puzzles and see their true meaning in ways that an ordinary mind cannot.

  • They are deep thinkers

We can always liken an insightful personality to deep-thinking personality. These people are thinkers which can be the reason behind their ability to see life differently and uniquely. It is also the secret behind their ability to find solutions to challenges they can control.

  • Always willing to listen and open to new ideas

We talked about learning as an important aspect of developing an insightful personality. Learning cannot be complete when you not willing to listen to others and be open to new ideas. These are two ways to increase your knowledge and become a better version of yourself.

  • They make great leaders

One quality you see in people with insightful personality is that they make great leaders. Their unique approach to life, constant learning, sense of humor and deep thinking character helps them understand their followers, get their respect and steer their team to a better place.

Traits of an inoffensive personality

  • They have an aura of positivity

It is only when you allow your mind to be overshadowed with darkness will you find it difficult to forgive someone. This indeed can be said to be a negative personality trait. For someone with inoffensive personality, you can rest assured that positivity fills their heart and they try to understand people and the way they act. This is how they are able to forgive and let go.

  • Enough love to give and take

When you have an inoffensive personality, you will have more than enough love to give. Love is kind, love is patient, love sees the good in all of us and forgives many sins.

  • They are forgiving

Even when it’s easy to preach about, it is kind of difficult to put into practice. It takes an intense level of spirituality, Zen and understanding to be a forgiving person. An inoffensive personality is about being forgiving.

  • They friendly

People with inoffensive personality are very friendly. They make good and reliable friends.

  • Good team player and lone wolf

Whether alone or in company of a group of people, you can be rest assured that an inoffensive personality will always be in their right state of mind and be their best in any situation.

  • They are rare and valued

You can be rest assured that an inoffensive personality is not something you find in people easily. This doesn’t mean they don’t get hurt or forgives every sins committed against them, they, however have learnt better ways to deal with their pain and anger and express them healthily. In a community where people with inoffensive personality exist, they are indeed cherished and valued. The reason is because they are rare to find.

Traits of an intelligent personality

1. They make smart decisions

Smart people know that their actions have consequences. They also know that results in business are achieved one decision at a time. In other words, a few calls won’t make you all-powerful. To consistently make good decisions, you need discipline and focus.

2. They don’t have all the answers

There is an old adage that goes: “Those who think they know everything bother those who know everything.” It sounds funny, but if you say it seriously, it’s pretty annoying. Smart people don’t need a constant reaffirmation of their intelligence, so they don’t behave like a know-it-all brain, but they’re smart enough to understand how much they don’t know.

3. They learn from their mistakes

From the first steps to the last, we learn by trial and error in life. We all make mistakes because that’s how we learn. Smart people learn from them. After all, if you don’t face the facts and judge honestly, you will never be able to improve.

4. They surround themselves with smart people

A man is not an island. There are smart people, but smart equipment works better. Steve Jobs might have been an obsessed pilot, but he always made sure that at least eight or nine people on his team were the most talented he had found and that they taught them to do the same with their teams. It’s being smart.

5. The world is not closed

Because human intelligence is an evolutionary advantage (let’s say we don’t have a brain neocortex just for that matter), intelligent people tend to be more adaptable and more creative when it comes to using their surroundings to achieve results.

6. They can reason

I can never understand this: Even when you present them with irrefutable evidence of their mistake, there are people who cannot accept that they were wrong and they cling to their mistake as if their life depended on it. Without critical thinking, logical reasoning, causality and the scientific method, we would continue to live in the Middle Ages.

7. They don’t follow fashions

We are living in the golden age of fashion and pseudo-science. Frankly, nothing represents the confusion of our society better than what was portrayed so accurately in Idiocracy , the futuristic parody of Mike Judge. The Urban Dictionary describes it as “a film which was born as a comedy but which has become a documentary”. True.

