15 traits you should have if you’re really a nice person

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15 traits you should have if you're really a nice person

What comes to your mind when you are asked to define cuteness?

Probably words like this: patient, helpful, loving, understanding, etc.

But a nice person is not defined by words alone, but by what they offer.

People who are naturally kind rarely have temper tantrums, for example.

They are not driven by a desire for revenge on the people who hurt them but prefer to walk away instead, letting karma do the dirty work.

Kind people are always looking to help others and remain the purest souls we can find among ourselves!

The things these nice people offer without realizing it are things anyone can work on.

By consciously striving to develop these characteristics, anyone can become a nice person!

So get to work!

1. They compliment

These people have understood that others need compliments and encouragement to rise up, to evolve positively.

Complimenting isn’t just an act of kindness, it’s also a sign that you are able to be happy for the success of others. It shows a certain humility.

A really nice person will compliment when it is deserved and also offer constructive criticism when needed.

2. They forgive

Kind people forgive easily and rarely stay angry for long.

They may not even get mad at all in situations that would drive other people crazy.

In addition, they tend to take a step back rather than argue hotly, which could contribute to their ability to forgive quickly.

3. They are patient

Patience is one of the qualities most often cited when asking for a characteristic of kindness.

Everyone makes mistakes or needs time to learn something new.

Being patient allows the other person not to feel pressured, and the positive results of such an attitude are quickly felt.

When we are patient, we also show that we are sincerely interested in others.

This sends the message that you believe in his potential and want to give him the space to express it.

4. They are positive

Waiting , hoping and wishing rarely have a place in the vocabulary of positive individuals.

Rather, they use strong words that are proactive and not reactive.

They know that passivity leads to a lack of involvement, which is why they get involved a lot in the construction of their life.

They strive to make changes to feel better in difficult times, rather than waiting for “it to pass”.

5. They know how to make themselves useful

Nice people pay attention to their surroundings.

Your happiness as well as your well-being is important to them.

They won’t hesitate to go out of their way for their family and friends!

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Even if that means putting extra effort into a task.

All that matters is knowing that it will benefit someone who deserves it.

6. They show compassion

Most of us, especially when we are frustrated, tend to focus only on our own point of view.

What really nice people are able to do is take a step back from a situation and reflect on what the other person is thinking and feeling.

This ability is related to the fact that they know that being kind to themselves will make them more likely to behave kindly towards others as well.

Instead of judging and ruthlessly criticizing themselves for their weaknesses, people who have compassion for themselves are more understanding.

Once a person can truly become aware of their humanity, they can more easily be kind to others.

She knows that these others have their own personal issues, needs and stories and that they deserve to be respected as well.

7. They are polite

You will never see a nice person being rude.

She shows respect for others and respects established boundaries in relationships.

Nice people know the principle of the mirror and thus hope that their politeness is returned to them equally.

8. They are honest

You will not get passive aggressive behavior from these people. Plus, you won’t have to worry about how they really feel because they’ll tell you.

Often times when we try to communicate honestly, we sacrifice kindness. And when we try to be nice to others, we sacrifice honesty.

Really nice people have struck a balance between the two.

9. They practice good manners on a daily basis

A kind person understands that showing good manners and courtesy is not just about following arbitrary rules, most of which were written centuries ago.

She understands that these ways exist to ensure a world where everyone feels respected and validated.

Exercising this common courtesy helps everyone’s life go more smoothly and she got that too!

It also helps to maintain a better general mood in those around him.

10. They are consistent

When your actions reflect your words and promises, people will have confidence in what they expect from you.

There is a saying that goes: “your reputation precedes you”.

If you are known to follow through with ideas, people will appreciate it and remember you for it.

11. They are humble

This does not mean that they demean themselves but they are humble in their strengths.

They know what they’re good at and they don’t cram it up to brag to others.

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Friendly people also recognize areas they lack and strive to improve them.

They can take constructive criticism and they don’t mind.

This acceptance is due to being happy with who they are and understanding that they have to keep working hard anyway.

They don’t have to be a star in their field. Instead, they just recognize that they are doing the best they can.

This behavior allows them to remain humble despite their strengths, and to continue working on their shortcomings.

12. They are authentic

Authenticity is presence, it is living the moment with conviction and confidence and staying true to yourself .

A genuine person puts those around him at ease, like a comforting old friend who welcomes us and makes us feel at home.

There is never any doubt or questioning of the integrity of a genuine person.

Their behavior, in terms of ethics and morals, is as predictable as the rain in Belgium.

With them you know what to expect.

They think deeply and share outwardly to add value to the lives of others

13. They care about others

Getting to know a nice person can be very difficult.

This is because she tends to steer conversations so that the focus is on the person she is talking to rather than herself.

It is not manipulation.

She really cares about others and wants to get to know them.

Nor is this interest limited to mere curiosity: she also has a deep interest in the thoughts, dreams, concerns and difficulties of others. Add to all that the desire to say and do things that can help.

Most importantly, caring people consider everyone important and deserving of attention.

They realize that everyone has a story to tell, but not everyone has someone in their life who is willing to listen.

14. They are open

One of the things that makes life so interesting is the great diversity of people on our planet.

Each of us has a unique background, education, thought process and vision.

What an incredible opportunity to tap into any mind on the planet just by having a conversation.

Without this curiosity, we would only spend time with those who are like us.

Kind people seek out new perspectives and use them to become a well-rounded person.

15. They are observers

Always on the alert, they can tell when someone is having a bad day.

They remember the details of everyone’s life so that they can respond appropriately to their needs and emotions.

They also take note of the general mood and fluctuating energy in the places where they are.

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All of this allows them to do and say things that create a positive and make people feel good.

That’s why really nice people are really able to light up a room.

“Kill them with your kindness”

Each act of kindness may seem small, yet it changes the way we see ourselves, the way we see others, and the way others see us.

As our good deeds affect the lives of others, we feel more compassionate, confident, helpful, and in control.

At the same time, we may also feel less guilty or anxious about the issues in our neighborhood and our world because we are doing our part to make a difference.

In our everyday lives, we can feel more grateful for what we have and optimistic about the future.

As we interact with the people we help, we can begin to see others in a more positive way rather than justifying our lack of help by putting them down.

We can start giving people the benefit of the doubt, and even catch a glimpse of a bigger picture, where we are all connected and interdependent.

In turn, we become a different person and others take notice.

We become more sympathetic, more reliable, and more worthy of helping ourselves, completing the circle of kindness.

While it’s true that in a society where we’re constantly bombarded with stories of crime, poverty, and war, kindness seems like a dying personality trait, it’s up to us to change that. .

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