12 Important dating rules for stylish men and women

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12 important dating rules for stylish men and women

You can be a good person. But to make sure your partner is having a great time, here are some dating rules for men and women that should never be overlooked.

The rules for dating are not set in stone.

But after many dating experiences, there are a few incidents all over the world.

Some are good experiences, some are not.

You can also have your own dating rules. And in all probability, they can be big.

But if you want to ignore bad experiences, it’s a good idea.

Dating rules for stylish men and women

There are a lot of dating rules that can make the difference between a good one and a terrible one.

Remember these twelve tips, and almost all the time you will end up making a big impression on your companion and having a great time too.

# 1 Don’t be late

This is the basic etiquette. Being late for a business meeting is terrible, but arriving late for an appointment is even more so.

There is a potential chance to meet the one you can spend the rest of your life with. By being late or reckless for a date, you make it pretty obvious that the date doesn’t matter much to you.

Always be on time, and if serious circumstances require you to be late, let your partner know ahead of time that you will be late.

# 2 Never go out or stand

Halfway through the date, you can be convinced that the evening would be a total failure. Or you may notice your mate as you walk into the restaurant and realize that you don’t want to be with that person.

But whatever, you’ve made the appointment. Be polite and consider it enough to have a pleasant evening with your companion. 

Sometimes you can end up meeting a great friend or potential business contact through a failed date.

On the other hand, how would you feel if you were still standing? [Read: 3 perfect ways to end every type of dating]

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# 3 Show your best side

Dress and try to look your best when you meet someone on a date. It is very disrespectful and demeaning to walk in the slightest, when your partner has spent a while trying to do you good. If you’re not sure what the date is all about, casually talk about it when setting up the date or let your mate know whether you are going to dine at an elegant restaurant or a casual dinner party.

# 4 Knights and damsels

Manners and etiquette aren’t just a way to let the world know you know how to behave. It’s also your way of letting your companion know that you respect them. 

On a successful date, a man must be the chivalrous knight, and a woman the elegant damsel in distress, because that is exactly what both sexes expect their mates to be. [Read: How to be a chivalrous knight ]

# 5 Cleanliness and your breath

Clean nails and good grooming clothes are something that should never be overlooked. 

But there are a few other details that most people forget. Did you light up a cigarette to calm your nerves before the date? Make sure you don’t smell like an ashtray.

And after the meal, always apologize for going to the bathroom to swallow a mint or do it discreetly while you are at the table. 

If you’re lucky enough to kiss on the first date, you don’t want to smell like cooking when you get close to your mate.

# 6 Touching manners

You may touch your mate once or twice during the date, but if your mate doesn’t return your touch to you with a warm smile or some other touch, don’t push your luck. Never be vulnerable unless your date touches you. Loving touches can feel repulsive if they are not mutual. 

# 7 Don’t get drunk

You can know your limits when it comes to drinking. But sometimes you can find yourself drunk with just a few drinks. And when you get there, there’s no way your date will end well. Avoid drinking more than a drink or two during your dinner. This is a precaution to be taken to avoid any discomfort.

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# 8 Prepare for a few conversations

Your companion may be excited to meet you and learn more about you. But at the same time, it’s not easy to create exciting conversations with someone you just met. So brace yourself with some interesting conversations so that you always have a few tips in mind if the date night gets quiet and awkward. [Read: 5 dating questions that actually work ]

# 9 Don’t harass your mate

It’s easy to get carried away when you’re having a good time and engage in interesting conversations. But one of the biggest dating rules you should remember is to never get personal or persistent unless your partner is comfortable with that conversation.

If your partner doesn’t want to talk about exes, stay away from that conversation. Don’t pretend to be their personal shrink and have your partner open up to you and reveal it all in no time. [Read: 10 biggest date hiccups for women ]

# 10 Be sincere and truthful

Be sincere with yourself and your compliments. Don’t weave amazing stories about yourself and your accomplishments just to impress your mate. You will end up looking more like someone who is too desperate.

On the other hand, compliment your mate on something only if you really feel it. A false compliment can seem more insulting and embarrassing to your companion.

# 11 Talking about exes

Exes are a hot topic on first dates. It’s easy and something that can stretch through dinner if someone has a dramatic story to share. But don’t talk about exes. Perhaps, you could ask your significant other when their last romantic relationship ended, but not go into detail.

Calling someone back about an ex wouldn’t do you any good. It’s entertaining, and above all, it changes the orientation of the meeting for your pasts.

# 12 Don’t have sexual expectations

Sexual intimacy is a nervous thought that lingers on the backs of both of your heads. You don’t really know what to do once the date is over, you don’t know if you can give it a quick kiss or hope for something better. As exciting as a date can be, ending a date can be quite complicated.

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But when you are on your date, let go of all your sexual expectations. Think about having a good time and nothing else. And once you’re done with dinner and if you feel the vibes are right, take your chance. Going on a date with high sexual expectations will only make you frustrated even if you had a good date.

These twelve dating rules are good starters that can help you create a charming impression on your significant other, and have a good time on your own without overstepping the boundaries of the first date.

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