8. Don’t spend what they don’t have

Don’t get me wrong, we all exaggerate a bit when we’re young, but once you’ve achieved something you don’t want to lose, it isn’t smart to risk your lifestyle by spending more than you have.

9. They are usually their own worst enemies.

Given the development of our frontal lobes, we all have at least one emotional blind spot chasing us. Time and time again, it’s usually the opposite of what makes them so smart. Like Ying and Yang, both are necessary to coexist.

10. They are not always the most successful entrepreneurs

In my opinion, in business, intelligence is necessary, but that’s not all. And I’m not talking about fooling those doing shady business or those who have built their fortunes with just one good business decision. To build and run a successful business over time, you have to be smart.

Traits of an invulnerable personality

  • They are wise

People that have invulnerable personality are known to be wise. They know how to spot BS from a mile away and deal with it before it gets to them. If you want to develop a invulnerable personality, you have to learn and apply wisdom in all your ways.

  • They are positive in mindset and approach

Invulnerable personality is about positivity. People like this approach life from a positive point of view. Their mentality is one of thing they have going for them. They believe that at the end of the tunnel there is always light.

  • They live in the moment (mindful)

When you have an invulnerable personality you will not worry about tomorrow because tomorrow will take care of itself. You learn to live in the moment and enjoy the journey. You don’t waste time think you can only be happy when you get to the destination. 

  • Situations they can’t control don’t bother them

Another aspect of living in the moment is not allowing thing situations you can’t control take over your happiness. You only act on things you can control or effect, when not, you just let it slide and hope for the best.

  • They are open to change

People with invulnerable personality are always open for change, which is the only constant thing in life. Because they are fluid and are able to adjust, they are able to fit into higher levels of life.

  • They are not defeated by fear and failures

For vulnerable people, fears and failures bring them down when it seems all is not going well. But for someone with invulnerable personality, they are able to understand that it is okay to be scared and mistakes are parts of the growth process. This is why their fears and failures do not keep them down permanently.

  • They believe all is possible

With an invulnerable personality, the possibility for everything good is endless. People like this believe that nothing is impossible for them to achieve as long as they put their hearts to it. So if you want to develop an invulnerable personality, you have to start believing in yourself. That is believing that nothing is impossible

The Characteristics of an Intuitive Personality

The intuitive is not telepathy, or any other kind of parapsychology. Intuition is very often some kind of hunch, sometimes that’s just what seems like a coincidence, but is usually more rational. Because if intuition is not necessarily conscious, but more sensory, it is still linked to certain capacities that science is exploring today. Being receptive is often linked to empathy, that sort of synchronicity that some people get to have with other people’s emotions. It is therefore a human quality, and there is nothing hidden about it.

It is still very complicated to define intuition, since if some people speak just of a certain form of self-confidence, others of emotional intelligence, or intuitive intelligence, some others try to relate this notion to neuroscience, or quantum physics. So there is no clear paradigm about what intuition is. If no one knows exactly what this little voice is, it is still possible to tell whether a person is intuitive or not. So how do you recognize one?

Signs that a person is intuitive

Everyone knows someone who, without seeming to be a logical explanation, will make the right choices at the right time. Who will be able to decipher his environment and the people who make it up. Who is rarely wrong, and who has the opportunity, in a few minutes, to determine whether a person will be good or bad for his life. A person who has the ability to make the right choices, at the right time, for the right people, and in the right situation is often what characterizes an intuitive personality.

People with intuitive personality seems to have a gift that allows them “feel” things, they listen to a feeling that informs them about what is good to do and not to do. The examples are very numerous, some also call it luck, but when it becomes recurrent, it is more a matter of intuition than luck. Many really successful people say, “at one point, I knew I had to do this…”. Why did Steve Job decide to launch a system competing with Windows, why did such a scientist have the idea of ​​mixing several chemical compounds, and obtained a new drug, a vaccine, or some other major breakthrough?

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There are a few common traits that we find in most of these so-called intuitive personality, and which allow us to recognize them. For example, they like moments of isolation, during which they can find themselves alone with themselves and take the opportunity to reflect. Some even practice meditation or deep relaxation, precisely in order to provoke these moments of intellectual solitude.

Intuitive people are also generally people with some connection to creativity. It is not uncommon for them to express a part of their emotions through art. Musicians, sculptors, painters, they are often intuitive, and intuitive people who do not live their art in practice all the same often one, at different scales.

The sense of observation is also something that can put on the track of an intuitive person. This is also why science is interested in this gift. Is it, ultimately, an innate quality, or is it the ability to exploit the information offered by the environment? Will an intuitive person know that it is better to avoid such and such a situation, naturally, or will his strong ability to observe things have taught him that this thing is necessarily harmful?

Very often, intuitive people show strong empathy. They sense the feelings and emotions of their peers, and therefore pay more attention to them. The empathetic person therefore has a sort of intuition about the state of mind of the person in front of them.

The intuitive person often prefers calm to tumult, is this a way of being better able to study their environment? Or is it just a way of being more comfortable to think and listen to yourself? Either way, it’s a preference that is often found in these kinds of people.

Intuitive and positive personality

Finally, often people with intuitive personality are positive people, people who seek the positive side of situations and who keep the toxic out of their lives. There again, it is possible to question whether it is because they are positive, that they can be intuitive, or if it is because they are intuitive that they have been able to become positive.

You will understand, it is very difficult to know what intuition is, does it belong to the domain of a science that humans do not yet master, or is it simply a kind of gift that cannot be explained in a Cartesian way? What is certain is that intuitive people have common points that allow them to be recognized with few errors.

If you are around someone who is a bit of an artist, who sees everything on the bright side, who likes to isolate himself, who knows at first glance whether or not a person will be good for their life, then there is a very good chance that you are in front of an intuitive. This faculty is recognizable even if it is difficult to say exactly where it comes from, for some, intuition can be worked by emphasizing its open-mindedness, for others, it is innate and must be seen as a specific ability.

How to recognize an intuitive person: conclusion

In conclusion, recognizing an intuitive personality can be fairly straightforward as long as you know the few common traits these people share. An intuitive personality is not some kind of weird anomaly, but rather someone who knows how to listen to others better and who is more in harmony with his immediate environment. The intuitive is open , to things and to others.

Traits of a kind personality

  1. They are open-minded

When we talk about kind personality we will be talking about being open minded. When you want to talk about being kind then you should have a heart that accepts people for who they are while understanding that they have their faults and weaknesses. This understanding helps you deal with them easily.

  • They are forgiving

When you understand that we all are not perfect, then you will learn to be more forgiving especially when you know why people behave the way they do. So talking about a kind personality is also talking about a forgiving personality.

  • They are positive

There have never been any correlations between kindness and negativity. If you want to develop a kind personality then you must be ready to be positive in heart and approach to life. Kind people see hope even in the worst kind of person.

  • They see the best in people

Talking about see hope in the worst kind of person, a kind personality see the best in people especially when they understand why people behave the way they do. Having a better understanding of people’s personality and character traits helps you deal with them. This way you understand that we all are not that bad.

  • They are optimist

Optimism is another quality character trait of a kind personality. You cannot say you are kind when you are a pessimist.  You have to always learn to see the glass as half full rather than half empty.

  • They are magnetic

Kind personalities know how to attract people to themselves with their kindness. Their calm and loving character traits help them win people’s heart. They male you feel good about yourself and help you feel welcome with their first impression.

  • A source of inspiration to many

If you have every known or read about someone that is known to have a kind personality, you will understand that they are inspiration to many. The kindness is not the only aspect of them that inspires others, the fact that they understand life enough to love freely, you can tell that people like this have wisdom in them.

  • They are great helpers (for fallen people to find their feet)

If you ever need someone to lean on in times of trouble, then a kind personality is what you need. Kind people will provide you the emotional and psychological support you need to get through your hard times.

Traits of a knowledgeable personality

  • Life learners

Being a knowledgeable personality is all about being a constant student of life. You never stop learning and developing yourself. Being insightful is about acquiring as much knowledge about every area of life and not just about your area of specialization.

  • Love reading

You cannot say you have a knowledgeable personality when you are not a reader. How do you gain knowledge when you are not assimilating as much as you can lay your hands on? Apart from online videos and podcasts, classes and many other sources of gathering knowledge, books remain on of the most important sources of gathering knowledge. The possibilities are endless.

  • Open to new ideas

We talked about learning as an important aspect of developing a knowledgeable personality. Learning cannot be complete when you not willing to listen to others and be open to new ideas. These are two ways to increase your knowledge and become a better version of yourself.

  • Never afraid of making mistakes

If knowledge is anything to go by and if you have learnt anything about success then you know that mistakes are part of the learning process. When have a knowledgeable personality, you will never be afraid of making mistakes – you grow with every lesson you learn from your mistakes.

  • They are innovators

Being an innovator is another sign that you have a knowledgeable personality. Innovators are constant learners. They have unique views of life which helps them come up with ideas and solutions to challenges.

  • Hangout with people that are smarter

People with knowledgeable personality have this keen attitude of making friends with people that are smarter then them. They understand that knowledge can be gotten even from a kid. They learn from smart people, share what they know and improve themselves with these associations.

  • They know their source of motivation

When you have a knowledgeable personality you will sure know what drives you. Your sources of motivation remain important aspects of your growth and development. You know these sources and you hold them dear.

  • Love to share knowledge

One proof that you have a knowledgeable personality is your ability to be open with your knowledge. You must be willing to develop people as much as others have helped you grow with their knowledge.

Traits of a leaderly personality

1 – Integrity: you must be honest and straight in what you say and do.

2 – The Sense of Communication: a leader must speak, but above all listen. Dialogue must be encouraged.

3 – Have a vision: The leader knows where to go, and shares his passion and his goals

4 – Know how to promote loyalty and value those who fight with him.

5 – Honesty, otherwise trust can never be born.

6 – Knowing how to decide: It means deciding quickly (but without haste), Keeping your commitments (without being rigid), Analyzing (without slowing down the decision-making process) and Listening (without waiting to have all the information in hand or all opinions)

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7 – Be courageous: you have to accept to take risks and change habits.

8 – Be Passionate and be able to transmit it.

9 – Be Humble, because the leader works for the good of others not for his own ambition.

10 – Have humor and enthusiasm to motivate those around you.

Traits of a leisurely personality

  • Spend their time to be more successful

When it comes to succeeding, they do whatever it takes to get there and their time is put into it.

  • Find smarter ways to do thing

You don’t do things the same way over and over again and expect a different result. It is about time you find better, smarter and easier way to achieve much more.  That doesn’t mean it has to be so easy that you will not work hard – remember that.

  • Makes difficult things seem easy

When you good at working smarter, you make difficult things seem so easy and that is what it’s like being a leisurely personality.

  • Organized to make time for other important things

If you want to develop a leisurely personality then you will have to find ways to invest in things that are worth your time.

  • Always searching for more efficient ways to do things

The knowledge of improving and updating never ceases. You have to find ways to get to become a better version of who you are and what you are working towards.

Traits of a liberal personality

  1. They are fair in leadership (hate cheating)
  2. They have integrity
  3. See all as equal whether young or old
  4. They love to live the free life
  5. Role with their kinds

Traits of a lovable personality

  • They are open-minded

One character trait you must possess if you want to develop a likeable personality is being open-minded. There are lots of words that can go into trying to help you understand why you should be open-minded. That said, being ready to listen to new things and way of life can help you become likeable.

  • They are forgiving

When you have a lovable personality you will be more forgiving. You have to learn to let go because that is the only way you can be free from the pain and bitterness you bare as a burden.

  • They are positive

Loveable personalities have this way of approaching life from a positive angle.  This way they are better able to handle hard times and help people around them get through it.

  • They see the best in people

When you have a likeable personality you will always see the best in people. You will always understand that our outcome in life is most time as a result of our life experiences some of which we have no choice over.

  • They are optimist

A loveable personality is always sees the light at the end of the tunnel. Every setback you have in life doesn’t have to be a sign of dooms day.

  • They are magnetic

When you meet likeable personalities, you will first observe how they are able to draw people to themselves. People always want to hang around them because of the light they shine in their lives.

  • A source of inspiration to many

Their magnetic personality is the reason why they are able to inspire people. Everyone will always want to be close to someone with a heart of gold.

  • They are great helpers (for fallen people to find their feet)

You can always rely on someone with a loveable personality to help you the best way he or she can to get back on your feet when you are down.

Traits of a logical personality

  • They are firm in belief

Changing the belief of someone with a logical personality can be a challenge. They believe in facts and not maybes or miracles.

  • Not afraid to tell or receive the truth

Anyone with a logical personality is not afraid to receive the truth or tell the truth. Their faculty is on point most of the time which is why they are willing to face facts.

  • Little things matter to them

Then you are logical you can be able to spot the little things that matter in life and whatever you do. You don’t overlook the small details because they might be the missing piece in the puzzle you are putting together.

  • Think and express themselves in a unique way

If you are ever related with a logical personality then you can understand that these people think and express themselves in ways that most people find weird. That said, it doesn’t mean that their reasoning is out of place.

  • Approach life and issues from most important aspect

If a logical personality is laying emphasis on something that doesn’t sound right to you, I recommend that you take a closer look because if it is important to them, then it is really important.

  • Always asking question

You cannot say you have a logical personality when you are not good with question. We can say people like this have an inquisitive mind which is why they never stop trying to find answers to questions that flood their minds.

Traits of an loyal personality

  • They are trustworthy

You cannot say you have a loyal personality when you can’t be trusted. Trustworthiness entails a lot and has to do with integrity you’ve built up over time.

  • They are most times mean

Sometimes people with loyal personality can be mean especially when you are trying to get them to go against their principles. It is at these trying times that they show their true nature and personality.

  • Honesty remains the watchword

Honesty is one of many character traits that they used to build up a good name for themselves. When you are loyal to someone you don’t lie to him or her.

  • They make great leaders

When you have a trustworthy name for yourself, it makes it easy for you to be entrusted with much tougher responsibility. People with loyal personality don’t spend much in campaign funds to get people to desire them as leaders.

  • They have integrity and reliability

We cannot over emphasize on integrity and reliability because they all add up to build the trust people have on you.

  • They go the extra mile to get things done

When you are loyal to someone, you will go the extra mile to get things done for that person. You will not want to fail especially when your integrity is at stake.

  • They are wonderful role models

Loyal personalities make lifetime role models and even after they are long gone, people hear of their tales and still desire to live like them.

Traits of a lyrical personality

  • They are innovative:

If you want to develop a lyrical personality then you have to innovate in everything you do. Find new ideas or develop old ones.

  • They know how to tap from their subconscious

If you know nothing about the power of your subconscious then it’s about time you invest in that knowledge because you will need that aspect of your life to be lyrical.

  • They are not afraid to fail

People with lyrical personality are not afraid to try something new and learn from their mistakes. Just thought you know in case you want to learn to be one.

  • Know how to touch lives positively

It is important that people you meet have something nice to remember you by when you are not around them. The positivity in you should spread.

  • Optimists

You have to learn to see the cup of life as half full and not empty especially when things are not going on as they should or as you desired them to be.

  • Curious in nature (always trying new things)

You have to love knowledge and challenge yourself to want to know more. That is an important aspect of being a lyrical personality.

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